Green running for select board in Massachusetts

Lee Scott Laugenour, an active member of the Green-Rainbow Party, will be on the ballot on May 11 in the Lenox, Massachusetts race for town select board.  The Green-Rainbow Party is the Massachusetts affiliate of the national Green Party.  Lenox is a town in Berkshire County with a population of over 5,000.

The Berkshire Eagle offers a good view of the race, which has three people running for two spots:

Linda Messana, an incumbent and owner of the Lenox Fitness Center, and Claudia Trancynger, of Robertson Associates Real Estate, are running with the support of the Lenox Democratic Committee. While Lee Scott Laugenour, owner of a consulting company for the spa and resort industry, is running as a member of the Green Rainbow Party.

In addition to Messana’s seat, the other seat will open as current Select Board Chairman Stephen Pavlosky, is not seeking another term. Both are three-year terms and the election will be held May 11…

Laugenour, a 10-year resident, was recently appointed to represent the town on the board of the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority and has worked for the Green Rainbow Party on both the state and national levels.He seeking to support green programs, like public transportation or the ECAC designation for the Housatonic River, as well as continued adjustments to zoning bylaws that would promote more local businesses and a more diverse community.

Laugenour, who has been married to his husband, Mark, for four years, said pride in the progressive changes in the state is one of the things that compelled him to run.

“It makes me certainly proud to be in the first state that allowed (gay marriage). I’m certainly not pushing any particular agenda other than diversity is good and I’m part of the community,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Green running for select board in Massachusetts

  1. WJB

    Scott’s campaign is certainly putting Lenox back on the map – he has wide-ranging support already.

    If you’re a Lenox resident and don’t usually show up to vote for Select Board, please do!

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