Green National Committee considers budget

Posted by Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch

The Green National Committee is considering a new budget for the national party. This proposed budget calls for a basic budget just over $400,000. The GNC will have to begin voting on this proposed budget on the 9th of this month, with a one week time frame for votes to be cast.

A quick review of the budget shows that Emily Citkowski is asking for a reduction in hours to half-time, and Richard Scott, online fundraising director, has left that post, with independent contractors and other staff set to take over those responsibilities.

The Proposed 2009 Budget, Line Item notes and Fundraising narrative can be found through this link.

One thought on “Green National Committee considers budget

  1. Libertine Party

    Hmm. Will the Greens prove to be more fiscally responsible than the LP? That would be rather pathetic.

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