Kenneth Griffin running for Libertarian nomination for Governor of Texas

Thanks to Joey Dauben for sending the news to

Griffin has a youtube channel and supports 9/11 truth.

Here are a couple of samples.

An article at PoliTex says,

What we know so far: he likes Ron Paul and Hugo Chavez and is “extremely angry” about a lot of things including high gas prices, toll roads, speed limits and 9/11.

He urges supporters to go to though the site does not appear active yet.

As Griffin sees it, he’s already won.

“I’m not waiting for day one,” he says in this video. “I’ve begun working as governor right now. I’m currently talking with various oil executives to see what it would take to get gasoline back down to $1.50 a gallon.”

Skip to the 7-minute mark of this video to hear Griffin’s take on Gov. Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

This refers to the first clip seen above.

Dauben is campaign manager for Barry Cooper, who is likely to be seeking the Texas LP’s nomination for Attorney General.

Correction: Dauben’s email identified the candidate as “Kevin Griffin,” but I just checked the youtube channel and his name is actually Kenneth. My apologies for not checking before initial publication.

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34 thoughts on “Kenneth Griffin running for Libertarian nomination for Governor of Texas

  1. Joey Dauben

    Paulie, thanks for the clarification. I have edited my blogs to reflect the correct name.

    But other than that, my views and Barry Cooper’s remain intact.

  2. Joey Dauben

    Let me go ahead and put out our view for public consumption:

    We are “New Libertarians” and therefore reject the “kook” campaigns and want to focus on grassroots campaigning and winning elections.

    However, Cooper has said:
    “If 9/11 was an ‘inside job,’ more the reason to elect me. I want the truth to rise to the top in government.”

  3. paulie cannoli Post author


    If the Texas LP nominates both Griffin and Cooper, will Cooper be comfortable running on the same ticket, or will he decline the nomination?

  4. Joey Dauben

    Paulie, I’m going to be discussing this issue with Barry because I feel as a campaign, we need to be cohesive with our party and that party’s slate, but not if it is to the detriment.

    I would be ill-advised to say anything more due to me not speaking for Barry as of this moment, but I can say in my own opinion that we would definitely continue working on our goals for 2010, but as a “professional courtesy,” I would focus strictly on the AG’s race and the down-ballot races.

    Thankfully, in 2010 the gubernatorial race will basically be a coronation of Kay Bailey Hutchison, currently one of Texas’ two senators, so the LP will probably not get as much attention as they did in say, 2006.

    And let me go ahead and say that this is nothing personal against any candidate, but in strict campaign terms, having candidates like this only makes it that much harder to gain respect and credibility.

    There are rumors, based off of our 9/11 views, that Barry could draw a convention challenger to make the LP more “extreme.” I would definitely welcome a convention challenge, because we will overwhelm the party with delegates.

    However, we need to stick to grassroots activism and winning elections, not side-issues and kook shows.

    No offense.


  5. Joey Dauben

    We have three candidates – including 1990 nominee Jeff Daiell – running for governor in Texas as Libertarians.

    While competition is a healthy thing, I want to stress that the only way to move the TX LP forward is to nominate candidates who share the vision and platform of winning elections using grassroots methods, not David-Duking our candidates and campaigns. Hell, this gives more ammo to the GOP (Texas is a blood-red state) about the Lyndon LaRouche-type candidates.

    The TX LP doesn’t need that.

    The Cooper for AG campaign will support candidates at the convention who hold the “New Libertarian” view that we should focus more on grassroots campaigns and winning elections and not be sidetracked by kooks.

  6. paulie cannoli Post author

    Thanks for reminding me about Daiell. I have an email update from him about his campaign, so I’ll post that also.

    I’m curious about who the third candidate is as well. Also, are any of these candidates lining up as “slates”? (For example, Daiell and Cooper, or Griffin and someone else for AG, etc?)

  7. Joey Dauben

    Jeff Daiell is the only one I have by name so far.

    I’m going to ask Megan Gray of the TX LP Exec. Committee to weigh in on the other names as soon as she gets those.

  8. libertariangirl

    JD__The Cooper for AG campaign will support candidates at the convention who hold the “New Libertarian” view that we should focus more on grassroots campaigns and winning elections and not be sidetracked by kooks.

    Joey I really like you ideas but hate the terminology “new libertarian”. you totally could have left it out altogether and the statement would have been just as strong. It insinuates all ‘old libertarians’ never liked grassroot campaigns or winning elections .

  9. Catholic Trotskyist

    A libertarian who likes Chavez? I like that. He should be a Catholic Trotskyist. Tthere are some libertarian sympathies there too, such as on civil liberties and drug issues.

  10. paulie cannoli Post author

    A libertarian who likes Chavez? I like that. He should be a Catholic Trotskyist. Tthere are some libertarian sympathies there too, such as on civil liberties and drug issues.

    Is there any thruth to the rumor of merger talks under way between the CTP and the LNSGP?

    If so, will LGBTQPLBDSMLLKY people be
    welcomed, tolerated, or condemned by the new

    Stay tuned…

  11. Robert M. Pritchett

    Joey, you’re saying that these videos show Griffin to be a “9/11 kook” that will make the LP look bad? I only looked at the 2 posted here but he seemed pretty credible and reasonable to me. Are you just afraid that people will be so reluctant to even hear what’s presented here that they’ll be turned off by the idea of the LP?

    I hadn’t heard of this guy before your message and was figuring I’d probably vote for Jeff Daiell, but now I see once again that I need to seriously consider every candidate running for the LP nomination when the time comes, which I always do anyway…

  12. Steven R Linnabary

    IMHO, the first video is dry, boring and uninspiring. Hardly anything to get the average voter away from WWE RAW or the average Libertarian away from his blog. The candidate talked for eight minutes, and said absolutely nothing.

    The second video, OTOH, did have something to it. Again, nothing that would tear the average voter away from his TV or the average Libertarian away from his PC. But the candidate spent most of eight minutes talking about some pretty wild conspiracies.

    So, I would say the candidate is not just a 9/11 kook, but a conspiracy kook. Just my opinion, but yeah, he might make the LP look bad.


  13. paulie cannoli Post author

    Dauben via email:

    The list of the 4 LP TX gubernatorial candidates so far. The race – as well as the other statewide and local races, will be decided at the June convention in 2010:

    Jeff Daiell – Harris County (+ 1990 nominee)
    John English – Harris County
    Steve Nichols – Dallas County
    Kenneth Griffin – Not sure where this guy is from

    Note: Kenneth Griffin has not made an announcement to the party, nor to its officers, as we have not heard anything about him except for the YouTube videos surfacing this week. That’s the word from “on high.” We simply didn’t even know he was in the race…

  14. Joey Dauben

    Robert, you’re a Libertarian, of course Griffin won’t seem abnormal (slight humor there.)

    I just think putting a 9/11 guy on the ticket is kinda like putting Chuck Geshlider in a campaign or an organization.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist

    Paulie, I feel so burned. You know I’m not a Nazi (Trotsky was Jewish, after all, and so was Jesus for that mattter, those are my two political masters). So, no, the rumor of the merger is not true due to our programatic difference, even though the name of such a resulting party would be great.

  16. paulie cannoli Post author

    CT, I know you don’t want to announce the merger yet, so I don’t fault you for acting hurt.

    The LNSGP is not necessarily anti-semitic, although they might be anti-semantic.

    Some of their views from their FAQ:

    Are Jews a race or a religion?

    They are both an ethnic group and a religion-cultural unit, according to their religious texts. We support Zionism and the Jews intelligent enough to realize that Zionism is Israeli National Socialism, and thus their only chance at self-preservation.

    What is your opinion of ZOG and the Jewish conspiracy?

    ZOG is a fantasy. The decay of the West comes from its decay in values, and its parasites come in all colors and flavors and sizes and stripes. Jewish values are incompatible with German values, which is why Jews need their own state and Germans need theirs.

    Why do you hate Jews?

    We do not hate any group. We dislike misguided ideas like multiculturalism.

    Why do you complain about Judaism being racist when you could be construed as racists?

    We don’t complain about Judaism being racist.

    Are you fanatical Christians or related to Christian identity movement?

    We are not Christians; our belief is transcendental and idealistic. Any Christians who think similarly are welcome to join us. Christianity, after wreaking havoc upon Europe for centuries, is universally in decline. Those Christians who want to persist in their religion should look toward interpretations of Christianity that approximate the longer-lasting, less death-obsessed religions of the ancient Greeks and Romans and Germans and Indians.

    Why do you support anti-Judaism?

    We don’t. We believe Judaism belongs in Israel and support the right of the Jewish people to live by Nationalist principles.

    Do you advocate the killing of Jews in the current time?

    No, we support Nationalism for Jews as this ends all of our problems.

    What do you think about individual Jews, and do they carry the traits of Judaism?

    A lot of them we like, and many Jews have written to us asking to become involved. We welcome them with open arms and support Zionism for Israel.

    Why the Jews? Are they a Biblical source of evil?

    Historically, Jews and Gypsies were the immigrant populations in Europe, much like Muslims are now. This is why they were a source of stress. Nationalism cures this problem. In addition, Jewish values and culture are incompatible with European values and culture. This is why the two must live apart in harmony. Zionism is Nationalism, and Nationalism supports Zionism.

  17. paulie cannoli Post author

    Anyone else who believes the easy smokescreen of misconception put up by the CTP, to deflect your attention away from our premature revelation of your upcoming merger, can read

    For themselves, and see how much the two parties already share in common.

    And for anyone who is still scared of the big bad N-word, look: they have an Israeli chapter!

  18. Catholic Trotskyist

    The fact that we are having this discussion on a thread about Texas politics makes this even more hilarious.

    What exactly on that page makes you believe that we have a lot in common? We are avowedly anti-nationalist, just like Catholicism and Trotskyism, and we actively support the establishment of a New World Order, as long as it is not a dictatorship. We are also anti-zionist, as we are against all nationalist causes with the acception of some secession movements. The one statement that we agree with is “ideas are bigger than the humans that created them.” I am fully awhere that Jesus and Trotsky would disagree with the idea of Catholic Trotskyism, but their souls in currently in Heaven are in full agreement, and their ideas were important steps to the revelation of the CTP’s message by Barack Obama and, more directly, myself.

  19. Catholic Trotskyist

    I also feel that this is a good place as any to say that we are starting an award, known as the Catholic Trotskyist Order of Merit. The first recipient is the Romantic poet, William Blake, who was not a Catholic but was a religious socialist of sorts.

  20. paulie cannoli Post author


    I’ll agree with you about an award for Blake, although not necessarily that he was a socialist – I’ll have to re-read his bio, it’s been a while.

    What exactly on that page makes you believe that we have a lot in common?

    I’ll get on that later.

  21. Jeff Daiell

    Those interested in my campaign can visit My record shows that I can appeal to left, right, and center, and that I am a good steward of campaign funds.

    Libertarians who want a nominee who is principled -and- convincing should support my candidacy. I am looking for staffers, for county and State Senate district coordinators, and, of course, for financial contributions.

    For Texas and Liberty,

    Jeff Daiell

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  23. Don Lake .......... John Anderson volunteer 1980

    Catholic Trotskyist // Feb 10, 2009:

    “I also feel that this is a good place as any to say that we are starting an award, known as the Catholic Trotskyist Order of Merit.”

    horizontal rule
    History of the Pledge of Allegiance:

    The Pledge was originally written in 1892-AUG by Francis Bellamy (1855 – 1931). He was an American, a Baptist minister, and an active Socialist. He included some of the concepts of his first cousin, Edward Bellamy, who wrote a number of socialist utopian novels, such as Looking Backward (1888) and Equality (1897).

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