Dorothy Pinkney: U.S. Rep Fred Upton steals land from the black residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan

Posted at Detroit Greens. H/T Green Party Watch. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

I am here today to let you know about the injustice that is going on in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Our city has one of the highest levels of poverty and unemployment in the country. Benton Harbor’s population is made up of Blacks, Hispanics and poor whites of which 94% are black, 90% live below the poverty level and 70% are unemployed. This is the location of the Whirlpool Corporation Headquarters and of U.S. Representative Fred Upton, who is the heir to the Whirlpool family fortune.

My husband the Rev. Edward Pinkney, one of the beloved leaders in Benton harbor, was put in prison for organizing against the Whirlpool Corporation, U.S. Representative Fred Upton, and its lynching judges Alfred Butzbaugh and Dennis Wiley. He was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for quoting the Bible verse `Deuteronomy 28` about what God shall visit upon the iniquitous. Whirlpool, U.S. Representative Fred Upton and Judge Dennis Wiley used this quote in an attempt to silence my husband, but he is not a man to be silenced. Beware you could be next!

This original charge stems from a successful recall of a corrupt city commissioner in a effort to stop Whirlpool, Harbor Shores, Cornerstone Alliance, and U.S. Representative Fred Upton from stealing prime lake front property, our very own Jean Klock Park, the only beach along Lake Michigan that was given to the citizens of Benton Harbor by John Klock. Whirlpool, Harbor Shores Developers and U.S. Representative Fred Upton want to steal the land to develop a 750 million to 1 billion dollars development known as Harbor Shores.

My husband, a true black community leader and activist, has led the fight against official corruption and corporate greed in his impoverished and beloved community of Benton Harbor. It is the only city in the United States where Black’s own lake front property. He is a political prisoner only because he had the spirit to take on Whirlpool and U.S. Representative Fred Upton, a known racist. My husband is under house arrest 24/7. The police come by everyday to check on him even though he wears a G.P.S. tether. He cannot preach in a church or speak in any church, but they cannot stop him from speaking or preaching at home.

My question to the people is; why should Governor Jennifer Granholm help Whirlpool and U.S.Representative Fred Upton steal our lake front land? Also, why will the Michigan Democratic Party let her or any other public representative support Whirlpool against the people of Benton Harbor? Our lakefront is being stolen for the development of a playground for wealthy people. We Need Your Help!

The Democratic Party has always claimed itself to be the party of the people. Then when will they begin to protect our rights? Join the campaign to stop Whirlpool, Harbor Shores, and U.S.Representative Fred Upton from stealing our public lake front park and land and removing all blacks from the city of Benton Harbor.

Dorothy Pinkney

Join us in boycotting Whirlpool.
You must call Governor Granholm at 517-373-3400
Help the residents of Benton Harbor

11 thoughts on “Dorothy Pinkney: U.S. Rep Fred Upton steals land from the black residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan

  1. paulie cannoli Post author

    Previous IPR coverage of Pinkney:

    Michigan Green Party 2008 candidate Edward Pinkney reportedly released from prison
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    Rev Pinkney home in time for Christmas
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    A very happy holiday to the Pinkneys, Benton Harbor and all fighters for justice.

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    They need to know the world outside of Berrien County is watching.
    Rev. Pinkney?s bond hearing is this Thurs. Dec. 18, 10 am, Berrien County Courthouse, Judge Wiley presiding. Yes, Wiley. The same judge who gave Pinkney 3-10 for paraphrasing the Bible (twice what was asked by the Probation Dept. and the Prosecutor), […]

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    Green ex-congressional candidate can post bond during appeal
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    The AP reports that Edward Pinkney, who ran for the Michigan Sixth District U.S. House seat as a Green Party candidate this year, ?can post bond while he appeals his conviction? for ?warning that a judge could be tortured by God.?
    The AP continues, ?After being convicted and sentenced to probation in 2007 for […]

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    ACLU takes on Pinkney case
    November 14th, 2008 ? 4 Comments

    The AP reports that the American Civil Liberties Union has taken the case of Edward Pinkney, ?a southwestern Michigan minister who was sent to prison for warning that a judge could be tortured by God.? This year, Pinkney ran for Congress in Michigan?s Sixth District from jail, receiving 3,461 votes.

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    Greens run jailed activist for U.S. House in Michigan
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    Benton Harbor Black Autonomy Network of Community Organizers leader Edward Pinkney, a minister who is “serving a three- to 10-year prison term for a probation violation stemming from an election fraud conviction,” has been nominated by the Green Party in the Michigan Sixth District U.S. House race, the party announced. A Pan-African News Wire […]

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    May 22nd, 2008 ? 1 Comment

    In the current issue of The Black Commentator released today, Cynthia McKinney receives energetic plaudits from Larry Pinkney, a veteran of the Black Panther Party:
    Cynthia is running for President of the United States of America, not as a Democratic or Republican Party [i.e. Republicrat] hustler, but as the real people’s candidate. She is not embraced, […]

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  2. Jason G.

    I’m against the Harbor Shores development for reasons other than Ed Pinkney. Mrs. Pinkney’s assessment of Ed are very slanted. During the recall election in question, he paid homeless people & others to vote in said election. That is wrong on so many levels and it was proven in court that he was guilty.

    When I offered to join a BANCO protest, before I knew all the facts in the case, I was told to “Go back across the bridge cracker before you get your ass lynched”. Nice…Rev. Pinkney wants to throw the race card around so much, but that sh*t works both ways.

    The Harbor Shores development has its flaws and does not promote economic development in our area. But don’t lump in Rev. Pinkney’s case with the Harbor Shores development, as they are two separate issues.

  3. rev edward pinkney

    mr. Jason Gattie



  4. Gordon Matthews

    hi jason g., i believe i’ve met you – you are from st. joe and were at one time a green party member, possibly even a green candidate? i know rev. pinkney very well. my observation of his activities are that he’s the first black person to stand up to the white “legal system” in berrien county. he stood in protest outside the berrien county courthouse for a number of years, once a week. that in itself took enormous courage for a black man in berrien. it also began to shine a light on what’s going on there. (to this day)

    it is common knowledge that you almost cannot get a fair trial in this courthouse, so whatever you believe was proven there would be questioned by many. rev. pinkney was a daily court observer for something like 6 years, helping as many black people as possible who were being put through the “system” to stand up for their rights. the common reaction was for them to plead guilty out of fear in their situations where intimidation was (and is) a big factor. he spent much of his days at the library or soup kitchen doing the same kind of work, helping BH people.

    your complaint that rev pinkney and HS are being “lumped together” is confusing.
    all rev. pinkney did in regard to HS was to expose the flaws you speak of.

    the only people rev pinkney paid in relation to the recall election was people who were in need, and we know how many of those exist in BH. they were given a few dollars to distribute flyers announcing the election. as the well-known detroit civil rights atty., buck davis, says, vote fraud is a classic charge to get blacks behind bars. they are known to vote democrat, so republicans in clerk’s offices will often not send voter reg. forms or jury forms to black towns or neighborhoods to keep them away from the system altogether. so, black people who courageously go out to register people are railroaded for “voter fraud.”

    everyone who i’ve heard speak against rev. pinkney, such as you have on this blog, have been people who read and are influenced by the herald palladium. as a green, or former green, i think you must be aware of the corrupting effect the media has on american society, and that the palladium is one of the most glaring examples of yellow journalism. it looks professional enough, but slants truth or outrightly lies. my reaction when reading it is always one of surprize or shock when they tell the truth, especially about rev. pinkney. he is enemy #1 for whirlpool/cornerstone/harbor shores, and this is their “company paper.”

    we all know there are some out-of-control people out there, but there is absolutely no way rev. pinkney would say to you the racist statement you are accusing him of. his deportment is always, without exception, polite, respectful (even of his enemies), and he has the gift of a good sense of humor. ask any green party member in this state.

  5. Lou Novak

    Rev. Pinkney is a political prisoner. The charges against him were trumped up and he was jailed on a parole violation. This was done to him because he stood up to the local power brokers who are also stealing Harbor Shores from the community. His struggle is our struggle. Here in Detroit they are stealing Cobo Hall. They are stealing the Water dept.
    Here in Detroit, it’s 8 Mile Rd. instead of the bridge.

  6. Reverend Jeanette Pollard

    I am ashamed that such mess is going on in my state. I am sending a letter to the Judicial Tenure Commission, as well as the Michigan Supreme Court re: this. I need an address or email address in which to send a copy of the letter to Rev and Mrs. Pinckney. Thank you.

  7. rather not be known

    I think every one here needs to read the bible a little more and stop using the name of God to say and do whatever you please. Just bc you do it in His name doesn’t make it right. we all need to get along and make Benton Harbor a nice place to be for WHITE and BLACK. I think if people were more open minded and stoped assuming other were ut to get them it might make things better. Its time for every race to move on from our ancestors past and make a new better future. Time to get over this petty stuff. In the end we all go to the same place when we die. Nobody is better than any other.

  8. More

    [a] which bible ?????????

    [b] was the religious instruction you refer to originally written in 21st Century American English ?????????

    [c] are ANY of your godly tracs originally written in 21st Century American English ??????

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