New Year’s resolutions for the Libertarian Party of Alabama

Posted by LPA Vice Chair Mike Rster to LPA Announce. Disclosure: I am on the executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Alabama.

The Libertarian Party of Alabama offer our best wishes for the upcoming new year!

Trying to live free in an un-free world (as Harry Browne put it) can be trying. Here is what the Libertarian Party of Alabama will be working on in the upcoming year to try to make things a bit more free. Let us know if we missed any issues and be sure to send us contact info!

Legislative Issues*

Through Alabama Compassionate Care – We will be supporting legislation to legalize medical marijuana for patients ( Loretta Nall has been heading up this issue and has developed a great network of folks. We expect to work once again with her and expect additional progress with this issue.

NO to RealID – Various folks are lobbying against Real ID. Last year we helped introduce a resolution opposing Alabama’s participation with the Federally mandated program. Although it passed out of committee and the House, it stalled in t he Senate. We would encourage folks to once again call their representatives and ask them to fight against the privacy intrusions of the Real ID program. For additional details about the issue visit

Through Independent Alabama (IA) – Proportional Representation– We will be supporting a bill for proportional representation for presidential electors. This would help open the political process to third parties by changing the rules regarding the allocation of presidential electors (who really elect our president) from a winner-take-all system to a proportional system in Alabama. Unless a third party or independent candidate is capable of taking a state – they are incapable of gaining any electoral college votes and therefore virtually powerless. (

IA Ballot access Reduction – We will be supporting a bill reducing ballot access requirements for third parties and independent candidates. This will save us a great deal of money and create opportunities permitting us to focus on running candidates as opposed to gathering inordinate numbers of signatures. ( Rep. Cam Ward was the sponsor last year and we look forward to working with him.

Repeal Groceries Tax – There has been talk about this issue for some time from various quarters. We are looking to see if there are any brave sponsors and if introduced we expect to jump on board and help get this passed.

Free the Hops – Gourmet beers need to legalized. The group behind this issue has done an incredible job and we ask libertarians that enjoy fine beverages to get involved.

Death Penalty – A segment of our membership has been fighting for this issue behind the scenes for years and if you would like to step up please contact the folks at: Alabama Committee to Abolish the Death Penalty PO Box 948, Leeds,AL 35094 205-699-2274.

Animal ID – This is an issue simmering in the background.Few folks are even aware of it… This commentary from Rep. Ron Paul:

The House of Representatives recently passed funding for a new federal mandate that threatens to put thousands of small farmers and ranchers out of business. The National Anima l Identification System, known as NAIS, is an expensive and unnecessary federal program that requires owners of livestock – cattle, dairy, poultry, and even horses – to tag animals with electronic tracking devices. The intrusive monitoring system amounts to nothing more than a tax on livestock owners, allowing the federal government access to detailed information about their private property.

Smoking issue – The American Cancer Society has been successfully pushing the ban on public smoking for some time. We are searching for sponsors of legislation that would protect business owner’s rights.

Sex Toys – This is the issue that has our lawmakers blushing. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Alabama’s ban on the sale of sex toys, ending a nine-year legal battle and sending a warning to store owners to clean off their shelves.The only remedy is to pass legislation legalizing the sale of “sex toys” We have supported this bill in the past and expect to make additional progress in 2009.

Transparent Government – We will supporting legislation that would require our state government to provide to the public over the internet a clear and easily accessible database that details spending. In 2009, the Alabama Right to Know legislation will be introduced by State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) and Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison) that will include:

Transparency in government spending. A searchable database of all state expenditures; contracts; legislative grants; and state grants.

2) Requiring electronic filing of campaign contributions and expenditures.

3) nbsp; Disclosure of all public officials or family members of public officials who are employed by the state, or who have a contract with the state, county or a municipality.


Running Candidates – We are always looking for serious candidates. If you are looking at running for public office, please contact us. We will have candidate training seminars available this year.


Let us know if you are willing to help out with any of these issues and be doubly sure to get in touch with the appropriate group.

Thank you for your kind and generous support! None of this is possible without our donors and pledges. Visit our website for details.

In liberty,
Mike Rster
Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of Alabama
2330 Highland Ave
Birmingham, AL 35205
1-205-328-8683 – voice mail

11 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions for the Libertarian Party of Alabama

  1. Libertarian Joseph

    I agree with everything, but shouldn’t they be more focused on building their state party? Activism, like this, is more effective when you have alot of foot soldiers. IDK, just a thought. I never see anything about outreach projects

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    We have an outreach plan.

    It will cost $180,000 over 3.5 years for field organizers and fund raisers, plus about $20,000 in overhead such as maintaining the HQ (over 3.5 years).

    This is far more than we have raised previously; it will get us statewide ballot access for all races in 2010 and 2012.

    In addition to getting ~40,000 valid signatures for each year (about 60,000 raw) we want to

    -database contacts and give out thousands of brochures/fliers/business cards

    -start county chapters in all 67 counties

    -start campus groups at every college

    -Hand out fully informed jury rights information in every county

    -Register thousands of voters and spread information about restoring ex-felons voting rights

    -Hit as many gun shows and flea markets as possible

  3. Lara

    I’m so glad that the sex toy ban has been made a priority for the Libertarian Party. We finally had it overturned in Texas (Thanks GOD.) Now let’s hope the winds of change start blowing in Alabama! After all, personal freedom starts in the bedroom..

  4. paulie cannoli Post author

    From Jake Witmer

    I just chatted with Evan Ward of University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

    He states that the campus club that I set up there is now officially valid (has just been approved by student affairs), and that he has met with David Beito (their faculty advisor who also works for the Cato Institute).

    I spoke at length with David Beito, and he is fully willing to help the student group become a powerful voice for liberty on campus.

    We will soon be starting our student outreach program, and have some innovative things planned.


    Stay tuned,

    Jake Witmer

  5. paulie cannoli Post author

    Yes, thanks, I read your email:

    Steve is not a conservative. He works on many of our left-leaning libertarian issues, and is one of the most effective libertarians I know at those.

    Yes, he does have a Republican rightist background, and he has parlayed it into a writing gig. Seems to me like he is trying to push them incrementally in a libertarian direction.

    I’d like to see the same done with Democrats, actually. Glad to see Ross Levin posting at DailyKos.

    BTW, Steve’s campaign nuts and bolts advice is pretty good. A lot of libertarians would be well served to learn from it, all ideological skew issues aside.

  6. Catholic Trotskyist

    The New Year’s resolution for the Catholic Trotskyist Party is less ambitious than the LP of Alabama. It is mainly to start a website by the end of the month, and to possibly start posting messages on other sites. It will also be active in supporting the Catholic and Trotskyist parts of our Holy President Obama’s agenda. 2010 is the year when the Catholic Trotskyist Party will have an actual public presence outside the Internet, with fundraisers, the beginning of a talk show, and even the beginning of a music career.

  7. Catholic Trotskyist

    No, it will be on one of the free website/blog services. I will give no more information at this time, as I am afraid of a coup by the Protestant Stalinists, libertarians, Naderites or others who may wish to steal my identity.

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