Constitution Party announces speakers for National Committee meeting

An email was just sent out reporting upon the speakers at the next Constitution Party National Committee meeting, to be held in Newark, New Jersey on June 11-13th. Amongst the many speakers are former US Representative from Virginia, Virgil Goode, bestselling author Jerome Corsi, New Hampshire state representative Dan Itse, former president of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Jim Panyard, and famed Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Levin. Also scheduled to speak are former Vice Presidential candidate Darrell Castle and Communications Director Mary Starrett.

Virgil Goode is of particular interest for several reasons. He filed paperwork last week to seek a rematch against Rep. Tom Perillo as a Republican. However, Goode has a history of being trans-partisan; He started his congressional career as a Democrat, became an Independent in 2000, and then joined the Republican Party. He is also rumored to be a prospective candidate for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination in 2012.

8 thoughts on “Constitution Party announces speakers for National Committee meeting

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    I like Goode, for all his failings, because of his “I couldn’t give a sh*t” attitude.

  2. paulie

    I like Goode, for all his failings, because of his “I couldn’t give a sh*t” attitude.

    I don’t. The Muslim-hating was over the top.

  3. Goode Grief

    It’s Congressman Tom Perriello, not Perillo. Maybe Goode lost because after months of campaigning against him, he still couldn’t learn how to pronounce his name.

  4. Old Ms American

    Muslims believe it is the end of the world in 2012

    I think Obama believes it is very possible that the world will destruct with his help.

    First Obama will continue to hold open the doors of America for millions of Muslims to enter our country with ease

    In America the Muslims and Obama will have unlimited Christians (victims) to pick from to murder

    Killing a Christian is necessary for these Muslims on a Jihad to get to heaven.

    Obama wants to assure all his brothers and sisters of the Muslim Koran their place in heaven as first to get to the goodies.

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