Green Party of Michigan asks supporters to help formulate response to economic crisis

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Dear friends and supporters of the Green Party of Michigan,

As our state unemployment level hits 10.6% and the world economy is in tatters, the Green Party is meeting March 28-29 at the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center in Oakland County ( We will be discussing and planning what to do in response to this unprecedented crisis.

As our friends and collaborators, we value your input and we need it if we are going to go forward in common and united struggle.

We are asking you to submit in whatever format you like – written, oral, youtube – your thoughts and proposals for what the Green Party should do and say in response to this crisis.

You are also invited to participate in the discussion Saturday afternoon, March 28. More details will be forthcoming.

In solidarity,

Fred Vitale
State Chairperson
Green Party of Michigan

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