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George Donnelly: 5 Questions for LNC members about executive session

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After the September Libertarian National Committee (LNC) meeting and the resulting hubbub about executive session, I decided to approach LNC members – current and former – to see what their thoughts were on their own use of executive session.

I contacted all current LNC members via email but only eight of twenty-five chose to respond. The executive officers – Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer – are conspicuous in their absence. Responses are posted in the same order in which I received them. In other words, the first response here is the first one I received, and so on.
5 Questions

Here are the questions I asked of each participant.


I understand the limitations on the use of executive session are comprehensively defined in the LNC Policy Manual – is this correct, or are they also defined elsewhere? Is this [Aug 9 2005 version] the latest version, or is there a more recent one and, if so, may I have an electronic copy?


Do you think that LNC executive session is overused (i.e., used for topics not explicitly named for its use in the LNC Policy Manual)? or do you think the limitations are strictly observed?


In your opinion, are the restrictions in the LNC Policy Manual on LNC executive session too broad? just right? not broad enough?


Do you recommend any best practices, bylaws changes, modifications to the LNC Policy Manual or any other measures to ensure that LNC executive session is used properly?


Have you ever witnessed any votes being taken or official decisions being made in LNC executive session?

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