Peace & Freedom Party receives 8.43% in California Legislative race

The Peace & Freedom Party describes itself as “California’s feminist socialist political party.” They nominated Ralph Nader for President in the 2008 elections.

from Ballot Access News
Peace & Freedom Party Polls 8.43% in California Legislative Race

May 20th, 2009

On May 19, California held a special election to fill the vacant State Senate seat in the 26th district. The results: Democratic Assemblyman Curren Price 70.44%; Republican Nachum Shifren 21.12%; Peace & Freedom member Cindy Varela Henderson 8.43%.

Henderson’s showing is the best Peace & Freedom Party showing in a California legislative race (excluding races with only a single major party candidate) since 1978, when PFP polled 9.90% in a Santa Cruz Assembly race.

Henderson is a telephone technician. See her campaign website here. The 26th district includes part of Hollywood, as well as Baldwin Hills, Silver Lake, Culver City, and other parts of Los Angeles County.

8 thoughts on “Peace & Freedom Party receives 8.43% in California Legislative race

  1. Michael Seebeck


    Solis left the 32nd Congress seat open (see other thread). 26th state Senate was vacated when the incumbent died in office.

  2. Mark Valshannar

    Heh reading the Los Angeles Times it had her, however wrote her off to 2 percent or less. Good for the Peace and Freedom Party, best showing since 1978.

  3. Donald Raymond Lake

    Oh come on Morgan, as true as the base state ment is/ was, there is A LOT MORE to the story than just single candidate efforts. First of all there is extensive gerrymandering.

    So many districts are sooooooo GOP or Dem. This also hurts constituent appeals. Office holders are not on the hot seat when local citizens are done wrong. They can fob off low profile citizens with out hurting their next election numbers.

    The bigs have legacies. Grandpa and Great Grandpa, that sort of thing.

    Symbols and ichronography: EVERYONE knows of the Democratic Party Jack Ass and GOP Pachyderm. The alternative parties? Almost 100% of them are Eagle and Eagle Head. Big Deal.

    The non Eagle related symbols are usually dumb ——Green Party Flowers [duh, wimpy to the max] instead of some thing more dynamic like a Peace Symbol style wind mill].

    Only the Libs [Statute of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Thomas Jefferson] are reasonable in their icons!

    Morgan, you were very unfair. I know of reform minded Dems taking on the GOP in ‘GOP’ districts. They can not get elected even when the incumbent is in Federal Prison!

  4. Donald Raymond Lake

    My fellow U of Misery alum [I am so ashamed] and my former congress member Randy Duke ‘Puke’ Cunningham, Mister Top Gun, National University, Vietnam Nam air ace, driving his Bentley round DC on his way to his house boat is now in federal custody . Quite a step away from bribes, prostitutes, week end long booze parties.

    {I played a minor role in keeping the local, [Sandy Ego County] FBI office informed of obvious infractions. The arrogant SOB was so blatant about every thing!]

    Currently residing in or near Tucson Arid Zona in a medium security federal campus.

    And on the Democratic Party side: Wade Sanders. The main apologist for John ‘Scarey Kerry’ and ‘Veterans point man’ for California Lt. Gov. and admitted felony Kiddie Porn king pin. Sanders brutally defended flawed, lethal veterans programs against good hearted critics.

    Dems AND the GOP are both evil and the enemy of the average citizen!

    —– Citizens for A Better Veterans Home

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