UK: Social Liberalist Party

The Social Liberalist Party is a liberal party. It’s about freedom and social progress. We were set up because we want the fundamental reforms needed to make Britain a better country to live in.

We are all about setting out practical policy for Britain, and then making it a reality.

We also want to make politics fun and engaging again – so we’re informal and open-minded, letting everyone get involved with free membership. The Social Liberalist Party is a young, dynamic party. Most of us are in our teens. We use the internet to upgrade quickly and respond to criticism.

We’re open-minded and encourage criticism, because we know that we’re not always right. If you have a problem just tell us and we’ll see if we need to answer it or adapt.

The Social Liberalist Party is constantly expanding. After we were in the national papers, our membership doubled, and we continue to grow.

We’ve founded branches all over Britain to help elect SLP MPs, from Cardiff to Croydon! Volunteers help us out in doing this – it’s a fun way for people to get involved, using their leadership, optimism and energy to get this movement off the ground and into Parliament.

The Social Liberalist Manifesto.

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