Sheehan gets her debate

For a long time now, independent congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan has been asking the Democratic incumbent she is challenging, Nancy Pelosi, to a debate. Last Wednesday, Sheehan got to debate Pelosi, even though it only lasted forty seconds.

The San Francisco radio station KQED was having an hour devoted to the congressional race. They would first have a half hour with incumbent Pelosi, and then they would have a half hour with all of her opponents. Sheehan saw this setup as unfair and declined the invitation.

However, she did call in while Pelosi was on the air. The transcript of the call and response:

[Nancy Pelosi finishes answering another caller´s question.]

Krasny [the host]: Well, we´ve got a caller here who I think maybe… familiar to you Speaker Pelosi. It´s Cindy Sheehan on the line….

Pelosi: Good morning Cindy.

Sheehen: Good morning Ms. Pelosi.

Pelosi: Good morning to you.

Sheehan: It´s nice to talk to you.

Pelosi: My pleasure.

Sheehan: Um. Well first you answer the question about the debate which I think that you– if you really cared about the voters in San Francisco you could find an hour to debate your opponents, because you do have some opponents here in San Francisco. You haven´t had a town hall meeting…

Krasny interrupts: ´Scuse me, Cindy Sheehan, you had a question you wanted to ask the Speaker?

Sheehan: I do. I do. Over 60% of this district in 2006 voted for an impeachment resolution and I just want to know why you haven´t represented the people of your district and why you haven´t impeached George Bush and Dick Cheney. And you still have time.

Krasny: Alright, thank you for that direct question.

Pelosi: Thank you Cindy. First may I commend Cindy for her race for congress and again express the respect that I have for her for her courage in speaking out in what she believes in, so articulately.

The issue of impeachment is a very controversial one in my own caucus and certainly in the country. The idea that if we disagree with the president we should begin impeachment proceedings is one, that is again, controversial. There are those who believe they have the evidence that the president would be convicted if impeached. Um. I don´t know that we have seen that. I have said that the people who would like to see the president impeached the most are the Republicans. They should love to see the Democrats, as soon as we took power, go down the path of impeaching the president, dividing the country, and neglecting what we wanted to do on minimum wage, and children´s health, and veterans´ benefits and the rest of that, because it would totally consume the congress. It is, again, again, controversial, but if I honestly believed that the president had violated the Constitution of the United States, and if my colleagues believed that, I think you would have seen the president impeached.

Krasny: Let me see if we can get a quick other call in here. Brian go ahead. You´re on.

Brian: Hi. I´m Brian. I´m very interested in….

4 thoughts on “Sheehan gets her debate

  1. justbrowsing21971

    Gets her Debate?

    Cindy got nothing but disrespect and ignored from a silent SPEAKER of the house, and a publicly funded radio station that takes corporate money enabled the whole thing.

    Shame on this sham of a radio station. Anything advertised on this station will never be patronized by me again.

    How you can help:
    Call 415-621-5027
    Get out on the Streets with us!

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