Mary Ruwart on the Libertarian Solution radio show

Mary Ruwart was a close runner-up for the 2008 Libertarian Presidential nomination. She is currently an At Large representative on the Libertarian National Committee.

We were honored to have Dr. Mary Ruwart, author and Libertarian Presidential candidate, as our guest on the program. Our discussion focused mainly on the ideas of charity; whether or not government should have a monopoly on charity, have mixed involvement, or no involvement at all. Dr. Ruwart also explained the detriments to government involvement in charity, and how getting their hands into the mix actually worsens the problem.

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Libertarian Solution is broadcast on 1310 KXAM in Phoenix.

One thought on “Mary Ruwart on the Libertarian Solution radio show

  1. mariafolsom

    I’ve been ‘following’ Mary Ruwart for years, and she is always a refreshing blast of common sense! Life could be so simple and beautiful if We the People would listen to her message.

    Thank you for interviewing her.

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