LP.org: Glenn Beck to join Ron Paul, Peter Schiff on Fox News’ “Freedom Watch”


posted by Donny Ferguson on Mar 24, 2009

Glenn Beck will also be joining Peter Schiff and host Judge Andrew Napolitano on FoxNews.com’s “Freedom Watch” Wednesday afternoon.

Go to http://www.foxnews.com/strategyroom tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time to watch.

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22 thoughts on “LP.org: Glenn Beck to join Ron Paul, Peter Schiff on Fox News’ “Freedom Watch”

  1. Gene Trosper

    Instead of constantly criticizing Glenn Beck, how about encouraging him along the path of freedom?

  2. sunshinebatman


    I don’t think it’s fair for you and/or the Church Lady to call Dondero Satan. It seems anti-semitic. Someone notify the ADL.

  3. sunshinebatman

    Mormons are Zionists; they think America is Israel, and they are the Jews. It’s a fun theology.

  4. CHUCKtheFED

    Put me in the skeptic corner about Glenn Beck. He seems a bit like a media player…
    like an eight track.
    just pop something in…

  5. Trent Hill

    I’d imagine this means the show will be simulcast with Glenn Beck’s radio show–not that Glenn Beck will be in studio. I hope its the former, as it would allow Schiff, the Judge, and company to reach a MUCH wider audience.

  6. citizen1

    I used to really like Beck. I do still enjoy his show but he does not have the credibility that he once had with me. He was against the bank bailout and then when it looked like it failed he did a show segment on why we needed the bailout.

  7. NewFederalist

    Beck has his good moments but he has disappointed quite a bit in the past. Still, I agree with the sentiment that he should be encouraged to grow in a way that benefits the liberty movement rather than vilified for past transgressions.

  8. paulie Post author

    David Boaz just came on.

    They are still working on being able to get Ron Paul’s connection to work.

  9. Trent Hill

    I watched the first half, Paulie–it’s a great show. The Judge said it averages 100,000 listeners. I like that it pulled from all sides of the liberty movement, especially from both CATO and Mises.

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