Libertarian Party of Colorado blog: ‘Crazy Denver zoning makes everyone unhappy’

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Argonaut Liquor store in Denver recently built a new store right next to the old store, in what had been part of the old stores parking lot. They jumped through all kinds of crazy hoops in an effort to meet the new zoning laws for Colfax Ave that claim to try and create an “old main street” look and feel. Now however, they are being told that they are not allowed to tear down the old building and build a parking lot in the space, because a parking lot does not meet the new zoning codes. The ugly old building doesn’t meet the new zoning codes either, but since it is an existing building it can stay.

This is an example of zoning laws that really serve no purpose in the first place completely becoming self defeating. The stated goal of the zoning rules is to give Colfax a look and feel of an old style main street, but if the government doesn’t back down on the no parking lot rule then they will have a new building without enough parking and an old eyesore, leaving nobody happy.

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5 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Colorado blog: ‘Crazy Denver zoning makes everyone unhappy’

  1. JimDavidson

    This problem seems dead easy. Re-model the old store with a front door the width of the street frontage. Park cars on the first level of the old building.

  2. Michael Gilson-De Lemos

    Cities such as Houston use private and community agreements, while in Tampa the trend is for non-punitive enforcement focusing on helping to solve the problem.

    In parts of Japan they negotiate in community beerfests. Somehow when everyone gets mellow a solution emerges.

    There are alternatives…

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