New Jersey Libertarians Run Ken Kaplan for Governor

from Ballot Access News
New Jersey Libertarians Run Ken Kaplan for Governor
April 26th, 2009

On Sunday, April 26, the New Jersey Libertarian Party nominated Ken Kaplan for Governor. Kaplan had also run for that position as a Libertarian in 1993.

A link with a photo and some background on Ken Kaplan is: here.

53 thoughts on “New Jersey Libertarians Run Ken Kaplan for Governor

  1. Robert Milnes

    Well, I contacted LPNJ saying I was interested in the nomination & had an untried strategy to win & strongly recommended they nominate a woman for Lt. Governor. Losers.

  2. Robert Milnes

    I’m like the Susan Boyle of the LP. Just never been given a chance. Here’s hoping that will all change now. Ummmmmm. But Noooooooooo. Nevermind.

  3. Steven R Linnabary

    You people would probably diss Teddy Roosevelt.

    And just exactly what do you think qualifies T Roosevelt as a libertarian?? What evidence do you have that makes somebody at the very bottom of the Nolan Chart (authoritarian) anything remotely libertarian?

    For that matter, how do YOU qualify as “libertarian”?


  4. Robert Milnes

    I guess I’m going to have to question the Nolan Chart. Because I can’t reconcile that it says the co-founder of the Progressive Party was a 100% authoritarian.

  5. Robert Milnes

    I do not see ANY OTHER explaination for TR. He must have been a left libertarian of some sort. How else did he get, genius that he was, from Republican vp to co-founder of PP?

  6. Catholic Trotskyist

    Ross is right.

    Libertarian Joseph, what’s your opinion about Ken Kaplan? Is he libertarian enough for you?

    I also contacted the NJLP saying I was interested in the nomination. I stated that I also have an untried strategy, the Fringe Alliance strategy, and suggested they nominate Robert Milnes as lieutenant governor, even though i disagree with him on many issues. I live in California now, but I was born in New Jersey and spent a lot of time there last summer; I would have moved my residency and I clearly know the state’s issues well.

  7. Leymann Feldenstein

    I think I’ll write Robert Milnes in for the general election. Who should I write in for Lieut. Gov.?

  8. Robert Milnes

    JY, keeping the analogy, I’d have to get on the ballot. Susan got on stage. This is exactly why I’m running Independent. Libs demand Ronulan Paulnut. & Bann Bob Barr. & WAR. Libs are unreliable.

  9. Robert Milnes

    Progressivism in 1912 was mostly a republican splitoff movement. There was no demand or need for progressives on the left. They had the socialist parties!

  10. Richard Cooper

    With only two gubernatorial elections in this odd-numbered year, it would be in order for potential and announced LP presidential candidates to assist the NJ LP’s candidate.

  11. Robert Milnes

    R.C., your point is well taken. However as I wrote above I am seeking an Independent course, much like Nader. Only his vp choice was all wrong & his strategy sucked. Progressive Libertarian Alliance Independent. On the other hand, if I start getting support from libs & Ken deigns to endorse the progressive alliance strategy, I would be glad to “assist”.

  12. mdh

    I’d say that most libertarians are (quite correctly) afraid of those who call themselves progressives. Progressives such as Barack Obama tend to favor large government with huge deficit budgets, wars, a welfare state, increased government regulation, etc. All of the things libertarians oppose.

  13. Robert Milnes

    As it stands now, I’m screwed. My house was set on fire by a drunken, chain smoking pill-popper. Then it was cheated from me by an ex-con real estate shyster. My 66 TBird was in the backyard which was completely cleared including my apple tree cut down & is now a dump. I’m in credit card debt. I got just about no support last year; libs preferring to throw millions at loser dinosaur fossil Ronulan Paulnut & Bann Bob Barr & WAR. I’m hoping to mount an expedition to gold mine in CA this summer. & gold mining is not easy. If I’m lucky a few supporters will “assist” me to do that & the National Forest will be therapeutic for my depression. So, sorry if I sound bitter & holding back.

  14. Robert Milnes

    mdh, nice try to bad mouth progressives. First, B.O. is NOT a progressive. His vote fraud consisted of manipulating progressives to support him though. Then steal back the black vote from Billary. Libs must have been very frustrated by Dubya, what with his deficits, wars & medicare supplements etc. Now, TR had the sense to split off from the republicans. There was a real progressive.

  15. Mik Robertson

    “I’d say that most libertarians are (quite correctly) afraid of those who call themselves progressives.”

    Unless you consider progressive to mean those who defend the human rights that were subjugated with the rise of conservatism in the 19th century, when liberty came to mean economic liberty. The idea that the survival of the fittest, as Darwin scientifically demonstrated in the natural world, was seen as the driving force in civilized society as well. Fitness was defined as material success.

    By the late 19th and early 20th century, huge corporations were squishing the rights of the individual. The ideals of the American Revolution had to be brought back into the picture, and the progressive movement helped to do that.

    If you consider progressive to mean socialist or Keynesian, that’s another issue.

  16. mdh

    I’m not bad mouthing anyone. I’m being honest about how the average libertarian feels when they hear the word progressive.

    I could go on to tell you how to proceed if you actually wanted to get anywhere, but it seems like trying to be an internet personality is more entertaining to you. Fair enough, but complaining without any worthwhile action is just pointless, hopeless, and silly. It’s all been said before by others anyway, though.

    I will say this much. If you focused on controlling your mental illness and spent less time on the internet, you would likely have a better chance of leading a fulfilling life.

  17. mdh

    Mik, the modern definition of progressive as the majority of people see it is someone who advocates things like socialized healthcare, a welfare state (particularly “new deal” type programs), heavy government regulation of just about everything, and generally sees government as being the solution to all of society’s ills.

  18. Mik Robertson

    I suppose you could equate progressive with liberal, but it is misleading. From Wikipedia:

    “The term “progressive” is today often used in place of “liberal”. Although the two are related in some ways, they are separate and distinct political ideologies. According to John Halpin, senior advisor on the staff of the Center for American Progress, “Progressivism is an orientation towards politics, It’s not a long-standing ideology like liberalism, but an historically-grounded concept… that accepts the world as dynamic.” Progressives see progressivism as an attitude towards the world of politics that is broader than conservatism vs. liberalism, and as an attempt to break free from what they consider to be a false and divisive dichotomy.”

  19. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert Milnes, how can you call me a loser when we both have gotten about the same number of votes (aka 0?) I live in California, so I will consider helping you with your mining expedition if you apologize. And note that I did give you a position in the Catholic Trotskyist shadow cabinet.

  20. Robert Milnes

    CT, I can call you a loser because I can admit I am a loser. I don’t want to be but that is the result of the situation in which whoever gets the most votes is the winner. Fortunately Ron Paul, my nemesis, is also a loser which is some small consolation. Winner-Barack Obama. Selected by supercomputer study engineered by the Massachusetts Mischief and Mayhem Makers. Purpose: elect a liberal democrat after the close election of JFK followed by the setback of his assasination. Liberal democrat as seen as the most progressive (leftist) possible under the dem/rep duopoly.

  21. Libertarian Joseph


    not really. Ken Kapan quote “He would push for an enactment of a marriage equality law to allow same sex couples to marry.”

    um I’d prefer that we eliminate the marriage license altogether.

    ““The current system prevents owners of single family homes from converting them to two family homes and the owners of two family homes from converting them to three families,” stated Kaplan. “This solution will solve the affordable housing crisis, not just for people moving into the new units, but also for many of whom might be senior citizens.”

    why bother with this? this shouldn’t be a policy.

    “He views vouchers as an immediate way to give parents more choice in where their children attend school.”

    tax payer funded voucher system? That’s stupid. but yes, an improvement

    He’s not as libertarian as I, but that’s ok, he’s clearly still the best choice.

  22. Ross Levin

    Robert, I’m sorry to hear about your situation, I really am. Maybe electoral politics isn’t the best way to make money and live your life right now?

  23. Kevin Ferrizzi

    Mr. Milnes,

    I believe you have good ideas, but do not think ytou would make a good candidate. I was at the convention last year and was unimpressed with your public speaking ability. Barring that, the NJLP has a serious interest in promoting candidates that do not have a personal background that could reflect unfavorably on the party. There are plenty of other ways to aid the advancement of liberty other than being a candidate. I think your energy would best be spent in another direction, possibly researching topics and formulating policy ideas. I have served as the Libertarian Party’s Chairman in Camden County and have been holding monthly meetings since 2005. I have never seen you at one.

  24. Howard Kupferman

    I just came across this site this morning when I Googled Kaplan’s name.

    I’m not as politically savvy as some of you are, but I am actively participating in Kaplan’s campaign here in Morris County. The problem is not that he probably won’t win; the problem is that there is no viable third party. I intend to create a viable third party in my town, Long Hill Township.

    I have been working for several years to create transparent and responsive government here. I faced a school board that fought me e3very inch of the way. Last year we were able to get a candidate elected who supported my efforts. This year we got two more. If we take a long-term approach, we are going to get a lot more.

    I got a call yesterday from a fellow in Roxbury who won a seat on his school board. He is supporting Kaplan and is willing to go out and get signatures with us. What the NJLP needs is visibility and credibility. I believe the “new wing” of this party is more sensitive to how voters react to ideologues and what to do to overcome resistance to change.

    I am asking everyone here to help.

  25. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Ken Kaplan in his campaign for Governor of New Jersey, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

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