Zogby: Nader 1.6%, Barr 1.1%, McKinney 0.2%, Other 1.7%

The latest Zogby tracking poll (+/- 2.9%) has independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader at 1.6%, Libertarian Bob Barr 1.1%, and Green Cynthia McKinney 0.2%. No other alternative presidential candidate was included, but 1.7% said they would vote for someone else, and 2.2% said they were undecided. Democrat Barack Obama is at 49.1%, and Republican John McCain 44.1%.

2 thoughts on “Zogby: Nader 1.6%, Barr 1.1%, McKinney 0.2%, Other 1.7%

  1. Michael Gilson-De Lemos

    Very interesting.

    Nader seems to show that name recognition and federal funds after an election or two only go so far; and the Greens, despite also having bagged their own ex-Congresscritter with maverick bona fides, seem going downhill from past elections. I’m not sure why the CP is unreported, as they seem to be organizing the right way and have more candidates.

    The Barr campaign is unfortunately polling about the same as Browne (2000) and Badnarik (2004) at this juncture: e.g. http://shadowculture.com/movies/ray/35.html



    One hopes for the best, but this level suggests similar results on election day.

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