Green Party candidate Alan Augustson to ‘crash’ Democratic Party forum

Emailed to by the candidate. Posted to IPR by Paulie.

Alan Augustson
Green Party Candidate
U.S. House of Representatives
Fifth District of Illinois

The Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precincts Association
will be holding a Candidates’ Forum on Sunday, February 1st, at DePaul
University. Candidates vying to fill Rahm Emanuel’s seat in the House
will have opportunities to make statements and receive questions from
the public.

Interestingly, however, only candidates in the Democratic Party primary have been invited — this, despite IVI-IPO’s endorsement of Green Candidate Alan Augustson over Emanuel for this seat in 2008.

Augustson has vowed to attend, anyway — “not to disrupt the
proceedings, but as an observer,” according to the candidate, who has
filed to contend again for this office as a Green.

“I too have a number of questions that I’d like to ask the candidates,”
Augustson said, “and I’ve submitted those questions through the
appropriate channels. I’m absolutely itching to see how they will
answer, or whether the questions will even be asked.”

“These questions point out the crucial differences between Greens and
Democrats. (Former incumbent) Rahm Emanuel talked a good game, but failed to offer any meaningful action on these critical issues. Neither did his predecessor, (now-ousted Governor) Rod Blagojevich. I want to hear whether any of his would-be successors will differ, if at all.”

“I hope that my supporters will turn out to hear the results.”

Augustson provided his list of ten questions, as follows:


1. The Democratic Party leadership took “off the table” any hope of
impeaching President Bush. Will you commit, now, to an investigation of the Bush-Cheney Administration to determine if crimes were committed? Will you commit, now, to urge President Obama NOT to pardon any members of that Administration?

2. Latest research suggests that so-called “clean coal” is not and will
not be a feasible technology. Will you commit, now, to urge President
Obama to reject so-called “clean coal” and support REAL sustainable energy?

3. The Fifth District of Illinois includes a very strong and proud LGBT
community. But neither President Obama, nor our Democratic Congress, supports same-sex marriage. Will you commit, now, to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996?

4. America’s children continue to die in Iraq — a war that, we now
know, was started under false pretenses. Will you commit, now, to
support for an immediate end to American involvement in Iraq, to
vigorous prosecution of those parties responsible for its inception, and
to hold accountable those profiteers that have benefited most from the slaughter?

5. Will you commit, right now, to restore the freedoms stolen from the
American people by the Bush Administration, by immediately repealing the so-called “Patriot” Act and the Military Commissions Act, by immediately restoring habeus corpus, by vigorous prosecution of illegal wiretapping and domestic spying, and by vigorous prosecution of those who persecuted Americans for mere political activity?

6. The US is currently building a “Berlin Wall” at the Mexican border,
under the auspices of combating terrorism. But the “9-11” terrorists
came in through Canada. Will you commit, right now, to the demolition of this wall and an immediate end to racist policies against our peaceful neighbors?

7. Biofuels are nothing more than a cash cow for Cargill, ADM, Monsanto, and other major agribusiness. They are tantamount to burning food — an unconscionable act when so many are starving worldwide. But major agribusiness contributes millions to Congress to keep biofuels on the table. Will you commit, right now, to reject biofuels in favor of REAL global warming solutions such as improved mass transit?

8. Last year, our Democratic-contolled Congress approved corporate
“bailout” legislation that will not result in the protection of jobs,
homes, pension plans or health benefits — it accomplished nothing but
to guarantee the shareholder value of private companies, at the expense of generations of taxpayers. Will you commit, right now, to repeal that legislation and take that money back from those companies, to be reinvested in infrastructure improvements and programs to promote full American employment?

9. The Obama Administration has spoken about healthcare on many
occasions, but has never yet offered any potential solutions. However,
universal healthcare has already been offered through HR 676. Will you
commit, right now, to co-sponsor HR 676 and become a champion of real universal healthcare?

10. The Chicago Democratic Party machinery is now in disgrace, and
rightly so. But that machinery still has to provide its stamp of
approval on any candidate with any hope of being elected. Will you
commit, right now, to refuse to accept orders or policy decisions from
the Daley-Stroger-Blagojevich-Emanuel patronage empire, and to make your own decisions based upon factual information and sound judgment — even if it costs you campaign money and votes?


Alan Augustson, 44, is an economist, statistician and policy consultant
living in Chicago. He is running to represent the Fifth Congressional
District of Illinois, on a platform of reviving the economy and
combating global warming, through massive investments in sustainable
energy and mass transit.

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