Steve Kubby: Hope for Change

by Steve Kubby

Today, Barack Hussein Obama II, will become the first African American President of the United States. Millions of Americans are filled with hope that change will finally come to this country. Meanwhile, prospects for real change have left Republicans in shock and the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, downright apoplectic.

Libertarians, on the other hand, will be sitting this one out. According to a poll conducted by the Libertarian Party, most Libertarians won’t even bother watching the inauguration. Libertarians are ignoring the festivities in DC, because we worry that the new regime, while friendlier and more progressive, will still expand the role of government and further bankrupt our treasury.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Party of Principle won’t be celebrating, because Libertarians everywhere are grateful and relieved that the US government actually held an election under Bush and that a regime change has finally occurred.

But wait! Something more extraordinary and historic than electing our first black president has just taken place. For the first time in a generation, voters in this country selected a president, based upon hope, not fear.

Until this shining moment, a generation of US presidents were selected on the basis of which candidate was the “lesser of two evils.” No one really voted FOR a candidate, instead, we voted defensively, as an act of harm reduction, to minimize the inevitable corruption and abuse of power that followed.

As President Obama has pointed out all along, the people who elected him voted for change and have entrusted him to deliver that change. By voting for hope, instead of fear, America has already begun that change. In doing so, the entire world has taken notice.

But what kind of change can we honestly expect? Will Obama actually do something to end the record level of incarceration in this country? Can we expect the Police States of America to finally back off, stop raiding our homes and stealing our stuff? Will the War on Drugs finally be exposed and brought to an end?

These are still dark times and harsh realities still await us, but a sliver of HOPE has illuminated our country’s path and that changes everything. We may not get the change we hoped for with Obama, but it is coming, sooner or later, because the American people have found hope and won’t accept anything less.

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43 thoughts on “Steve Kubby: Hope for Change

  1. James

    If Barack doesn’t end the prohibition of marijuana then we will know that maybe he really didn’t inhale. Are we getting dumber or just so hungry for change we will vote for anyone who says a cute cliche’? I remember the first black president by the name of Clinton who had more black people arrested for non-violent offenses than any other president. I heard hope mention than too.

  2. Jere Shocly**+ **

    Wonderful thoughts Mr. Kubby ! That’s why each and everyone of us who are liberty lovers must continue to raise our voices from this day forward to not only END the WAR on HEMP, but also END the WAR on MANKIND no matter where that may be.

    Support the Troops EVERYWHERE ,

  3. Alice Lillie

    The insane war on drugs, specifically the even more insane and cruel war on medical marijuana patients just *has* to stop.

    It has been proven over and over and over that medicinal marijuana is a wonder drug as evidenced by patients like Steve, who is alive and healthy today, rather than dead for 25 or 30 years, *BECA– USE OF* marijuana, and *ONLY* because of marijuana.

    Some of the more broad minded in the establishment are calling for “studies.” Studies??? We do not need any darn studies; it’s been proven! Do we need studies to show that the earth is round rather than flat???

    Now, we have a President who seems to be a little bit open to change in this regard (Ron Paul would have been a thousand times better in this and just about all other areas, however).

    That is good. We need to keep the pressure on him. I think a states-rights angle is the best but whatever works.

    And, I am glad that I lived to see a non-white President. That in and of itself is good too.

    But, I fear it’s all down hill from there. While there are these bright spots, I fear the big picture is bleak. Look at the economy. The Obama “solutions” are a re-run of the Bush ones, inflationary policies that will not work now any more than they worked during the FDR administration. Totally wrong-headed.

    Go to and get some Murray Rothbard materials. Educate yourself; knowledge is power.

    I am reviewing some Rothbard works on my blog site, and if you scroll down far enough you’ll see that I chewed up Roosevelt and spat him out. It was on his watch, BTW, that hemp was outlawed to protect the profits of certain big corporations.

    It’s the website listed by my name here.

  4. libertariangirl

    170,000,000 dollars his friggin inauguration costs . 33 million for clinton 42 million for bush. how dare he spend tazpayers money like that with the economy in this state . today is a sad day for liberty.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Good morning/afternoon, Citizens of IPR. Steve Kubby, thanks for your gracious thoughts. You were always the favorite libertarian of the Catholic Trotskyist Party, and this statement on the inauguration of Our Lord President Barack H. Obama and the impending takeover of Catholic Trotskyism, has confirmed our assessment. The Catholic Trotskyist Party will work hard to make the abolition of the war on drugs an important part of the New World Order.

    Blessings for the inaugural luncheon going on right now on MSNBC.
    God bless the pope, God bless Jeremiah Wright, God bless Rick Warren.
    Praise for the Day,
    Catholic Trotskyist

  6. Trent Hill

    I thought a large chunk of that 170m was fundraised by Obama,rather than it all being taxpayer funds…

  7. libertariangirl

    the majority was taxpayers according to CNN this morning with the next biggest chunk being from wallstreet bailed out company’s which is also taxpayers money

  8. Steve Trinward

    the appeal to HOPE instead of FEAR is the good news; the likelihood that all this does is cover “bidness as usual on Capitol Hill” (only a new face on the throne) is the not so good …

    judging from the choices for Cabinet, etc. … the HUGE spending on the parties, etc. … the probable continuation of blank check bailouts … and the social agenda taking precedence over rolling back USAPATRIOT and other depredations (incl Wo(S)D) …

    it doesn’t look so hopeful … but I am proceeding in spite of it, and suggest we all plan to do the same. The more we do that is outside the boundaries of “conventional” society, the bettter — for us and for liberty!

  9. Michael Seebeck

    No matter how much was raised, it was still too much. Jefferson got his inauguration right–small, simple, quiet, and just as valid.

  10. Donald Raymond Lake

    Dozens and dozens of lectures to Mister Kubby: Quit making it easy for our enemies. Lose that goofy drug dealer grin!

    Kubby has also made dozens of FORMER supporters by lack of proper/ timely response! Every one, get an automatic email responder! Duh!

  11. Todd McCormick

    The Party of Principle? After the Libertarians nominated Bob Barr it became obvious that they were not a “party of principle” but a party of media whores who will nominate the man with the WORSE track record only for media attention.

    So let me get this straight; Bob Barr with his intolerance for abortion, dis-belief in global warming and arguably one of the worst political histories imaginable is who you want for president?

    I hope everybody boycotts the Libertarian party until they learn what “principle” really means.

  12. libertariangirl

    its called making a mistake Todd.
    but for those that voted for Barr , I believe that most of them believed his story of enlightenment and conversion. I did not.
    But I do believe someone can change , most LP people are former somethings. Id bet the majority used to believe somethings that would make them cringe now .

    My point is people can change.
    (note I dont like Barr) , Im just sayin:)

  13. Jeff Brown

    Let’s give Obama a chance. If he doesn’t do anything in favor of medical marijuana in his first year then we can assume he has sold out. As far as all the money spent at his swearing in I say it is money well spent from the perspective that the black people of this country are entitled to a big celebration. Like the marijuana people they have endured alot of suffering.
    one love

  14. VirtualGalt

    Well best of luck to the new president. Though he made a glaring error in his speech — he said 44 men had taken the oath; it is as far as I know only 43, as Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th president.

    Obama will do Nothing about medical marijuana and the drug war. Too risky, no upside, lots of downside (as he would perceive it).

    He will be a one term president. And his successor will also be a one termer.

  15. Todd McCormick


    Sure people CAN change; but if we are to not judge a man on his resume what is the point of having one?

    I’m sure there are a lot of drug war victims who would like to be able to oh-so-easily change their mind about past decisions and be re-accepted into society; sadly that is not their option because of Bob Barr’s history in D.C.

    I also want to go on record that Bob Barr is currently anti-abortion rights, still believes that global warning is nonsense and that our petrochemical economy is on the right track.

    Go take a look at the man’s website; surely he claimed to change his mind on many topics but fundamentally his beliefs are incredibly intolerant and scientifically ignorant.

    Ladies and gentlemen; is this really the man you would have had for our leader as a libertarian president?

    I only HOPE Obama can achieve 10% of his stated goals; the world will indeed be a better place if he does.

  16. Prospective Advertiser

    An insightful comment from

    “Today is the 805th day since Democrats gained control of Congress and failed to: end the war on drugs, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, repeal the USAPATRIOT act, abolish the department of Homeland Insecurity, and restore the Bill of Rights. Since Barack Obama was elected, 38 coalition forces have been killed in Iraq, out of a total of 4,226. As many as 1,107 civilians have been killed in Iraq since he was elected, out of an estimated 98,731. People are dying for change.”

  17. Richard Winger

    Because somehow the US Senate has got itself into a position where nothing of importance can get done unless 60 Senators want it done, I don’t blame the Democratic Congress too much for the lack of any good results in 2007 and 2008. We will see if they do any better (on any issue) now that they have 59 Senators and the White House.

  18. ron hennig

    It’s great to have hope. Makes ya feel good; we all like feeling good. Think it’s why we honor the plant. Policticians are not like plants; they say that they’ll make ya feel good if only you give em the power. Then ya wait an see if they keep their word or not. Plants don’t ask for anything but food, water and light. Politicians don’t want those things. They believe that they know how we should live more harmoniously. Inspite of their lousy track record they insist they know they correct way. We shoulda vote for the plant. It won’t kill us, it never has ; the same can’t be said for politicians. How many lives have they wasted in their pursuit their vision? We shoulda voted for the plant.

  19. Prospective Advertiser

    Richard, “I don’t blame the Democratic Congress too much for the lack of any good results in 2007 and 2008.”

    I do. If Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid wanted to change any of those things, they would have at least proposed changes. Pelosi is an authoritarian.

  20. Prospective Advertiser

    Ron, “Inspite of their lousy track record they insist they know they correct way.”

    Doug Casey made an interesting point last week. He noted in his newsletter ( that the business cycle seems to be more of a government idiocy cycle. Every time the government tries some new boneheaded maneuver, the economy crashes. When the government backs off and eases up, things get back to normal. Except when FDR got in power, he had the gov’t do even more boneheaded things. Guess what I’m expecting from Obama?

  21. paulie cannoli Post author

    Paulie NSFW site? What’s NSFW mean? And could you break links if you think they direct to hostile sites?

    NSFW = not safe for work. As in porno. LJ’s name links to pussy dot com. I have nothing against that, but if anyone is reading this at work, they may appreciate knowing that before clicking on LJ’s name.

  22. Brian Miller

    Well, it’s all well and good to criticize Democrats (rightly) for feel-good politics, but Libertarians indulged in it twice this election cycle — with both the Ron Paul and Bob Barr candidacies.

    Arguing with an Obamatron and arguing with a Paultard both strike me as identical experiences, and identically frustrating, so I don’t even bother anymore.

    The fix is in. Well-placed powerful folks who are wealthy will grow their wealth through government redistribution programs like TARP — at the expense of the meager savings and income potential of the middle and working classes. The WOD and WOT will expand. Government will get bigger — much bigger. Individual opportunities will shrivel away. And unfortunately, the LP won’t have anything to say about it, since it doesn’t involve Angela Keaton or Roberts’ Rules.

  23. Catholic Trotskyist

    Everything positive will come from obamunism (good name, thanks).

    Please pray for Our Lord Revolutionary General and Catholic Trotskyist Party sympathizre Edward Moore Kennedy AKA Ted Kennedy, as he fights his illness. Thank the Lord God that he did get to see the inauguration of his protegre, the Imperial Lord President Barack H. Obama II, amen.

  24. Ross Levin

    Baby steps are the steps that progress most often takes. Obama has met with NRML, and I believe that he has stated that he won’t overrule state laws when it comes to marijuana (or at least medical marijuana). He has said that the main reason he isn’t for ending marijuana prohibition is that it would take too much political capital and there are more important issues to deal with right now. That is progress, and I for one am grateful for it.

    Great piece of writing, Mr. Kubby.

  25. Leymann Feldenstein

    Steve Kubby shows he’s a class act.

    A refreshing change of pace from the cheap rhetoric and sleazy pronouncements we’ve come to expect from the likes of Wayne Root and other Reagan wannabees masquerading themselves as libertarians.

  26. sunshinebatman


    W Bush said the same thing re state mj laws.

    believe it when you see it.

    not before.

  27. Steven R Linnabary


    Harding refused to talk about it. But it was heavily rumored.

    And Eisenhower’s mother (or Grandmother, I forget which) was born just after the Civil War in MS before birth certificates were issued. But she was baptized in the AME Zion Church.

    And Clinton CLAIMED to be descended from Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson, hence his middle name.


  28. Prospective Advertiser

    “One of Harding’s great-grandmothers may have been African American.” from wikipedia and the NY Times. That would not make him a “negro” but something like an “octoroon” by the standards of the day.

    And it is not an established fact.

  29. Donald Raymond Lake

    “Steve Kubby shows he’s a class act.

    A refreshing change of pace from the cheap rhetoric and sleazy pronouncements we’ve come to expect…..”

    Like the totally unnecessary goofy protrait[s] and the totally erratic communications. His praise is grossly unwarranted!

  30. gator

    First of all I wouldnt consider husseins cabinet as change. it looks a lot like slick willies cabinet. Second why would he name a 32 year senator as his vice pres if he wanted change. Third I did vote out of fear, fear this phony hussein would get elected. I just want to say that Bush may have made some mistakes but keep in mind the dem congress supported them. We should all be in fear that our new half white pres also comes from a muslim background and believes we can talk to these people. talk about naive. be happy liberals because once again you sold out our country.

  31. paulie cannoli Post author

    I just want to say that Bush may have made some mistakes

    Bush is a war criminal.

    but keep in mind the dem congress supported them.

    We do, which is one of the many reasons we are not Democrats. This is a site for those who oppose both Democrats and Republicans.

    from a muslim background


    believes we can talk to these people.

    What’s there to talk about? Just get the US troops and foreign aid out of the middle east and the rest of the world. It’s bad enough American taxpayers have to be ripped of to support local, state and federal regimes, we have to pay even more against our will to support foreign thugs all over the world too? Support the troops, bring them home, get them off the government dole, and let the economy rebound without government interference. Not that Democrats and Republicans are about to do any of that.

    happy liberals because once again you sold out our country

    I don’t know who all you are talking to. This is a site for people who think outside the Democrat/Republican box and reject the failed policies of the regimist parties, or really two wings of the same bird of prey.

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