Green Change asks for signatures to tell Obama to cut the military budget

Earlier today, the organization Green Change posted an online petition which they hope will garner the attention of President-Elect Barack Obama with the following text,

U.S. military spending in 2008 totaled over $710 billion1 – more than double the spending of the next five militaries in the world combined.2 More than half of it paid for policies that Americans don’t support, programs the military doesn’t need, and occupations that aren’t making the world safer.3

More military spending will not bring more security. Most military spending is unnecessary, or even counterproductive, for America’s defense. Real security cannot be measured merely by the size and force of our military. True security comes from living peacefully, within the limits of the earth’s capacity. It requires that all people have their basic needs met, including food, shelter and health care.

[The next part is what is addressed to Obama]

We strongly urge you to cut U.S. military spending by at least 70% and invest the savings in public education, health care, prevention of home foreclosures, and development of clean, renewable energy.

You can sign and view the petition, along with signatures, here.

Green Change is an organization dedicated to expanding the Green Party and promoting “green values.” They were involved in organizing online support for the disappointing campaign of Malik Rahim, but have much hope for the future. The group describes itself as,

Green Change provides tools for sharing and expressing Green knowledge and inspiration. We help Green writers, musicians and artists spread the word about their work. We help people come together to take Green political action. We provide information and articles for people who want to learn more about what it is to be Green, live Green and act Green. Soon, we will make it easier to meet others like you, so that together you can build new Green communities, and help one another.

21 thoughts on “Green Change asks for signatures to tell Obama to cut the military budget

  1. paulie cannoli

    I would sign, except for this part “invest the savings in public education, health care, prevention of home foreclosures, and development of clean, renewable energy.” – all things better done without mandatory government funding through taxation.

  2. Ross Levin Post author

    If it gets enough signatures, it will have an influence. Just look at That started as a single email, turned into an online petition, then one of the most powerful liberal organizations in the country, and now it’s half of

    Paulie – I signed and wrote something like “the savings should not be used as an excuse for more spending, they should be used to relieve the deficit,” or something along those lines.

  3. mitch alvarez

    I agree with a decrease in military spending. A well-thought out plan is needed that implements all of our resources, but without military might to fight. The think tankers should be able to come up with some program that reduces spending, gets our troops out, takes care of our veterans, but also a realistic introduction to the world of a different view , one of the people and the children of the world. When we do that, we should then focus on our country.One issue at a time, then solutions. Realistic solutions using science and technology, and new voices to bring vibrance back into our world. We need to be humble yet resilliant with our ideas, for they are going to shape the next generations. The people will show us the way only if we listen. If you need a few ideas i know someone who is a specialist at a lot of issues on the table.

  4. G.E.

    A 25% cut is better than another 25% (or greater) increase. However, the true “defense” budget would be around 1% of the current budget, if that. To spend as much, per capita, as the #2 “defense” spenders in the world (China), the U.S. could cut out 87.5% of its “defense” spending.

  5. paulie cannoli

    Obama has actually talked of 25% cuts in the military budget. Robert Gates is supposedly in favor of it, as well.

    Would you be interested in buying a share of bridge stock?

  6. Libertarian Joseph

    The military industrial complex will not tolerate this.

    ha. I’m just thining bac to whenthe GOP controlled gov, where did all of that talk of cutting back go? Now we really have the party of opening pro-big government in power, does that mean they will be shrinking government?

    Hell, Jimmy Carter cut spending more than Reagan ever did.

  7. Steven R Linnabary

    If it gets enough signatures, it will have an influence. Just look at That started as a single email, turned into an online petition, then one of the most powerful liberal organizations in the country, and now it’s half of


    MoveOn is little more than a democrat party apologist group, that has NEVER opposed any military action, unless it was a republican military action.

    Now that the Messiah is President, you can count on most of the antiwar movement withering away. Withering away to little more than Cindy Sheehan, a handful of Christian activists and a few libertarians.

    Further, the 25% cut will most likely be 25% cut in proposed increase of troop pay, or something equally pointless. Or maybe a 25% cut in the number of troops in Iraq, to be transferred to Afghanistan.

    Call me cynical…


  8. Ross Levin Post author

    Steven – you can’t deny that MoveOn has influence and a lot of members, though. I wasn’t talking about their politics or policies.

    paulie – like I’ve said before, I’ve been actively criticizing Obama, but I won’t dismiss him immediately.

  9. Green Ferret

    Yes, MoveOn is an influential organization. Unfortunately, the function (not necessarily the intent) of MoveOn is to funnel progressives’ energy and money into a corporate-dominated political party. Their strategy comes down to “If I’m against the war, and I vote for Obama, then he’ll be against the war too!” Fail.
    What is reprehensible about MoveOn is their strategy of hawking progressive issues to win support, then burying those issues at election time to support the latest round of corporatist centrist Democrats. “If I support single-payer healthcare, and I vote for Obama, then he’ll support single-payer healthcare too!” Imagine an organization of MoveOn’s size backing candidates who actually share the values of its supporters (btw: “Green values” means non-violence, justice, grassroots democracy and sustainability, as well as refusal to accept corporate money), and you’ll get approximately what Green Change is trying to build.

    Then check out the petition:


    Ummmmm cut military spending or better yet lets try an organiztion that has no positive outcome on our society, WELFARE which was at a total federal and state spending on welfare programs was $434 billion in FY 2000. Of that total, $313 billion (72 percent) came from federal funding and $121 billion (28 percent) came from state or local funds and is rose even higher than that in 2007. So i suggest cutting programs that don’t work . Hell lets revise every program to make sure it is working for the people, not just working for certain people. I can name a few IRS, WELFARE, Lobby laws, Education, healthcare, insurance, federal reserve, wall street. SO lets not pick and choose it’s all or it’s all.

  11. AirForce Spouse

    Is there a petition to sign to have this THROWN OUT? Why take away from the many Americans standing up for our country? I know for a fact being military, you still dont get everything you need with TriCare (our insurance company) But it does help make things a little easier, like everyone elses insurance does. Im all for helping the poor get insurance but lets be reasonable. How many people are on Welfare that shouldent be? How many people are actually capable of getting and holding a job but are too lazy to do it? How many people have kids they cant take care of but have anyways because they know they’re check from the government will grow with every child they have? When are we going to work on REAL issues and stop picking on the damn military whatever branch they’re in and start worrting about things that need it!

  12. Ross Levin Post author

    Do you know how much of our budget is spent on the military, and how much money that is? Do you know how that compares to what the rest of the world spends on its military? How much is spent on useless things like uncompleted missile defense projects and overbudget research into new weapons that aren’t needed? I’m not even sure if the military budget includes veteran affairs, AirForce Spouse.

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