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Socialist vote for Mayor of Los Angeles reaches record high

from Ballot Access News
Socialist Vote for Los Angeles Mayor in 2009 is Highest Since Before World War II

June 12th, 2009

Los Angeles elects its Mayor in the spring of the odd years that follow presidential election years. The Socialist Workers Party has run a candidate for Mayor in all Los Angeles elections, starting in 1945, except that it didn’t run in 1997.

At the March 3, 2009 election, the Socialist Workers Party again ran a candidate for Mayor. Also, the new Party for Socialism and Liberation also ran a candidate for Mayor. The two candidates, together, polled 2.01% of the total in a 10-candidate field. Although that may seem to be a small percentage, it is the first time that socialist candidates for Mayor of Los Angeles, together, have polled that much, since the 1930’s.

Socialist Workers Party percentages for Mayor of Los Angeles have been: 1945 .21%, 1949 .38%, 1953 .73%, 1957 1.38%, 1961 .47%, 1965 .07%, 1969 .05%, 1973 .35%, 1977 .19%, 1981 .23%, 1985 .16%, 1989 .41%, 1993 .35%, 1997 no candidate, 2001 .16%, 2005 .48%.

The 2009 results are .90% for James Harris, Socialist Workers candidate; and 1.11 for Carlos Alvarez, Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate. The 2009 election had 10 candidates, 3 of whom had Spanish surnames.


  1. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution June 12, 2009

    With a showing like this, there maybe a possibility that we will be heading towards socialism. However I am not saying that it is a good or a bad thing.

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