Trevor Lyman’s more than half way to 10,000 pledge goal for organizing alternative Presidential debates

Trevor Lyman is more than half way towards his goal of raising 10,000 pledges to stage a debate with all the candidates who are on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning the election. Lyman is previously known for organizing Ron Paul’s money bombs. Currently, lists the number of people who have pledged to help fund the proposed alternative debate as follows:

9/29/08 – 5,782 pledges
9/28/08 – 4,695 pleges
9/27/08 – 702 pledges

Lyman proposes to hold the debate at a yet to be announced location in New York City. It will be broadcast by, which is sponsoring the debate along with Free and Equal and Open Debates.

The candidates who are invited are:

Constitution Party Candidate: Chuck Baldwin
Democratic Party Candidate: Barack Obama
Green Party Candidate: Cynthia McKinney

Independent Party Candidate: Ralph Nader
Libertarian Party Candidate: Bob Barr
Republican Party Candidate: John McCain

BreakTheMatrix is also soliciting questions for the proposed debate.

5 thoughts on “Trevor Lyman’s more than half way to 10,000 pledge goal for organizing alternative Presidential debates

  1. Spence

    Pledges don’t translate into actual funds though. And might I say that this is a large waste of resources when he could be… I dunno, funding a movement to organize a constitutional convention?

  2. Trent Hill


    Say 10,000 people pledge. This indicates they are willing to donate SOME amount. But assume they dont. Once it reaches 10k, Trevor can send out an email to all of them. If only half of them answer, a terribly low number for self-opting volunteer pledgers, then it would take only $20 per to reach $100,000

  3. Spence

    I know what an assurance contract is. I’m just saying you can’t assume everyone will react the same way.

    Don’t get me wrong. I believe the idea is admirable…

    if we were still living in August before I embraced the fact that every candidate running is a piece of shit.

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