Wayne Root on Judge Napolitano’s FreedomWatch

Wayne Root is currently a guest on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s internet TV show run by Fox called FreedomWatch. Root was the Libertarian Party’s 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and is now a candidate for the Presidential nomination in 2012. Root is an in-studio guest along with financial guru Peter Schiff. I will post a video later, but from 1-2p.m. on Wednesday you can see the show at this link.

85 thoughts on “Wayne Root on Judge Napolitano’s FreedomWatch

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    In case someone cares to offer a reference

    I was in touch with several delegates from Arizona to the 2008 LP Convention and many delegates had very intent objections to Bob Barr and Wayne Allen Root.

    I’ve seen and am in agreement with many valid objections with Bob Barr (although I did vote for him for President).

    I’m wondering that (other than style and personality complaints) if there are any recaps on the internet of why Libertarians shouldn’t support Mr. Root come 2012 time?

  2. Gary Julian

    Infighting is political sport. People will dump all over any candidate not because of real objections, but because they enjoy it. Knocking other people down makes them feel better.

    If Mr. Root wants to fight the Libertarian fight then for the love of God let him. Think big tent folks. We need all the support we can get.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp


    I’m not sure if it’s possible to separate “style and personality” from things like “associations and policy proposals” when talking about Root. It certainly isn’t easy to do so.

    For example: Root went from endorsing a McCain/Lieberman presidential ticket to being a candidate himself in a matter of weeks, from “marriage should be one man, one woman” to marriage equality in a matter of months, and from “I support the war on Iraq” to “Iraq is the wrong war, Iran is the right war” to “I’m a non-interventionist” over the course of about a year.

    One way of interpreting that is that he’s a fast learner. All those changes were, after all, in the right direction.

    Another way of interpreting that is in terms of his personality.

    Remember how Republicans used to complain that Clinton made policy by tracking the polls and framing his positions to suit his target audience? They called it “triangulation.”

    It’s not necessarily cynical to muse that perhaps Root has spent the last 2 1/2 years demonstrating his mastery of Clintonesque “triangulation” to the LP rather than undergoing real personal ideological conversions that he can be trusted to hold to even when he senses a change in the winds of opinion … and bam, we’re up against your wall because now we’re into personality.

    I encourage you to pick up some of Wayne’s books — Millionaire Republican and The Joy of Failure are the two I’d recommend — and read them before you read his forthcoming Conscience of a Libertarian.

    When reading his new book, place it in the context of his previous books, and then ask yourself whether the new book makes more sense as a political manifesto, or as part of an historically typical Root-style hustle.

  4. Alan Baldwin

    I read all three. IMO it’s part of his typical style hustle. Remember, he was one of if not the biggest scamdicapper until his stock and company went belly up.

  5. Robert Milnes

    I’m convinced the Bann Bob Barr/W.A.R. phenomenon was manipulated to run interference to any Progressive Libertarian Alliance ticket/movement. & still is. Also the Ronulan Paulnut movement/counterrevolution. We need a left libertarian/radical movement to join a left progressive Obama Off Our Backs movement. Starting this year & culminating in a Progressive Libertarian fusion ticket getting elected in 2012 & joining a Green/Libertarian progressive majority Congress. Maybe fake progressive liberal Obama will resign. Biden would be better e.g. Iraq & GLBT issues. What the media perceived as Obama’s “cool” & “confidence” was little more than his knowledge that the manipulate the progressive & black vote fix was in.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp


    If you’ve read all three, you’re a very unusual guy — his new book hasn’t been released yet, and if my sources are correct the pre-release review copies haven’t gone out yet either.

  7. Alan Baldwin

    I got a copy because I work at the bank where he banks. I have to listen to his B.S. every time he walks in. The guy is totally full of *hit!

  8. Eric Sundwall

    TK – I think you’re a little off key with the use of triangulation and Clinton. The idea is more opponent oriented than poll driven. You’re absolutely correct about his position changes and how they may reflect numerous aspects of personality.

    Be that as it may, Root does have a capacity for getting media attention. Whether it is for his own benefit or that of the ‘party’, he seems to have many supporters who just go ga-ga over that simple fact. What bothers me within the LP itself, is a capacity to accept the latter’s success in media and then to subsequently let it trump more traditional intra-party dynamics. Thus service, loyalty and to large extent ideology are jettisoned over a strained promise for success. Whereas the more traditional main parties will absolutely consider and use intra-party factors as real measures of possibility and reward. So if one is somehow trying to emulate ‘success’ in terms of other parties, they ignore the very factors within those others in their own.

    The Nevada delegation in Denver did not cast a single vote for Root (at least my recollection from sporadic views of C-SPAN) in the nomination process. That’s very telling . . .

  9. Alan Baldwin

    Eric- That’s because they know what Wayne Root is all about. He’s pretty smart, paints a great picture and tells a great story but people here in Las Vegas know him all to well. to put it bluntly. HE’S FULL OF *HIT. 99% of what comes out of his mouth is a lie or not entirely the truth.

  10. libertariangirl

    very telling indeed , and yes that was Sully on Cspan saying ‘no votes for Root that cant be right.’

    at that time we were opposed to Root , for reasons I wont rehash .

    but we feel he has paid his dues , he is far more Libertarian than before and he is really a very nice man once you get to know him .

    and yes , we hope Root brings all kinds of new attention to the LPNevada and all the things that go along with it.

    but it doesnt trump anything . we were some bad ass hardcore , harworking activists before Wayne and we still are .

    Our service is the same , my ideology the same ( i choose not to focus on differences ) and loyalty , well that is another story .
    While ones libertarian philosophy can change over time , my loyalty has always remained the same.
    I care most deeply for growing the LPNevada.

  11. libertariangirl

    99% of what comes out of his mouth is a lie or not entirely the truth.

    Like what? your calling him a ardent liar , so please name a few .

    and the LPNevada is happy to have Wayne working with us .

  12. Alan Baldwin

    His personal accomplishments are 99% fabrication and bill*hit. I’ll mention one thing and I could go on and on and on. One of his biggest accomplishments in Las Vegas is a total farce. It’s called the Las Vegas Star of Fame. How did he get there might you ask? His partner nominated him and then after the nomination which any Las Vegas resident is eligible he was basically in. Was there a vote to allow him in based on his accomplishments? No, he was added because he PAID $15,000.00 to get in. That’s basically the tip of the iceberg about what the guy is all about once you get beyond the makeup.

  13. libertariangirl

    I have never heard Wayne say anything except he has a star on the WoF.

    have you heard him lie about how he obtained his star ?

    The ole tip-of the-iceberg …

    no offense but all Waynes detractors say the same things , but when pressed have no concrete evidence .

    I heard he rips people off and he’s con man , yet there have never been charges filed , an investigation launched or any proof.

    Ive heard he’s a bad apple with the BBB , but he has a rating of A .

    Ive heard alot of things but none of them hold water .

    Representing oneself in the best possible light is not lying …

  14. Alan Baldwin

    Wayne Root is a master of manipulation. Has he been convicted of anything? No. Does he pass the smell test? If you know him well or did some investigation into his claims with an open mind then you’ll see he’s a pathological liar. The star of fame is a bought honor. His partner in the now bankrupt scamdicapping business nominated him. would he have gotten in with just a nomination? No, because you have to pay $15.000.00 to be in. Very few people would pay that kind of money to get in unless they were going to market that honor. Wayne Root bought his way in to use it as a marketing tool. Who was the man nominating him? Oh ,that man happens to be the man that had two wives die mysterious deaths, a la Drew Peterson. Would you like me to continue libertarian girl? If you do, I could go on and on and on. Wayne Root is a slimeball and I and many people who know the real Wayne root, not the one you see giving speeches is not the person we want representing the Libertarian Party in any way going forward.

  15. libertariangirl

    AB__ If you know him well or did some investigation into his claims with an open mind then you’ll see he’s a pathological liar

    me__ just the opposite , i didnt know him and, from the get go i didnt like him , thought he was fake among other things . right where Root-haters are now . Other people made all sorts of claims I readily accepted .
    Then I got to know him …
    then i did some actual investigation into the claims people made about his character and his honesty .

    I decided then , he wasnt a liar and everything else was inflammatory opinion .

    you agree he has never been convicted and passes the smell test

    then you go on again about a star on the HoF. Is that your biggest proof grenade , cause I aint feelin it LOL.

    He bought a prestigious spot on the HoF , lots of people do and then used it help promote himself …
    I hope so for that kind of money , and whats your point .
    I see nothibg wrong with that.
    Then you try and demonize him by slippery-slopin him next to ex-partner , who you insinuate is a murderer .

    wow , just wow.

    another one bites the dust…

    does anyone have any real proof?

  16. John C

    If you want the LP to be the party of Millionaire Republicans, God Guns and Bullshit, and Michael Savage- support Root.

  17. NewFederalist

    While I have to admit to bias against Root (I have said before his sleaze factor is too much for me) he IS getting a lot of publicity. Appearing with Judge Napolitano is credible. He also was on Glenn Beck today which is less credible IMHO. The guy just gives me the creeps! Every time I see him on TV I feel like I need a shower. I sure hope the LP can do better than this in 2012. (BTW, I must admit I would sure NOT want to bank where Alan works! What might he say about me! Think more Swiss-like, Alan.)

  18. Alan Baldwin

    Root DOESN’T pass the smell test. He owned and ran a sports scamdicapping company. Do you understand how those types of businesses operate? Do you know they emply many ex felons? Do you know they lie to their clients to do whatever they have to do to get a sale? Do you know he had 22 complaints filed with the BBB? Do you know only 4 were resolved? Did you know most people scammed out of money never complain? Somehow 22 found their way to the Las Vegas BBB? Doesn’t that seem like a high number in just a few years? Some of the complaints included dishonest sales practices,unathorized credit card charges, unathorized bank debits,refund or exchange issues, failure to honor contract or agreement and failure to respond to clients requests, e mails or calls? Do you know he called himself a business mogel? Do you know his company went belly up after he had another company in England buy his company so they could have access to what he said were over 1 million lead sources? Do you know he didn’t have 25% of what he claimed? Do you know he probably manipulated his stock a few years ago when it was at $3.50 a share. Do you know a year later it was at .03 cents and then nothing the year after? Do you know he reportedly went through 18 credit card processing companies in 4 years? Do you know they all dumped his company for too many unauthorized credit card charges?Do you know of one advertiser or ex employee who doesn’t think he’s a liar ? If you do please find them. They say their’s honor among thieves. Well the two people I know in that business thought he had no honor. My mother always taught me that if it walks like a duck and smells like a duck well then golly it probably is a duck. Wayne Root will have his spin on everything but when it’s all over he and the people who know him best know he’s a scumbag. Ask yourself, would you like him representing YOU in our highest office? Anyone who checks thouroughly into his background would run the other way. Anything else you wanna know about Wayne Root?

  19. Alan Baldwin

    I hate very few people. I did some investigation when he tried to smooth talk me at the bank as an officer. I also checked into how many books he sold? The answer was less than 2,000 combined for all his books. He carries them with him in his car and passes them out because no one buys them. You can check on these numbers because I di through Amazon and other credible book distributors. How does he get on all these shows you might ask? He calls and calls and calls. One TV person told me once that he called over 25 time until he got on a certian FOX show. The publicity is great if we had the right person. Root is great at getting on TV , radio and in newspapers. He’s just the wrong guy. He’s getting on because he’s persistent not because he’s a credible candidate. Anything else you wanna know about slimeball Root?

  20. Steven R Linnabary

    I did watch WAR on Beck today. As much as I dislike Glenn Beck, he did look annoyed every time Root said ANYTHING. And he opened his mouth several times.

    I’ve got a feeling that his media luster is getting a bit tarnished.


  21. libertariangirl

    So Alan Baldwin ,if that is your real name , how come your such an ardent LPer and Ive never met you? unless your using an alias then have the courage to say who you are .
    you have some very strong words and if I were you Id be careful. bloggers are being sued for lots of money these days for slander , and believe me your neck high in it.

    The things you bring up , have all been brought up before , and proven to be false . Once again I will point by point break it down .

    Alan__ He owned and ran a sports scamdicapping company.

    me__ he ran a legitimate handicapping company , scamdicapping is just an adolescent jargon trying to be clever .

    Alan __Do you understand how those types of businesses operate?

    Me__I am a Native of Las Vegas dont insult my gaming savvy. and are we talking about Waynes businessn or “those types” now?

    alan__Do you know they emply many ex felons?

    Me__ “they” being who exactly?

    are you saying Wayne hired felons or they hired felons?

    incidentally hiring ex-felons to work , whats wrong with that . with a jod they are less likely to re-offend

    Alan__Do you know they lie to their clients to do whatever they have to do to get a sale

    Me__ if his company lied and defrauded customers to get a sale , seems there would be disgruntled people filing charges . Fraud is against the law.

    so are you saying Wayne committed fraud?

    Alan__o you know he had 22 complaints filed with the BBB? Do you know only 4 were resolved? Did you know most people scammed out of money never complain? Somehow 22 found their way to the Las Vegas BBB?

    me __ oh god not this one again…
    I blew this up when Knapp brought itup.

    Have you ever run a business? Inevitably sometimes customers will not be happy.
    shit happens , but I think 22 for a 2 yrs ( the BBB keeps rating on a 2 yr rolling scale) is pretty damn good .

    now listen closely so you get it , the BBB is the arbitrator and both parties agree they have the last word w/in

    of all his complaints , EVERY SINGLE ONE was handled in good faith to the satisfaction of the BBB. Eithr you get your info secondhand and didnt really look or your another one intentionally distorting .

    the BB has an A – F ratng system taking into account many things but most importantly , honest business practices and good faith efforts to resolve disputes.

    for the last time Waynes BBB rating was a A ,only to be outdone by an A+.

    tiresome this is , ill wreck the next half of your slander-fest shortly , but i need a break and a beer…

  22. Bryan

    I don’t know that I will support WAR in 3+ years, but…

    Many of the “charges” leveled by Alan in #18, could/should result in civil suits, and criminal charges…Apparently they haven’t.

    Yes, he ran a handicapping business.

    Yes, he may have “bought” his way onto the walk of fame.

    And yes, he will do what it takes to get media attention (not necessarily a bad thing IMO).

    But except for your personal opinion and dislike, what other “evidence” do you have?

  23. Mik Robertson

    @18 “Ask yourself, would you like him representing YOU in our highest office?”

    If by highest office you mean President of the United States, look who is currently representing us there. Wayne Root would be a vast improvement now.

    In three more years if Wayne keeps developing the way he has, he will be a fine LP candidate. I don’t recall that he got many votes for President from the Pennsylvania delegation in 2008. It was not because he was disliked, however. It was just too soon for him to be the LP nominee.

    Doing a run as the VP on the ticket was I’m sure very valuable experience. By 2012 he will likely be the candidate to beat to take the Presidential nomination. Tom Knapp may take the cantankerous cake, but Wayne Root will still be there with the enthusiasm.

    Is there a link to view Root on either the Napolitano or Beck show?

  24. libertariangirl

    anyone interested in what really is keep reading .

    below are some true facts concerning Waynes Star on the HoF.

    below is the email text i received from Wayne concerning the issue.

    i am one of 35 human beings in the world with a star on Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

    You don’t “buy” a star.

    30 Board Members have to vote on it…all distinguished citizens themselves.

    I was affirmed by unanimous vote by Board.

    At my star ceremony was EVERY major politician or their representative in the state of Nevada.

    It was declared “Wayne Root Day” by Mayor of Las Vegas…and in the state of nevada by the Governor.

    Does anyone still think I ‘bought” my star. What a vicious lie.

    And heres the clincher- I’m now on the Committee that runs the Las Vegas Walk of stars. It’s my job to nominate and vote on others. I’m the ONLY person ever to receive a star to be invited to join the Board

    Perhaps they wish they were on national TV 24 hours a day representing the LP…instead they sit around shooting hot air, lies, and slander out of their mouths all

  25. libertariangirl

    wait folks it gets better ,

    Wayne has never given a copy of his book to anyone and he doesnt even go to the bank.

    read below to prove Alan a liar in one thread , a new record:)

    from Wayne_Now I gotta say something…Alan is a COMPLETE LIAR and SLANDERER. Please print that.
    He said he read my book- it isn’t out yet. NO ONE but me has read it. He sys he knows me from my bank. What? I don’t go to the bank. NEVER have. My wife does all my banking. I haven’t walked into a bank in Las Vegas in perhaps 5 years. “Alan” is a complete pathewtic liar. Tell him to reveal himself so I can sue him for $100,000,000. Lets see if he can afford $100,000 in legal fees.

    But wait theres more- ALL my books have sold 15,000 copies or more. 5000 is considered a moderate hit in book business. Since I written 7 books, you do the math. Over 100,000 books sold. “Alan” says I’ve sold 2000 total copies. Really? Is that why I get $100,000 book advances? You think publishers are idiots? Has Alan written any books lately? Is anyone offering him $100,000 book advances? I’ve NEVER EVER EVER in my life kept a book in my trunk, or sold a book out of my trunk.

  26. libertariangirl

    so who is Alan ? blatant liar , behind a fake persona , lives in Las Vegas , loves to antagonize , targets Wayne Root …

    well I have my idea of who it might be …


  27. Mik Robertson

    So it is.. Just as I suspected. Alan Baldwin is really Alec Baldwin! How devious! You must admit it was a clever disguise.

  28. Thomas L. Knapp


    “I blew this [the matter of Wayne Root’s piss-poor Better Business Bureau record] up when Knapp brought itup.”

    No you didn’t. As a matter of fact, you didn’t even do as good a job of putting lipstick on Wayne’s Better Business Bureau report pig as he does (and he doesn’t do a very good job of it himself).

    Every factual claim I’ve made about Wayne has been correct, and I’ve demonstrated the correctness of each when challenged. You don’t have to like that — it’s true whether you like it or not.

  29. stefan

    If one listens closely to the video of today, one will know that Wayne Root actually agreed with torture of Gitmo prisoners. (If he would really do research, he would know “Michael Alexander has first class experience with interrogation, refused to torture and was much more succesfull in info distraction). Recently on his blog about a new Barney Frank -Ron Paul bill about allowing online gambling, he (again) said this is the reason why the GOP lost in 2006! No, Wayne, this was definitely NOT the main reason why the GOP lost in 2006 and 2008. The main reason the GOP lost is for what you supported: the illegal invasion of Iraq under false pretenses.
    If the LP wants a leader in 2012 that is “pro-preemptive war” and also pro-torture, please elect Wayne Root as your leader.

    Root has a media presence due to his relentless phoning and insisting to be interviewed. He is not someone that listens and can argue, more like an aggressive, arrogant few line exclaimer that likes to play the man rather than the ideas.
    He has such an obsession with Obama. A smart leader would realise that Obama has a sort of teflon personality/attraction with a likable character and that his policies are his weakness. Why not attacks only his policies? (One could see it with Root’s appearance on Beck). I’m afraid Root would not be able to play on ideas and inspire, being a more self-centered, insensitive person that he is or portrays in any case.

  30. libertariangirl

    Knapp-Every factual claim I’ve made about Wayne has been correct, and I’ve demonstrated the correctness of each when challenged. You don’t have to like that — it’s true whether you like it or no

    me__ bullshit , i won that debate with you . you are purposely misinterpreting the info to make Wayne look bad .
    do you deny his rating with the BBB was an A?

    almost every substantial business recieves complaints, its how you handle them that matters .
    wayne handled every single complaint to the satisfaction of the BBB.

    an A rating , the best there is


  31. Thomas L. Knapp


    I continue to stand by my factual claims vis a vis Wayne’s Better Business Bureau record, and I’ve publicly proven those claims multiple times with reference to the actual BBB reports (see here and here, for example).

    Wayne can spin as much as he wants, and of course you’re free to regurgitate that spin if it pleases you to do so. The actual BBB reports, however, will continue to say what they say and mean what they mean.

  32. Tom R. Brighton

    I understand what your argument is but I think your spinning it in Mr.Root’s favor.

    This is the situation with the Better Business Bureau. Very few businesses join. In fact many join so they can use it as a sales tool that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau and use it on their website, letterhead and display it in their retail location. I would estimate from working for the Better Business Bureau from 1994-2000 in St.Louis,Missouri that only 10% to 15% of businesses were members.

    To receive over five complaints in a year was considered high. To receive over 2o in two years is a serious cause for concern. In almost every case where there were above 10 complaints in a year that company was conducting business in a manner that was usually deceptive or wasn’t on the up and up.

    To get an “A” rating means almost nothing. It’s the equivalent to a kid barely passing a course and moving onto the next grade. Almost every business had an “A” rating. In the industry if and when we dropped a business below an “A” rating it meant the business was usually a place to avoid at all costs. As long as a company responded to every complaint, even if it wasn’t resolved we usually kept that company as an “A” rating. Unless the public was in extreme danger and a company was a rogue business 90% of all companies got some form of an “A” grade. We knew once they dropped to a “B” grade they usually dropped out of the Better Business Bureau. I’m not saying you don’t have some knowledge of the Better Business Bureau but I worked there for a number of years. It’s OK to defend Mr. Root but in all fairness to some of the other posters it seems that your probably to close to Mr. Root to make a fair evaluation of his character and his past business dealings.

    Mr. Root appears to be very persistent and hard working and is a decent public speaker. I’m just concerned that if it ever looked like he might get even 5% of the raw vote that he might get hung up to dry on what seems like some questionable business dealings and claims that might not pass the smell test.

  33. libertariangirl

    Too close to Wayne now that really is funny.

    I defend Wayne not because Im loyal to him at all but because everything that keeps getting regurgitated are lies or intentional distortions.

    If ANY of it were true i wouldnt defend it.

    Making criminal accusations of Fraud and spreading lies that COULD affect someones livelyhood is wrong.

    I have seen no proof of anything to date.

    Links to blog posts dont count as proof Knapp.

    Anyway , the BBB is a respected organization in Nevada .
    I think an A rating does mean something , that and the fact that Wayne has never been charged criminally or civilly in the matter proves he operated it well.

    Not 1 ounce of truth . I dont spin , I call it like I see it.

  34. Tom R. Brighton


    I don’t think it’s fair to attack people but Wayne Root and his business dealings appear to be a bit suspicious. I’m not a betting man but it appears that you might be related to or working for Wayne Root and you might be to close to smell a rat. Have a nice day Mrs. Root.

  35. libertariangirl


    the only relations Wayne and I have in common are the Clark County and Nevada LP.

    you are positively ridiculous but I really did laugh out loud so thanks!

  36. Susan Hogarth


    Wayne *is* personable and upbeat. He’s pleasant to be around, although he can get a bit tiring with the self-promotion shtick.

    As a libertarian candidate, he is ideologically suspect because he does not seem to have made a clear break from the ‘millionaire republican’ mindset, and not a good bet because he is too focused on attracting the near-mythical Disgruntled Republican to the LP rather than growing the LP by looking for what might eb termed ‘native libertarians’.

    As a candidate for internal leadership with the LP, he is possibly even less well-suited than as a candidate, because his understanding of libertarianism seems shallow, his activism within the Party seems to consist solely of having promoted himself, and he doesn’t seem to have the right set of ‘people skills’ to be an effective Chair.

  37. paulie

    Hi folks.

    I have a little more time than usual here today since I am the library two days in a row, so I read a few (not all) of the comments in this thread to see many of the same things said for and against Mr. Root that I have seen in the past.

    Here is m take on it: when it comes to ideological nuances, I am much closer to Tom Knapp than Wayne Root. Still, I think it is fairly safe to assume that I am more in agreement with Mr. Root than with Obama, Republican candidate X, and most likely Green and Constitution Party candidatx Y and Z for 2012.

    Now, one thing that I really like about Wayne Root is that he gets a lot of media interviews, including many on fairly high profile shows. I don’t like the hosts of many of those shows, and I don’t like all of the things Wayne says on the air, but I applaud him for making the effort to be on there.

    I also really like what Tom Knapp has been doing with CLIPR news releases. It would be really nice if Tom could be on a lot of TV shows, too. And before people say his ideology is to blame, Socialist candidat Brian Moore and even the BTP’s Charles Jay got nationa media. I think Tom probably could as well, and I know he knows people who can put him in touch with the person(s) who arranged the SP and BTP interviews.

    Yes, I think the details of our ideological message are important. But getting it out there to a wider audience is very important too.

    Fortunately, there’s lots of time left before 2012; but the sooner we cn get Tom or other candidate(s) with a similar message to start making lots of youtubes and radio and TV appearances to match Mr. Root’s outside exposure, the better.

  38. Susan Hogarth


    Can you give some sort of update on what WAR has been doing within the local/state LPs? I would like to hear that he is doing something other than promoting Wayne Root.

  39. Jim Duensing

    If you want the brand of Libertarianism that can be sold on Michael Weiner’s show or FOXNEWS, W.A.R. is you’re guy. He’s been pro-war from the beginning. He’s still an Israel-Firster. His negative opinion of the working class is demonstrated in his constant class warfare style attacks against organized laborers. He is still a Millionaire Republican at heart. At the 2009 LPNV Convention, W.A.R. indicated he might be running for Senator in 2010 as a REPUBLICAN. At least that’s consistent with an earlier interview W.A.R. did with the RJ as he was announcing his new LP creds. Who said his positions change faster than a Pelosi excuse?

    In liberty, with eternal vigilance,


  40. Robert Capozzi

    sh, have you or anyone ever done research/written about your “native L” concept? I’m interested in hearing more: who are they? How many of them are there? Demo- and psychograhical data points? etc.

    My gut reaction is that self-conscious Ls already know about the LP, and have joined or not.

    I’d say I was pretty much a “native L,” in that my Dad was a self-identified anarchist, and my Mom was a socially tolerant Goldwater R who watched Buckley most Sundays, and I was a Randroid in college. This was all way pre-Net days, and I first heard the word “L” when I saw an ad for L Review in the NY Times.

    That was then, though. Now, with the Web, I’d think most “native Ls” know about us.

    We of course can stipulate that you STILL consider me merely “native.” 😉

  41. paulie


    I still run into “native Ls” who have never heard of the LP (or have no idea what it stands for) all the time. Although, name recognition has certainly improved over the last few years.

  42. Robert Capozzi

    PC, yes, I’m sure there are some small numbers. The question is: Are there SIGNIFICANT numbers of native Ls? Maybe there ARE…I’m just askin’…

  43. paulie

    Yes, I would say the numbers are quite significant. They certinly far exceed the numbers of actual LP members by several orders of magnitude.

  44. paulie

    3 minutes left on here.

    Anyone who wants to keep talking about these or any other subjects, give me a call, 415-690-6352.

  45. Susan Hogarth

    Haha. From Wayne’s ‘issues’ page:

    “I support the legalization, regulation & taxation of Online Gaming”

    I guess one out of three isn’t bad. Well, actually, it is.

    It gets worse:

    “Prohibition has been proven a failure.”

    Well, yes, that’s OK…

    “Let’s legalize, regulate and tax this growing industry- thereby bringing in billions of dollars in new tax revenues that we can use for deficit reduction, homeland security, or the war on terror.”

    Yes, let’s tax a ‘growing industry’ to support larger and more intrusive federal government. Um, right. This from a man who says:

    “Government screws up everything. If government says black, you can bet it’s white. If government says sit still for your safety, you’d better run for your life!”

    Wayne, government is ‘saying’ that there’s a war on terror, and that we need to send more troops to Afghanistan. Agree or disagree?

  46. Robert Capozzi

    pc, OK, do I read your back-of-the-envelope estimate to be 30 to 45K…maybe even 90K? That’s — what — 0.3 of the pop, yes? Reaching that small a target audience seems daunting.

  47. stefan

    One could argue about whether taxing gambling, drugs etc. is a good thing or not, but the thing where Root is an utter failure is with his pro-interventionist/pre-emptive strike war, Israel-firster and implisit defense of torture.

    I mean there is a discussion in the GOP about not only the war, but also the use of torture or enhanced interrogation techniques, but in the LP one would assume there would be total agreement that pre-emptive war is plain wrong and that torture in whichever shape, matter of form should be condemned. Torture is also not a smart way of extracting information from prisoners and has a blowback effect, actually, as “Matthew Alexander” has written and demonstrated. Root also does not convey a message of intellectualism, reflection, or ability to appeal to poor and middle class voters. His job my be typical for a NV resident, but it is very atypical for any usual American. Concrete: can you imagine a rural farmer being attracted to his one sided gambling and class warfare monge- ring? He seems to have a personal obsession with Obama, while the politician he has admired
    – Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul (allegedly) – always believed in positive campaigning and attacking ideas and not the person of the opposite party and in true honesty. WAR would never be able to change his attacking personality, even if he himself wants to. An aggressive attack dog is NOT the same as a charismatic leader: BIG difference.

  48. libertariangirl

    I support taxing , regulating and legalizing drugs because its better than going to jail. we had a big battle in NV over that one , some folks thought it was un-libertarian , and the restof us thought it was a no-brainer .

    wayne was a delegate to NV LP convention had showed up to every meeting since , and will prob be our speaker for our next eeting . he has done everything we’ve asked , and we are holding out hope we can convince hm to run for a local office.

  49. libertariangirl

    I agree with a cpl things Stefan says .

    Obviously I wish Roots foreign policy posistion was different and I wish at times his message didnt sound so elitest.

    However , he pretty good on far more issues and more importantly , moving towards getting better on more issues.

    He is in the spotlight, and Nevada would be foolish not to capitalize on that…

  50. Jim Duensing

    lil d:

    What’s up with that banker guy? Maybe he was at Sam Adams and you missed him 🙂

    Tried to text you earlier and it bounced back. Is you’re phone not working?

    And for the record, I would never pretend to be anyone named Baldwin or Alan, for some reason when I hear that name, I’m reminded of a shitty actor and a worthless con-man 🙂

  51. George Phillies

    Some of you may remember bizarre accusations that President Obama had not been a student at the university he claimed to have attended, et tedious cetera.

    In any event, if you follow http://www.capitolhillblue.com/node/18049
    you can see a photographic exhibit of the President as a freshman.

    The exhibit will undoubtedly not shut up our party’s conspiracy fruitcakes, even for an instant.

  52. libertariangirl

    Big Jim, my phone is working fine , try again.

    sorry i missed Sam Adams , its been rally round my family time lately ,

    you know nothing of the name Alan ,

    btw , alex my daughter is 20 to today , going for sushi…yuck!

  53. Thane Eichenauer

    Rather than assuming either LG or TK is representing BBB information accurately I hope those with an interest will click on my hyperlinked name above and pull up the Southern Nevada BBB file for GWIN, Inc (Mr. Root’s company if my research is correct).

    I’ve reviewed the information for GWIN. Of the 11 complaints in the last 36 months, 1 customer remained unsatisfied after having placed a complaint.

    I’ve read many comments from pro and anti Wayne Allen Root libertarians above who say that he is persistent in his effort to gain an audience. I would think he would put as much effort to making his customers happy as he would to get on TV – no TV station wants to present a crooked guy to their audience unless it is in a critical light.

    Some of what I read boils down to a personal beliefs that Wayne Allen Root is insincere in his stated positions. I understand this concern but if we can’t believe his written and spoken positions then we have to rely on telepathy (I’ll pass on that).

    I hope that as far as Mr. Root’s presented positions either on screen or in print that someone will bring forward actual references that people can review and evaluate. I include myself in the “someone” category and look forward to researching Wayne Allen Root’s written (and broadcasted) positions and posting my thoughts here at IPR. I thank Mr. Knapp for referring me to Mr. Root’s books. I am sure that his books will provide some insight.

    I am not going to hold past positions (forever) against either Wayne Allen Root (neither will I completely ignore them).

    I imagine the best way for Root skeptics to eliminate the issue is to find or support a better, more effective libertarian person to promote libertarian ideology. If that happens to be Thomas Knapp that would be OK with me. If it happens to end up to be Wayne Allen Root, cool with me. History shows that it could well be someone as yet unspeculated upon.

    In my opinion having two compelling contenders such as Root and Knapp this early in the cycle and getting all the issues out on deck and thoroughly examined and contested is going to work to the benefit of freedom.

    Who is going to object to that?

    I just ordered a new copy of Millionaire Republican from Amazon Marketplace for $1.96 plus $3.99 shipping (total $5.95).

  54. Rocky Eades

    Not sure which comment # and I’m too lazy to go back and look it up: I have a real problem with the bean counter method of judging the worthiness of a libertarian candidate – of a libertarian period, for that matter. He is “right” on more issues than he is “wrong” on??? What kind of criteria is that? As far as I’m concerned, the fact that he is wrong on issues like the mass murder of foreigners outweighs his “right” position on legalized gambling (although, as Susan pointed out, he doesn’t even have the “right” position on that!).

    Tom (and others) – as recently as a month ago, Root’s opposition to the Iraq war was totally utilitarian – a pretty close quote would be something like: “Although the Iraq war was justified in 2003, we just can’t afford it anymore.” That is the extent of his “non-interventionism”.

  55. Andy

    “Fortunately, there’s lots of time left before 2012;”

    And hopefully some better candidates will emerge.

  56. whatever

    Phillies, try to pay attention. The controversy is over how much time Obama actually spent at Columbia, where he transferred after two years at Occidental (where your linked photo gallery originated). Obama got his degree at Columbia although virtually no one, inclusive of Wayne A Root, remembers him there.

    This is probably because he earned his credits at Columbia by helping Columbia professor Zbigniew Brezezinski build up Al Qaeda along the Paki-Afghan border. Root thus far has been too dense to connect these dots– perhaps you will beat him to it; but that too seems highly doubtful.

  57. Thomas M. Sipos

    whatever: “Obama got his degree at Columbia although virtually no one, inclusive of Wayne A Root, remembers him there.”

    Do you have evidence that “virtually no one” remembers Obama at Columbia? Have you polled Columbia students to see how many remember Obama?

    Root asserts that no one “he knows” remembers Obama. That’s still just one man’s assertion.

    So, dear anonymous poster, please cite other Columbia students who were there during Obama’s attendance, who don’t remember Obama.

  58. Robert Capozzi

    whatever: This is probably because [Obama] earned his credits at Columbia by helping Columbia professor Zbigniew Brezezinski build up Al Qaeda along the Paki-Afghan border.

    me: News to me. Source? I find it far-fetched that an undergrad would be given such a task, btw.

  59. Susan Hogarth

    Steven, thanks for posting the clip. What absolutely floors me about Root’s presentation (and I’ve seen this in other settings as well) is how often he says something like “Libertarians say X … but I tell them that they’re wrong, and here’s why.”

    This is a guy who contributed to *Lieberman* as recently as 2006, for heaven’s sake. He STILL has yet to make a public denunciation of the occupation of Afghanistan by the US government. He’s hardly the one to bring The Truth to Libertarians.

  60. Susan Hogarth

    I support taxing , regulating and legalizing drugs because its better than going to jail. we had a big battle in NV over that one , some folks thought it was un-libertarian , and the restof us thought it was a no-brainer .

    *Accepting* regulation and taxation as a collateral cost of winning legalization has some strategic merit. *Proposing* regulation and legalization is conceding before you’ve even entered into battle.

    All we have to (and -should-) argue for is legalization. Regulation and taxation will be thrown in at no extra charge (sigh) by the guys who eventually write and pass the legislation. Why bother doing their DIRTY work for them?

    That’s what ‘party of principle’ is supposed to mean – that our political positions come form principle, not some concession-before-battle.

    Let me ask you this: did you buy Barr’s explanation of his pro-PATRIOT Act vote (that it was to ensure that some mitigating clauses got stuck in the bill)? Or did you think that was a stupid post-hoc rationalization, and that he should have voted against the Act?

    wayne was a delegate to NV LP convention had showed up to every meeting since , and will prob be our speaker for our next eeting . he has done everything we’ve asked , and we are holding out hope we can convince hm to run for a local office.

    I certainly hope you can. That, to my mind, would be the best use of his as a party member for now. Amusingly, Aaron Starr indicated that he would avoid local races because he (Aaron) didn’t want him to run in races where he was likely to lose. Which I guess explains why he’s aiming at another presidential run… err, or not.

    Still, it must be disappointing to Wayne that his biggest supporter within the LP has so little confidence in his chances of getting elected to a local position.

  61. Susan Hogarth

    I support taxing , regulating and legalizing drugs because its better than going to jail

    Incidentally, that’s -your- position. Wayne’s is that it’s advantageous because it will bring in more REVENUE for the government he says can’t be trusted on ANYthing, to use in pursuing the so-called ‘war on terror’.

    He needs to get his story straight. That sort of contradiction is par for the course for Ds and Rs, but traditionally Libertarians have set a higher ‘consistency’ bar for their candidates. I don’t see the value in abandoning that. We tried with Barr, and I fail to see what it won us.

  62. whatever

    Thanks to Mr Sipos for refusing to answer the simple question; confirming he’s just blindly stringing together statist-establishment buzzwords in support of the current regime. Sipos has successfully positioned himself as less radical than Wayne A Root.

    The answers to his questions, BTW, are Yes, No, Mark Attiah.

  63. Thomas M. Sipos

    whatever: “Thanks to Mr Sipos for refusing to answer the simple question;”

    Are you lying, or just have a reading comprehension problem? I didn’t refuse to answer any question. I plainly said that I’d answer your question if you identified yourself.

    “Mark Attiah.”

    Now, that wasn’t difficult, was it? Feels much nicer, crawling out from under that rock, no?

    Assuming you’re telling the truth I’ll answer your question, as I’d promised.

    Root obsessively repeated that neither he, nor anyone he knows, knew Obama at Columbia. This would be a vapid statement, unless it implied some dark point. What?

    Root’s implication was that Obama never attended Columbia, and that Columbia, was covering it up. That’s Root’s conspiracy theory.

    It’s the only implication one can draw from Root’s repeated assertion that no one remembers Obama at Columbia.

    Root didn’t dare spell it out. It would have sounded silly. So he hinted. “No one I know remembers seeing Obama at Columbia. Gosh, isn’t that strange?” Wink, wink. “I wonder why?” Nudge nudge.

    confirming he’s just blindly stringing together statist-establishment buzzwords in support of the current regime.”

    I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

    “Sipos has successfully positioned himself as less radical than Wayne A Root.”

    Root is pro-war. That makes him a non-radical. An imperialist and a statist, regardless of his position on legalized gambling.


    Do you mean that you can prove your assertion that “virtually no one” remembers Obama at Columbia?

    Do so.

  64. libertariangirl

    Let me ask you this: did you buy Barr’s explanation of his pro-PATRIOT Act vote (that it was to ensure that some mitigating clauses got stuck in the bill)? Or did you think that was a stupid post-hoc rationalization, and that he should have voted against the Act?

    of course not , but to me Root and Barr are on different playing fields.

    Being that Barr has actually denied and/or taken away peoples rights by putting them in prison

  65. whatever

    To clarify, Mr Attiah is one of the several students at Columbia who had no idea Obama attended. That was an answered question. I didn’t reply to your demand — I understand statist pigs such as yourself hate anonymous & pseudonymous contra-regime speech, but you’ll have to live with it as long as we still have a semi-free country.

    Thanks for clarifying that Root’s “conspiracy theory” was coming from the voices in your head.

    Interested readers who would like to know more about the Obama-Columbia controversy may avail themselves of a search engine such as google.

  66. Thomas M. Sipos

    whatever: “To clarify, Mr Attiah is one of the several students at Columbia who had no idea Obama attended. That was an answered question.”

    No, it wasn’t. You’d said that “virtually no one” remembers Obama from Columbia.

    One name, or even several, is not “virtually no one.” “Virually no one” implies a vast majority, maybe 99%.

    Will you admit that you made a mistake, and that “a few people” rather than “virtually no one” remembers Obama? Or can you list several hundred students who don’t remember Obama.

    Sounds like you’re the conspiracy theorist here. And a coward who hides behind anonymity as well.

    whatever: “I understand statist pigs such as yourself hate anonymous & pseudonymous contra-regime speech,

    Oh, please. Your man Root has praised McCain and Lieberman, and still apologizes for statist wars, and yet you try and position yourself as anti-statist?

  67. Sludge Puppy

    I have to doubt the very existence of Obama. I have never seen the man, shook his hand, or talked to him. All I’ve ever seen is some guy on television whom others tell me is Obama and given the skills of some computer guys I bet it is all made up! Obviously he ain’t real!

  68. whatever

    You really should stop listening to those voices in your head. Root is not “my man” — he is a lying statist scumbag. It’s not my fault you are launching statist-establishment attacks on the man. That’s your doing.

    As for Mr Attiah, you asked for a name, you got one… I’m sorry that you can’t recall your own questions. If you were to avail yourself of a search engine such as g0ogle, you would find several news organizations such as New York Times and FoxNews.com spoke to hundreds of Columbia students who did not recall Obama. Obama himself claims to remember virtually no one from Columbia. This is all basic biographical stuff. Your ignorance makes it no less true.

  69. Jim Duensing

    Sludge Puppy:

    Obama is real. I met him when he came to my town. Here’s an article on it.


    Deb, you’re getting better at spin. W.A.R. has come to every meeting since the convention? You must only mean the Clark County Fundraiser meetings – of which there has been one – and he was invited to speak.

    I don’t remember seeing him at any of our Sam Adams nights, about 30 minutes from his home in Henderson – or any other meeting where he couldn’t be the center of attention.

  70. libertariangirl

    thanks for the compliment Jim.
    You never texted me again yesterday , whats up with that?

    wayne has been at every meeting since our convention , Sam Adams is much farther than 30 min. away , its on opposite ends of the planet as far as LV is concerned Plus , I dont beleive Wayne really drinks , Ive never seen him , and S.A night is a drinking night:)

    wayne was not invited to speak , Radley was . Joe Panaco (?) asked to speak and spoke way too long and boring. Wayne asked Nate for a cpl minutes right before the meeting and Nate said yes , and a cpl minutes was all he took .

    he was not the center of attention at our last meeting , Radley Balko was . Second would be you , who had to grab attention by your unruly behavior during the meeting which included obnoxiously applaudi g the shooting of a cop among other things.. we had 3 people ask if you could be removed:) no shit!

  71. Jim Duensing

    I cheered obnoxiously for W.A.R. when he was introduced – the loudest supporter I might add. Gotta use him for what we can 🙂 My so-called “obnoxious” applause was short and was in support of someone who defended themselves when their home was broken into. The injured just happened to be a cop. Should I have not applauded for my fellow Jews at the window in Warsaw defending their homes with rifles against the marching Nazi’s?

    Tried to text and call yesterday. Didn’t work. Unless you’ve started speaking spanish. I sent you an email about it. Get your phone checked.

  72. Thomas L. Knapp

    “I dont beleive Wayne really drinks”

    My recollection is that he does not drink, and indeed says he’s never touched booze. He’s apparently a health/nutrition aficionado, and if his energy level is any indication, whatever program he follows works.

  73. Sludge Puppy

    Sludgew Puppy has been to Las Vegas, Sludge Puppy has even been to Henderson, but Sludge Puppy never saw Wayne Root so there fore Root doesn’t live in Las Vegas, or even Henderson.

    BTW Jim that was a hologram of someone called Obama.

    This is Rootvian logic is it not?

  74. Paulie


    “OK, do I read your back-of-the-envelope estimate to be 30 to 45K…maybe even 90K? That’s — what — 0.3 of the pop, yes? Reaching that small a target audience seems daunting.”

    No, I said they were several orders of magnitude more than LP members. As in, several million people, probably tens of millions.

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