Libertarians file Connecticut ballot access lawsuit

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On October 1, the Connecticut Libertarian Party filed a federal lawsuit to get Bob Barr on the ballot. Libertarian Party of Connecticut v Bysiewicz, 3:08cv-1513. The case is assigned to Judge Janet Hall, a Clinton appointee.

The state believes that the Libertarian presidential petition was 280 signatures short, but Libertarian volunteers have found 209 signatures that were erroneously invalidated. The volunteers haven’t finished re-checking all of the rejected signatures. The lawsuit evidence will include evidence of the revalidation work performed so far. The party also believes that while the petition sheets were in the custody of elections officials, 116 petition sheets were lost.

A discussion of some of the factors leading to the LP falling short in Connecticut follows in the comments at Ballot Access News.

One thought on “Libertarians file Connecticut ballot access lawsuit

  1. TheOriginalAndy

    The Libertarian Party would have made it on the ballot in Connecticut if Sean Haugh had not blocked vertran Libertarian petitioners Jake Witmer and Gary Fincher from working there for no legitimaten reason.

    Jake and/or Gary could have easily been the difference makers in Connecticut.

    Jake was actually on his way to Connecticut when Sean Haugh blocked him from going there. Why? Because Jake responded to a personal attack from Shane Cory. Why should responding to a personal attack from Shane Cory prohibit a person from petitioning in Connecticut, and why was this wortht putting the ballot access drive in Connecticut in jeporady?

    Gary was in New England working on ballot access for the Constitution Party. This was after Sean Haugh had illegally tried to burn 2,000 high validity Libertarian Party ballot access signatures that Gary had collected in Massachusetts. Gary had been invited to Massachusetts by the Chair of the Massachusetts LP, George Phillies, and fortunately, Massachusetts LP Treasurer Carol McMahon and George Phillies are not deranged like Sean Haugh is, so the signatures collected by Gary were not burned. Note that Sean Haugh said to “burn (quite literally)” the signatures whether they had been “paid for or not” which illustrates that he had no problem defrauding Gary and/or Libertarian Party donors. What was Gary’s “offense”? He complained about not getting paid several thousand dollars for almost a year for Libertarian Party ballot access work done in Nebraska. I personally informed LP Chairman Bill Redpath on several occassions that Gary was in Massachusetts and then Rhode Island gathering signatures for the Constitution Party, and that he was ready, willing, and able to gather signatures for the Libertarian Party in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine, if only they would call him. They never called him and then they failed in Connecticut and Maine.

    I wonder how much money the LP paid for the lawsuit that they lost in Maine and how much they are going to pay for this lawsuit (which they will probably lose) in Connecticut. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper and more efficient to do the job right the first time? Wouldn’t it have been better to NOT block proven LP petitioners Gary and Jake from working?

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