Mike Gravel endorses Eric Sundwall

Mike Gravel served as a Democratic US Senator from Alaska from 1969-1981. In 2008, he ran a campaign for President in the Democratic and Libertarian Parties. Since then he has endorsed Independents, Greens, and Libertarians who endorse his National Initiative. Those people have included Neil Keirnan Stephenson (L-MI) and Jesse Johnson (G-WV). Now Gravel has endorses Eric Sundwall (L-NY) too, in his special election for Congress in the 21st District. What follows is the entire endorsement statement:

In 2008, I sought both the Democratic and Libertarian nominations for the Presidency.

After years away from electoral politics, I felt energized once more to seek the people’s support

in the political process. It is also with this in mind that I’ve sought to promote the idea of a

National Initiative. Through valid Constitutional means we can re-establish the principles of a

republic and the most cherished aspects of our democracy.

I had the great pleasure in 2008 of working alongside a new generation of Americans,

those seeking to take back their country. Their tireless spirit and use of new technologies is

unlike anything seen in times past. I met Eric Sundwall in Schenectady, NY on April 1, 2008, for

a taping of his show,

Capital Outsider. Eric and I discussed many issues, and he later became

the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of NY. His evenhanded leadership with the NY delegation

was evident at both the state and national Libertarian Conventions.

I promised Eric that day in Schenectady that I would support Libertarian candidates in the

future, and with that he finds himself a unique opportunity. The recently appointed Senator from

NY has left her former House seat open for a special election. Eric ran for that seat in 2006, and

this current election provides a vital opportunity for his voice to be heard. I support Eric

Sundwall in this effort.

This is a unique chance for the entire country to focus on a single political contest and

bring to light many of the issues and ideas that typically receive little media coverage. I know

Eric will bring these ideals to the forefront of his campaign for Congress. So too will he build

bridges and mend political fences to all those Americans who feel their leaders have failed them.

Please help Eric in this exceptional opportunity.

24 thoughts on “Mike Gravel endorses Eric Sundwall

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    I simply dont understand leftists. Howard Zinn, Matt Gonzalez, Noam Chomsky, Mike Gravel, Cindy Sheehan, Daniel Ellsburg, former Senator James Abourezk, Cynthia McKinney, former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, Ralph Nader, The Peace and Freedom Party, The Vermont Progressive Party, should form a new leftist-third party and trying to bring in the Socialist Workers, Working Families, and Green Parties’ members by offering them seats on state or national boards. This would give them serious star power (through Chomsky, Zinn, Nader, McKinney, and Gravel), Ballot Access in al 50 (through the Greens, Nader, and the two most powerful, the Progressives and Peace and Freedom), and money (through being more visible).

  2. Jim Davidson

    I think Eric Sundwall is intelligent, decent, and a good writer. Therefore it seems inevitable that he’ll fail in his pursuit of this senate seat.

    Perhaps the endorsement of Gravel won’t hurt.

  3. HS

    Mr. Sundwall has a rather good Web site. That election is going to turn into a very crowded field so will be interested to see how he does.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    “You’re a leftist, Trent? You seem to want them to do well albeit our suffering through leftist policies in the current day.”

    No, im not a leftist. But I think leftists are stupid to continually fracture their third parties.

  5. Ross Levin

    Cindy Sheehan has actually said she wants to start a new party and I’ve heard rumors about Nader and his supporters starting a new party, but I don’t know if they’re related. If not, it would just mean more of a split.

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    Just the combination of Nader, Sheehan, the Peace and Freedom Party, and the Vermont Progressives would be VERY powerful.

  7. paulie cannoli

    Yea, but Sheehan wanted to call it “The Third Party” or some such thing.

    “First Party” which was supposed to get rid of the third party stigma. A rose by any other name…

  8. citizen1

    Trent Hill // Feb 24, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    “You’re a leftist, Trent? You seem to want them to do well albeit our suffering through leftist policies in the current day.”

    No, im not a leftist. But I think leftists are stupid to continually fracture their third parties.

    Unfortuately Trent is that not true of any of the following too, right wing, conservative, libertarian or Constitutional parties also.

  9. paulie cannoli

    I’m confused about this, on the Sundwall4Congress site front page:

    The Petition

    We just got word from the General Counsel office that it will be March 31,2009.
    Here’s the March 31st petition;

    Petitioning needs to be in the correct 12 day period. Anything sooner or later will not be valid. Please download the available petition and get as many signatures as you can on any given day. petition_count_jpg.jpg

    Please send them in no matter what your count is. Whether you just download one and have a friend or family member sign it, we need it sooner than later. The count is critical. The more we have in hand the better.

    Send them in everyday to:

    Elect Eric Sundwall
    PO Box 503
    Niverville, NY 12130

    Deadline is March 6, 2009.
    Signatures from voters should be in the 20th CD. Anything else will be considered invalid. Any New York resident who is registered to vote can collect signatures. Anyone registered to vote can sign it. Always double check the town/city designation and ask voters for the correct one. Corrections can be made by the petition witness and should be initialed wherever it is done.

    Stay tuned for more information.

    Is the deadline March 6, March 31, 12 days from March 31, or what?

  10. citizen1

    Correction. I meant to say that it is also true of those groups. That they fracture themselves and work against each other too.

  11. paulie cannoli

    right wing, conservative, libertarian or Constitutional parties also….I meant to say that it is also true of those groups. That they fracture themselves and work against each other too.

    I don’t think the LP should belong in a grouping with the Constitution and Republican parties.

    If it was doing its job properly vis a vis the Nolan Chart, it would be equidistant ideologically from the Republicans/CP as from the Democrats/Greens.

    If we expand to three broad category axes (social, economic and military/foreign policy) and assume a smaller-government orientation on each of them, we are (broadly speaking) aligned with the left on 2 out of 3.

    If we trace the historical roots of libertarianism, they are on the left (for example, Frederic Bastiat sat on the left in the French Parliament, from which we get the terms left and right).

    This is also why “liberal” and “libertarian” sound similar.

    I’d grant that the LP has been more aligned with the GOP/CP, especially recently. But I think this is a big mistake, completely out of line with what libertarianism has been over the course of many centuries (until the last few decades), and needs to be corrected for the LP to start making real progress.

  12. paulie cannoli

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  13. John Francis Lee

    Nice website. Good to stick to core issues, but I did not notice a national initiative for democracy among that core.

    Does Eric Sundwall endorse a national initiative for democracy? Or not?

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