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Libertarian Party of New York chair Eric Sundwall responds to soda sin tax via youtube

Emailed by Eric Sundwall to

A YouTube response from Eric Sundwall, LPNY Chair, to a YouTube piece by NYS Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines.

Sundwall Response:

Daines Original:

(this URL did not work when I tried it)

Note: If bureaucrats are making cases for legislation for their boss via YouTube, they should be prepared to respond
and simultaneously be deluged by the populace in general. Over 30K have viewed this video, with over 300 responses as of this email. The overwhelming majority of the responses of been against the idea.


Eric Sundwall
LPNY Chair
(518) 857-1731

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  1. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist January 2, 2009

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party also opposes soda sin taxes.

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