Detroit Greens: Pack the Berrien County courthouse for Rev. Pinkney’s bond hearing

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They need to know the world outside of Berrien County is watching.

Rev. Pinkney’s bond hearing is this Thurs. Dec. 18, 10 am, Berrien County Courthouse, Judge Wiley presiding. Yes, Wiley. The same judge who gave Pinkney 3-10 for paraphrasing the Bible (twice what was asked by the Probation Dept. and the Prosecutor), claimed it violated his parole and was a “true threat” (at the original violation hearing before Judge Butzbaugh he agreed that it was protected speech and refused to find a violation), rejected the ACLU amicus, and actually said – “I believe that Pinkney did not intend to threaten the judge, but he has a direct connection to God.” There were 3 kinds of cops in the room and Pinkney was in handcuffs.

“I’m not aware of any past behavior on his part which would be the basis imagining a physical threat from Rev Pinkney. But it must truly be that he is threatening to their plans and project. A voice which has not yet been silenced. But 3 to 10 years for quoting Deuteronomy?” – Pastor Bill Wylie-Kellermann

From I-94 take exit 33 toward downtown Benton Harbor/St. Joseph. Over the bridge on the right is the courthouse.

* * *

What Pinkney Learned in Prison
Slave Labor – Easy Source for Corporate and Government Profit

Some facts & figures: Over 56,000 prisoners are currently in Michigan State Prisons. Michigan has less than 4% of the U.S. population. Black people are 13% of Michigan’s population, but are an astounding 63% of prison inmates. This means that in Michigan a black person is over 8 times more likely to end up in prison than a person who is not black.

Prison officials can control virtually every aspect of a prisoner’s life. They can decide her/his actions – when (s)he will awake and when (s)he sleeps, how much is spent on food, who can visit prisoners and for how long, whether to force a prisoner to sleep on a metal grating without a mattress, how long a prisoner waits for medical treatment, whether a prisoner spends 24 hours a day in a cell or 12 hours a day at back-breaking labor, and what arbitrary (useless) rules will be followed. How and when to punish prisoners in many different ways, including depriving them of all food except “nutri-loaf” (tasteless ground-up left overs pressed into a loaf). It is all up to the Dept. of Corrections.

In many states there is a move to remove gov. administration of prisons and privatize them for corporate profit. The labor of the prisoners belongs to the state but when the state transfers their interest to a private corporation, the labor of prisoners belong to the corporation. A corporation will run the lives of prisoners and decide how they shall labor and what they shall labor at. Do you see chances for profit here?

Under the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, slavery is not illegal. Slavery is illegal unless it is for conviction for a crime. In that case, slavery is perfectly legal. Those who think the Mich. Dept. of Corrections exists to protect the public should find out who is going to protect the public from the Dept. of Corrections. Mich. Dept. of Corrections is nothing but a group of dangerous gangsters led by the governor. Keep your mind on your freedom and freedom on your mind.

Rev. Edward Pinkney

They are also having a fundraiser for Rev. Pinkney:

Detroit Greens will join Michigan Welfare Rights Organization’s Christmas Party and Fundraiser for Rev. Pinkney, the same day as his appeal bond hearing. In case you don’t know, a federal judge ordered him released on bond while the ACLU appeals his case. Thursday will be his bond hearing in Benton Harbor.

Please bring a dish and $5. The money is to help with his appeal bond.

The party will be Thursday, Dec 18, at:

Central United Methodist Church
23 E. Adams, 4th floor
5 – 9 pm.

Detroit Greens’ monthly meetings usually start at 6:30 pm. I plan to get there around then. There will be plenty of food when we get there.

There will be food, fun and music as well a celebration of freedom for our candidate, brother and hero, Rev. Pinkney.

See you there.

Fred Vitale

14 thoughts on “Detroit Greens: Pack the Berrien County courthouse for Rev. Pinkney’s bond hearing

  1. G.E.

    I think the Greens think paraphrasing the Bible IS a crime… Unless you do it while being black or possibly transgendered.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    God wished for me to pass on this message, hereby instructing the readers of IPR to read the Book of Isaiah, most particularly chapters 4, 40 and 61. The souls of Leon Trotsky, Admiral Miklos Horthy, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Eugene O’Neill, Isaac Asimov, Robert La Follette SR, Joseph Pilsudski, Wolfgang A. Mozart, and Victor Serge agree.
    Holy Trinity
    YouTube Wexford Carol, John Rutter, Typical Night, Crosby Stills and Nash, Dylan Thomas, the travels of the rising son. Comfort ye my people, Handel’s Messiah, Richard Lewis, not Christopher Hitchens. Amen.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    That reference to the bible set me off, or set God off. Children of Israel, Liturgical studies Notre Dame, break if the code if you can. Scribblings, squigglings, over the hill, A Shropshire Lad, Green Defense, on topic off topic, etc.
    Glory Glory Hail Mary Our Father Amen.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    Nathan Milstein, Eric Clapton, The Government Shall Be upon his shoulders, Sleepers Awake, The Soloist by Steve Lopez. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Not drunk, just awake to the fire of being. Read Flowers for Algernon, and read Isaiah Chapter 40. Goodnight all, and forgive me.

  5. tweck

    Race based? What? Helping to pursue justice in a corrupted system isn’t about race. It’s about the pursuit of justice in a corrupted system.

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