Neimackle to blame for Franken win?

Over at the ItsOnlyWords blog, they’ve chimed in on the old Franken vs. Coleman discussion and whether third-party candidates spoiled it for one candidate or another. This time, though, Dean Barkley is not the topic of dicussion. Instead, they’ve focused their analysis on James Neimackle, the Constitution Party candidate.

Today, however, I chanced upon an interesting tidbit of information. There were two “third party” candidates in the race along with Franken and the incumbent, Norm Coleman. The Independent Party candidate, Dean Barkley, won over 437,000 votes. Speculation is that those votes would have been divided between Franken and Coleman, with the edge going to Franken. The Constitution Party candidate for the Minnesota Senate seat, James Niemackl, won somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 votes. Unlike the votes for Dean Barkley, however, those votes likely came straight out of Norm Coleman’s tally.


15 thoughts on “Neimackle to blame for Franken win?

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    I think that while various people will blame some candidates for their temerity to petition themselves onto any given ballot these same people have yet to take up the call for IRV or any other system of non-first past the post system that would eliminate their claim of spoiler candidates.
    I encourage anybody who is unhappy with the results in the MN US Senate race to search for “instant runoff voting” or “Fair Vote”. We had a city initiative in Glendale, Arizona last November and it came close to winning at 45% in favor.

  2. paulie cannoli

    I thought there was an L P candidate?

    Regardless, the idea that votes “came out of someone” is silly.

    If that candidate was serving those voters better than Niemackl, they would have voted for him.

    A free country does not survive by keeping competing views off the ballot. I don’t know whether elections can allow us to resolve our differences peacefully, but we should try while we can, and it’s not a free or fair election if some people are kept from participating or have their choices artificially limited to pro-NWO pepsi and coke.

    Hopefully, we can avoid mass violence, or at least buy enough time to help even the odds on behalf of the people.

  3. Gene Berkman

    Charles Aldrich was the Libertarian Party candidate, and he received around 14,000 votes compared to around 9,000 votes for the Constitution Party candidate.

    Barkley received 2000 times the difference in votes between Franken & Coleman; Aldrich received 60 times the difference, and Niemackl received 40 times the difference.

  4. paulie cannoli

    You know damn well what’s going on. You are posting comments under the names of other people who post comments here. Using an IP anonymizer does not hide the fact.

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