PFP condemns police violence against Committeeman/activist

Calling the police actions both brutal and unprovoked, the Peace and Freedom Party has condemned the beating of Contra Costa, California Central Committee member Barry Burgess at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota:

“Barry Burgess was handing out literature for Peace and Freedom presidential candidate Ralph Nader (and) was the subject of an unprovoked attack by club-wielding police, who inflicted head injuries and arrested him…he was treated at a hospital and released, and is now recovering at a Nader supporter’s home.

Following similar but smaller attacks on demonstrators in Denver, the police attacks on peaceful demonstrators in Minneapolis, which have occurred without any criticism from leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties, show how seriously our civil liberties have been eroded.

The PFP is calling for accountability for federal officials and local authorities in Minneapolis. The Republican National Convention closed Thursday in St. Paul, Minnesota.

One thought on “PFP condemns police violence against Committeeman/activist

  1. donald raymond lake

    Just more proof that W will try to hold on the the Cheney White House after January 20th….

    The nation of my birth is going to hell, in a hand basket, in a tattered hand basket. Thanks Democans. Thanks Republicrats!

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