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Constitution Party assesses its general election performance

The Constitution Party Makes Inroads
posted on the party’s website

by James N. Clymer
Constitution Party National Chairman

Or… There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Career Politician!

Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin and his running mate Darrell Castle wound up with close to 179,000 votes, showing even with no ads and comparatively little media attention, the message of liberty resonated with many.

The tally was a 24% increase over the party’s vote total in 2004. However, this year we were not on the ballot in California or Pennsylvania, and in 2004 those states accounted for 33,000 votes. The Baldwin/Castle ticket even grabbed 3,418 write-in votes in Texas, the highest for any write-in candidate in that state.

Despite the disappointing result of the race for the White House, we have reason to look on the bright side. We may not have elected a Constitution Party president or captured seats in Congress, but we have made very encouraging inroads. CP candidates have made huge strides and some can even be credited with ousting liberal incumbents from office simply because they decided to run against them.

Take the three term U.S. Senator from Oregon, Gordon Smith, for instance, who actually lost his bid for re-election because of our candidate Dave Brownlow! Brownlow spent no money, did no advertising and wound up with 6% of the vote – more than double the number of votes Senator Smith lost by.

In a tight race such as this we see that our presence can really have an effect and show the liberal Republicans that we are here and ready to challenge them. In the end, the GOP and the Smith campaign spent millions on an ad campaign that included TV and direct mail hit pieces smearing the Constitution Party candidate and mentioning him by name.

It’s good news for the Constitution Party when a liberal incumbent US Senator and his major party spend money directly attacking one of our candidates. It shows our significance, that their polls are showing we are taking votes from them, and it results in many more people hearing of the Constitution Party alternative.

David went up against Goliath and showed that liberal Republicans have seen their last days. We saw it with McCain and we’re seeing it state by state as well.

Janine Hansen, a candidate from the Independent American Party of Nevada – which is the name of the Constitution Party in that state – was is in a two-way race for state senate with incumbent Dean Rhodes, a moderate Republican. Hansen pulled in more than 30% of the vote in that race.

There are a number of Constitution Party candidates with impressive percentages well into the 20% range, which is exceptional given the media blackout on third party candidates and lack of funding.

In addition to larger percentages of votes, 20 states will remain ballot qualified meaning fewer time-consuming and costly ballot-access campaigns will be necessary going forward. This is a 33% increase over 2004.

Those gains give us a head start on building the party and gaining momentum.

By working now at the state and local levels we can get a jump start on the very real possibility that we can see Constitution Party candidates elected to state and yes, even national offices during the next election cycle.

The choice is clear. We can hand the keys to this republic over to globalists or we can fight them every step of the way!

Are you ready to rumble?

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  1. Trent Hill Trent Hill November 17, 2008

    Pretty bad year for the CP,actually. No local officials elected.

  2. rdupuy rdupuy November 17, 2008

    If you believe the estimates of how much some people think the Ron Paul endorsement ‘cost’ Bob Barr…then you’d have to conclude, without the Ron Paul endorsement Chuck Baldwin would have gotten zero votes, or worse, NEGATIVE votes.

    ok, maybe that calls into question the value of the Ron Paul endorsement. But I still don’t think its a great year for the CP, and its because of the weak leadership at the top of the ticket.

  3. Libertarian Joseph Libertarian Joseph November 17, 2008

    Ron Paul squandered yet another opportunity and endorsed a loser.

  4. Trent Hill Trent Hill November 17, 2008

    Undoubtedly the Ron Paul endorsement wasnt worth as much as some people, myself included, claimed. But I’d be willing to bet it was worth 10,000 votes.

  5. Libertarian Joseph Libertarian Joseph November 17, 2008

    That’s because Ron Paul has no speaking ability. He should go to toastmasters

  6. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist November 17, 2008

    No Joseph, Ron Paul has great speaking ability, and that’s how he got a lot of support and admiration, even from socialists like me.

  7. TheOriginalAndy TheOriginalAndy November 19, 2008

    “Trent Hill // Nov 17, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Undoubtedly the Ron Paul endorsement wasnt worth as much as some people, myself included, claimed. But I’d be willing to bet it was worth 10,000 votes.”

    The Ron Paul endorsement would have had a greater effect if the following had happened..

    1) The Constitution Party had been on the ballot in more states.

    2) The endorsement had come earlier in the election cycle.

    3) The Constitution Party had a bigger advertising budget to spread the word about the endorsement.

    4) Ron Paul had not been on the ballot as a candidate in Louisiana and Montana and if he had not been a write in vote in some states (such as California).

  8. johnpmorris johnpmorris November 23, 2008

    It does seem that the Constitution Party could benefit from some better leadership, or at least fundraising. Nonetheless, they have the best platform of any party out there.

    “Constitution Conscious”

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