IL Green Party Issues Statement on Arrest of Governor

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested this morning by the FBI on corruption charges concerning statements he made about “selling” the open US Senate seat in Illinois. Apparently the FBI has him, on tape, making a number of outrageous statements regarding how the US Senate seat was to change hands, and what he was to get in return for it. The Illinois Green Party has issued a statement on the issue:

We in the Illinois Green Party are deeply troubled by the arrest of Governor Rod Blagojevich and his chief-of-staff John Harris. The Governor is charged with attempting to personally profit from his power to appoint a person to the U.S. Senate. While we recognize that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, we must also admit that we are not surprised by these allegations. We have seen a long pattern of pay-to-play from Blagojevich, and indeed, a long pattern of pay-to-play throughout Illinois politics for years. The long sordid history of corruption in Illinois must finally come to an end.

The Green Party has always stood for accountability, transparency, and clean government through clean elections. We reject all corporate campaign contributions, advocate for public financing, and have long pushed for at least caps on individual contributions, so that our elections will no longer be pay-to-play.

You can read the rest here.

h/t to Kimberly from the Wilder Side.

15 thoughts on “IL Green Party Issues Statement on Arrest of Governor

  1. mdh

    This was an article someone showed me some time quite a long while back. It’s a good example of the potential human cost of government corruption.

  2. richardwinger

    The press release is not worded very well. I think what the Illinois Green Party means is that Greens are deeply trouble by learning what the Governor apparently did. Assuming he is guilty, presumably the Green Party is grateful that he was arrested, not “troubled” that he was arrested.

  3. hogarth

    The GP leadership issued a timely statement on a breaking issue of the day.

    Meanwhile, the LP leadership goes into a complete tizzy over the replacement of a single at-large member within HOURS of her resignation.


  4. Steven R Linnabary

    I’ve seen worse news releases.

    But, at least the ILGP has sent out a release that is topical and relevant. Some newspaper in the state MIGHT even print it. That’s free advertising.

    So where are the local LP & CP affiliates? Besides criticizing the GP release? The LP & CP should be kicking themselves for not jumping on this issue as soon as it became a story.

    It’s not too late. This story is still only hours old.

    Pacem en Terris

  5. G.E.

    The LP should issue a release congratulating the IL Governor for exposing the true nature of statism. As I see it, the man is a hero. Certainly more of a hero than the Fed bankster criminal the LP most recently touted as a “free market” hero.

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    There is a rumor that Randy Stufflebeam, who ran for governor in IL several years ago under the CP label and scored 19,000 write-in votes—is going to run this time and try to get on the ballot.

  7. Zeleni


    Stufflebeam also tried to get on the ballot last time but couldn’t muster up nearly enough signatures. However, his write-ins were impressive and with the experienced they’ve gained, they could probably make a good run for the ballot.

    Rich Whitney has not officially announced his candidacy, but he’s been making moves towards another run. He sent out his own press release on the arrest and has been distributing “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted Whitney for Governor” bumper stickers. They go over really well at the local farmers market. It’s difficult to find anyone around here who’ll admit to voting for Blagojevich…

  8. Trent Hill Post author


    I know–but I think Stufflebeam could get on the ballot this time, and probably score a solid 50,000 votes.

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