Alternative party and independent state legislators

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At least five minor party legislative candidates were elected on November 4. The Progressive Party of Vermont re-elected David Zuckerman, Sandy Haas, Susan Davis, and Sarah Edwards.

In Arkansas, Green Party nominee Richard Carroll was elected. He was the only candidate listed on the ballot, but two Democratic write-in candidates ran against him. However, Carroll received 83.1% of the total vote cast.


On November 4, independent candidate Tim Madden was elected to the Massachusetts State House, in the Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket District (Massachusetts legislative seats don’t have seat numbers). No incumbent was running. There may be other independents elected to state legislatures around the country. One was also elected in Wisconsin.

The new Massachusetts House will consist of 160 members, but only 16 Republicans. Republicans had 19 members in the 2007 session.

15 thoughts on “Alternative party and independent state legislators

  1. G.E.

    The “3-5” libertarians: did any of them even come CLOSE? I doubt it. You optimists sicken me. It’s time to wake up to reality. You make a farce of yourself when you make ridiculous predictions like that.

  2. Trent Hill

    Janine Hansen of the CP lost too, a 1.75:1 rate.

    Pretty sad year for third parties all around.

  3. Ross Levin

    Wow, the Dems got over 15% of the vote as write-ins. Those are the kind of numbers a third party person gets when they’re in a two-party race.


  4. Trent Hill

    I believe several Libertarians were elected or re-elected, in NH and Vermont,with Republican labels too. I dunno though.

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