Wayne Root: “Obama’s Waterloo- Cambridge Police Controversy”

By Wayne Root
sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Obama’s Waterloo

First Sotomayor, Now Disgraceful Attack on Police

Obama’s True Radical Leftist, Socialist and Reverse Racist Colors Are Exposed

Obama’s Polls Dropping Like Lead Balloon- Now Among Lowest Rated Presidents in Modern History

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee
Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts”

I’m sorry to say it but “I told you so.” Obama is a radical socialist, with a chip on his shoulder. And finally America is taking notice. His true colors are showing and his polls are dropping like a lead balloon. Later today a Rasmussen Poll will be released showing that after only 6 short months, Obama’s glow is gone. His approval ratings are plummeting into negative territory. Remarkably, someone with such strong support and goodwill from the American people only weeks ago, has lost that support almost overnight. Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster of the 2008 election, will show that Obama’s support is actually below 50% for the first time. Among independents, his support is a remarkably low 37%. Obama is rapidly becoming the most unpopular President in recent history. His poll numbers are already slightly lower than George W. Bush at the same point in his Presidency (about 6 months in), and those same ratings place him 10th in popularity out of the last 12 U.S. Presidents (and quite possibly headed for last place).

Why is this happening? First and foremost Obama over-reached. His ambitious, radical pro union, big spending, big tax agenda has finally caught up with his image. Some liberals might actually understand that. But what liberals don’t understand is the powerful negative effect that his appointment of Sonia Sotomayor (and her reverse racist beliefs) had on Obama’s image. I’ll discuss that in a moment. But the real straw that broke the camel’s back was Obama’s comments about the police. In an unheard of example of audacity, a President of the United States weighed in on a local confrontation between a white police officer and a black Harvard professor (who happens to be Obama’s buddy). Without knowing of the details of the case, our President called the actions of a courageous police officer doing his job and risking his life “dumb” and defended a buddy who cursed out the police officer. The real radical leftist has appeared and it is shocking to America, especially white America, who gave Obama the benefit of the doubt that he was in fact a nice, moderate, “uniter, not divider” who had finally put race aside. But in Obama’s radical world, race is never put aside.

I wrote commentaries well before the election warning America that we were dealing with a radical leftist with Socialist views. He entered the Presidential race ranked the most extreme liberal of any of our 100 U.S. Senators, yet claimed to be a moderate and “uniter, not divider.” I knew better. You see I attended Columbia University with Obama. Same class, same major (political science, pre-law), same year of graduation (1983). And what I witnessed at Columbia was classmates so extreme in their radical left-wing views as to make me physically sick. I saw classmates who literally hated America, hated capitalism, and rooted for the death of a conservative President. I sat in political science class in 1981 in stunned disbelief as my classmates cheered, high-fived and celebrated like it was New Years upon hearing the news that President Reagan had been assassinated (that was the first erroneous report we heard- that he was dead).

I debated my classmates for 4 long years about capitalism and free markets, and heard their views up close and personal. They weren’t moderate Democrats simply looking to protect the lower classes. They were radical Marxists and Socialists looking to destroy capitalism, tax and unionize businesses to death, and greatly expand government and the welfare state in order to hand power to “the disadvantaged.” I met classmates- both white and black- who seemed to openly despise and resent white people (and especially wealthy white people). And who openly hated policemen and called them “pigs.” This is the world that Obama hails from. It is a world view that disgusted me then, and now more than ever.

Most of my Ivy League classmates wound up going into any one of 3 professions- media/journalism, education and law. Is it no wonder our country is so screwed up? These are today the biased, radical, leftist-bordering-on-Socialist journalists who openly shower Obama with adulation, and denigrate and slander any political leader with a conservative or capitalist point of view. These are today the educators who brainwash our children from a pro big government, pro tax, pro-union, pro affirmative action point of view. And most importantly, these are the lawyers who spend their lives suing businesses (thereby killing jobs) and running up the cost of health care with frivolous lawsuits. One of the primary reasons that health care is so expensive is because of lawyers (like Obama and wife Michelle). What we desperately need to do to save healthcare and lower costs is to implement tort reform, not universal health care run by government. But you’ll notice Obama doesn’t mention that. Why? Because he’s a lawyer. Like so many politicians from the left, he protects lawyers and refuses to fight for tort reform, instead fraudulently blaming others for the health care crisis that in so many ways his profession has contributed to.

Obama’s first 6 months in office are now showing his true radical colors. He is not like the rest of us. He is not a moderate. He is not a uniter. His smile and calm demeanor hides a radical viewpoint. He is out to help only one group- Democratic voters. Obama’s tunnel vision is about helping the poor, disadvantaged, minorities, union members, and government employees. And of course anyone who represents them- lawyers, union bosses, government bureaucrats, and lobbyists. In Obama’s radical leftist view the rest of us can go to hell.

Obama talks nonstop about “sacrifice.” Yet he hasn’t asked anyone of the key groups of his voting bloc to sacrifice a thing. His entire bloated spending spree is about hiring millions of new federal government employees and handing trillions of dollars to the states so that they can save the jobs (and raises) of state and local government employees. And of course handing out welfare checks that he calls “tax cuts” to people who never paid income taxes in the first place.

Americans- especially white Americans- were THRILLED to elect a black President to once and for all prove that racism is dead. To show the world that America is the greatest nation in the world. To show that the color of a person’s skin is no longer a factor in success. But what they didn’t understand is how much Obama himself does not believe in those principles. It didn’t take long for Obama to show his true colors. He came out with guns blazing with his radical Socialist ideas- the biggest government spending programs in history; gigantic new taxes that threaten to wipe out the upper middle class and small business owners (coincidently, the two groups that make all the contributions to Republican, Conservative and Libertarian causes); radical and risky trillion dollar ideas like Cap and Trade and Universal Healthcare in the middle of a depression; Card Check- a law designed to unionize every large (and possibly small) business in the country, and turn our entire U.S. economy into one big Detroit, Michigan; apologizing and genuflecting to every radical, terrorist and anti-American murderer in the world; and appointing a Supreme Court nominee who thinks a Latina women can make better decisions as a judge than a white male…and backs up that reverse racist view by throwing out the test results of hard-working, heroic white firefighters who passed an exam for promotion- simply because they were white. (Author’s Note: I don’t personally believe there is such a thing as “reverse racism.” You are either a racist or not).

Sometimes winning is not a victory. In this case, I believe that the Sotomayor nomination was deadly for Obama’s image among the same moderate, independent and even conservative voters who took a chance and voted for Obama to end the issue of race forever. They didn’t take that chance, and give Obama the benefit of the doubt, so he could smash them in the face with a reverse racist, affirmative action queen. He may have won Sotomayor the lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, but he lost his benefit of the doubt with middle class and blue-collar white voters.

But next came Obama’s Waterloo- his decision to weigh in on the police confrontation in Cambridge during a nationally-televised press conference. On a personal note, I’m a white male. Yet in my lifetime I’ve had guns pulled on me three times by police. Were those incidents frightening? Of course. Was I shaken? Of course. But in all 3 cases, the police were correctly doing their job. And of course, being white, I could not blame the incidents on the color of my skin. Did it ever occur to President Obama or that Harvard professor that any homeowner- white or black- would have experienced the same thing in a similar situation.

Guns weren’t drawn on me (by police) because I’m white- they were drawn on me because police were simply trying to defend property or protect society. They didn’t care about the color of my skin. They were simply doing their job. The same thing appears to be true in the controversial incident in Cambridge. Was a gun pulled on Obama’s friend because he was black? Or because he appeared to be a burglar breaking into a home? Obama wasn’t there and should not have weighed in. That was a big mistake. But more importantly, when a policeman shows up at a home because a neighbor reports witnessing a break-in, that policeman’s life is in danger. Any hesitation could result in his death. He may never see his wife or children again. His job is to pull his gun and ask questions- no matter the color of the skin or the importance of the person he is confronting. That Harvard professor should understand that it was his property that this policeman was protecting. It was his neighborhood and neighbors that this policeman was protecting.

That professor should have been smart enough to show respect to a police officer with a gun drawn asking questions. That professor’s only response should have been to treat that officer politely and do exactly as he was asked. He should have shown his I.D. and politely and nicely defused the explosive situation. When a policeman’s life is in potential danger, he has every right to treat the situation seriously. He has every reason to question the intruder and to not assume that he is the law-abiding homeowner. Those kind of assumptions get a policeman killed. Without being there to see the actual events as they unfolded, a U.S. President has only one reasonable choice- shut up and stay out of the controversy.

Obama made a big mistake. He just couldn’t help himself- the real Obama (the radical leftist who doesn’t support the police) came out. I believe this minor controversy, when combined with the negative impact of the Sotomayor nomination, may eventually be seen as the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for the political image of Barack Obama. From this point on, the bloom is off the rose, and the benefit of the doubt is off Obama. The moderate uniter is now rightfully seen by middle America as the radical Socialist divider.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

76 thoughts on “Wayne Root: “Obama’s Waterloo- Cambridge Police Controversy”

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  2. Mar

    As a conservative Republican I just hate these types of attack. It seems the more crap you can throw then maybe some can stick.

    I’m a police supporter, have many police members in the family, have gone on ride alongs, and worked in jobs that required working with true criminals.

    At the same time, I’ve seen police departments become too militaristic and elitist. The are supposed to control the situation, not control “civilians” as many are police are want to call non-policemen.

    This situation obviously stinks. The professor was in HIS HOME and could identify himself. The officer was there to check if any laws were broken and is supposed to be the professional and control the situation. END of That Story.

    I’m also white as can be, but hate that term. I’m an American, and if you need more description, I’m happy to report I’m of Norwegian descent. But I also have Hispanic and Asian family members. I’ve seen first hand the subtle and not so subtle types of discrimination that go on by some law enforcement.

    So on this situation I’ve got to say that Obama is pretty much right on his comments. Yeah it would be nice to wait until all details are in, but when soemthing stinks this bad I can’t blame him for his comments.

    I can blame Root. This kind of thing only hurts the conservative cause, negates what our non-white citizens know is happening, and continues to divide people instead of supporting our President in doing something right.

  3. libertariangirl

    Im a white female and Ive had the cops draw guns on me , well lets just say more times than im going to admit.
    sometimes were probably justified and sometimes were probably over reactions.

    either way , i never got to say it was my gender or color that singled me out . (I do feel the old dredlocks contributed to my extra attention though)

  4. Thomas L. Knapp

    What is this with all the accounts of police drawing guns on people?

    I’ve interacted with the police numerous times, up to and including being cuffed, booked and confined, and the only time I’ve ever seen an officer with a weapon out was when an apartment building I lived in was the focus of a SWAT situation (suicidal hostage-taker down the hall).

    Are Las Vegas cops nervous types or something? The idea of police officers needing to unholster their weapons to deal with an LG or a WAR is bizarre.

  5. paul

    Sadly [you may prefer; stupidly] Professor Gates is one to demand respect, yet unwilling to give respect. What professor of Afro-American studies responds to a police officer with clearly racist slang, “Yo mama”? Is this what African American studies is about? Festering hate from history? Wonder why belligerent teens get a nasty attitude and chip on their shoulder? Look to their leaders. When trouble arrives; cry out racist. The only racist in this story was and still is Professor Gates. The cop was doing his job.

  6. libertariangirl

    actually TK , yes Vegas cops are WAY outa control. They are infamously trigger happy.
    just last week they shot a unarmed man in the back trying to run away , and last year they shot a handcuffed teenager in the back trying to run away , plus too many other accounts to mention.

    of course the Coroners inquests ALWAYS return a verdict of justified .

    my run-ins include a drug raid and house party turned violent among others

  7. Gary Chartier

    Paul, I’m not sure I get your point. Let’s grant, arguendo, that Gates behaved with great disrespect. So what? I don’t get to confine you, to deprive you of your liberty, because you treat me with disrespect. You can be as rude as you like to me without giving me any justification for attacking you and imprisoning you. I might well have responded just the way Gates did. But even if I finally conclude that he screwed up, that’s irrelevant: being a cop doesn’t give you a free pass.

  8. libertariangirl

    hell Ive been in a traffic stop where officers drew their weapons to approach.
    where do you live TK , I want to move there

  9. Alan Transten

    Obama is showing his true colors. He should have never even commented on the whole situation. He did, and he like many other blacks claim to want to stop racism, but they simply create even more racism. How can a white police officer do his job when if he confronts a black person, the cry is, the white officer is a racist. I guess we need to have black officers deal strictly with blacks, that way we prevent this problem all together. It sure seems odd that I don’t here stories of white folks crying racism when they are arrested or are dealt with by a black police officer. I guess if I ever get pulled over by a black police officer, I’m going to pose the question to him, ” did you pull me over because I am white”? just so they can see what it feels like to be called a racist when there is no racism. The sad part is, we have to deal with Obama for 4 years, and he really showed his true colors on this one. Everything is the white mans fault!!!!!!!

  10. Gary Chartier

    Alan @12, I suggest that one way for a white police officer to do his job is to de-escalate a situation by walking away from a shouting man rather than seeking to do so by arresting him. If Gates was behaving irrationally, the officer should have ignored him and left, rather than assuming that a badge gave him the right to use force against someone in response to behavior you or I would simply have been expected to tolerate. I think it’s a mistake to turn this into a dispute about the question whether the Boston cops, or this Boston cop in particular, might be racist–this is a question about whether cops have rights other people don’t.

  11. John C

    The racial stuff is irrelevant and just taking away from the real point.

    IMHO anyone who thinks the cop should have arrested Gates after he showed his ID ( which he was not required to do by law) in his OWN residence, when by all objective measure the cop may have been the one who DID break the law ( refusing to show HIS ID when he is required by Mass. law) is NOT a libertarian in any sense of the word.

    This has nothing to do with radical vs. pragmatic, anarchist vs. minarchist,etc. There is no reasonable excuse for siding with the state in this matter. Gates may very well have been very rude, but no one should support police going around arresting people just because they feel like it under bogus “disorderly” offenses ( which are intended to apply to behavior that can incite a riot in a public gathering place). Both guys were probably a little “out of line” but the cop should have had the professionalism so many “conservatives” expect from police. It would have also made the police look a lot better and diffused any racial claims with a simple explanation of a call that checked out. It was his house. There was a misunderstanding. He more than complied with ID. Cop IDs himself, show badge. ” See You later. You can file a complaint at the station. Bye.”

    Fuck Root, get the fuck out. seriously.

  12. Gene Berkman

    I think that both Prof. Gates and the officer acted in unnecesary ways to create an unnecesary conflict.

    But the real damage is the collateral damage: allowing Wayne Root to claim to be a Libertarian and spew other nonsense as well.

  13. Steve LaBianca

    W.A.R.’s “glow” was gone in libertarian circles, the moment he opened his mouth . . . as he rambled on about “islamo-fascists”. Give it up W.A.R. Go back to the Joe Lieberman faction of the Republican Party and leave libertarianism to those who know what it is.

  14. Susan Hogarth

    Root makes a serious factual error here:

    When a policeman’s life is in potential danger, he has every right to treat the situation seriously. He has every reason to question the intruder and to not assume that he is the law-abiding homeowner.

    When the cops arrested Gates, they KNEW he was the homeowner. They didn’t have to make assumptions, they simply had to *get the heck out of the guy’s home*. ASAP.

  15. Steven R Linnabary

    Are Las Vegas cops nervous types or something? The idea of police officers needing to unholster their weapons to deal with an LG or a WAR is bizarre.

    No Tom, that’s the way cops are EVERYWHERE. It’s been my experience, too. IN MY OWN HOME!! And after being a guest of the county for 3 days until arraignment, charges were dropped…to disorderly conduct!


  16. Donald Raymond Lake

    Jul 25, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    “I think that both Prof. Gates and the officer acted in unnecessary ways to create an unnecessary conflict.”

    And yet only one volunteered for the role. Only one took a test, got a back ground investigation, when thru the police academy, and was PAID to BEHAVE!

    Again, juvenile or adult, citizen attitude does not warrant abuse ‘under color of office’. Ya forget ’bout Ruby Ridge and Waco already.

    Physicians are not the only ones to ‘bury their mistakes’ To quote the DEA and FTA branches of the local Chinese Polices Army, ‘bring on the tanks, these folks need an attitude adjustment secession!”

    The folks that died by official hands in Philly in the late 1970s are just as dead as nuns and peasants in Central America. Mexican Army sharp shooters, with their cute white gloves, mowed down AT LEAST 120 unarmed student protesters IN OLYMPIC STADIUM in October 1968. [On orders from the very top, and as witnessed by both British and Austrian journalists, most estimates go well beyond 200!]

  17. Donald Raymond Lake

    Susan: it is my understanding that Professor Gates had his house keys in the door and then in his hands. The ‘neighbors’ were never consulted after their call in, despite the police having THEIR location via the 911 telephone.

  18. Mariana Evica

    WAR… by what definition do you get to hang the moniker “Libertarian” on yourself?

    You are an apologist for the state!

  19. libertariangirl

    Y’all are hard as fuck on Wayne . For christs sake can the man get a little slack . he’s workin hard and if you get to know him , he’s a super nice guy .

  20. Melty

    By the time I got near the end I was feeling sorry I’d read any of it. The tone and word choices are those of a Republican ranting about a Democrat. He uses “Libertarian” like it’s a footnote to “Republican” and “conservative” and “liberal” as a dirty word as in “Some liberals might actually understand that.” Calls Obama “radical” a lot though he’s just status quo. The writing and speech of a libertarian must rise above ruling party infighting.
    Starts with snide “I’m sorry” opener (should’nt’ve read further). Says he believes there’s no such thing as “reverse racism” yet uses the term repeatedly before and AFTER he says this, which tells the reader he believes in it. Frequent use of statist euphemisms “affirmative action” and “health care”. Poor rhetoric unless you’re working for the ruling party. To his credit he does not say the atrocious “African-American” word.
    I think Root could be an asset to the Libertarian Party if he would just keep to libertarian talking points and drop the Demcrat/Repub buzzwords.

  21. Thomas L. Knapp


    It would be hard to cut Wayne much more slack than he’s already got.

    He’s out there every week using his 2008 VP nomination and his 2012 prospects as cheap props to flog multi-level marketing schemes, and he just released a book basically telling America that “Libertarian” means “Republican with a lobotomy (but I repeat myself) and an adrenaline over-production disorder.”

    For Christ’s sake, it’s like Dan Quayle and the Sham-Wow guy had a love child or something. Every bit of slack he gets beyond not being stuffed in a straitjacket, pumped full of Thorazine and left to drool by the window in a wheelchair is pure gravy.

  22. libertariangirl

    Melty_ I think Root could be an asset to the Libertarian Party if he would just keep to libertarian talking points and drop the Demcrat/Repub buzzwords.

    I think he’s an asset now , but i agree he needs to use less dem/gop talking points and more Libertarian ones .

    he is however getting better , although maybe not quickly enuf for some.

  23. libertariangirl

    TK_it’s like Dan Quayle and the Sham-Wow guy had a love child or something. Every bit of slack he gets beyond not being stuffed in a straitjacket, pumped full of Thorazine and left to drool by the window in a wheelchair is pure gravy.

    me__ thats just mean TK . wheres the slack , he gets none at all . He is the favorite whipping boy of so many , and for largely stupid or unsubstantiated reasons ( no need to recap , we all know the b.s by heart)

    I like Meltys objection , because it was mature , valid I think and he saw a way where he could view Wayne as an asset . very fair .
    your posts is juvenile , mean and unfair as usual .

  24. Thomas M. Sipos

    Melty: Calls Obama “radical” a lot though he’s just status quo.

    That’s odd, because Root called himself a “radical” libertarian late last year. He also called himself the “leader” of the libertarian’s antiwar wing (sic!!!).

    Root’s labels and buzz words keep morphing depending on what he thinks his current audience wants to hear. Right now, he’s targeting the Fox News crowd.

    LG: he needs to use less dem/gop talking points and more Libertarian ones . he is however getting better

    You mean he’s learning to lie better? He’s learning what a libertarian audience wants to hear?

    I don’t care what Root says, since I don’t think he means any of it.

    I’d support Barr over Root, and I’m no Barr supporter.

  25. Michael H. Wilson

    Thing that irks me is that he’s anti union and I don’t belong to a union and have crossed a few picket line. It is just bad form to piss off people because they belong to a particular group.

  26. libertariangirl

    Sipos__He also called himself the “leader” of the libertarian’s antiwar wing (sic!!!).

    me_ now that is a stretch , when and where did he say that?

    sipos_Root’s labels and buzz words keep morphing depending on what he thinks his current audience wants to hear.

    me_ the first rules of Public Speaking is to consider the audience and adjust accordingly , least the what my Communications proffessor taught me.

    sipos_You mean he’s learning to lie better

    me_ here we go .. you know how many people get here 100% Libertarian? not many im sure , i was a bleeding heart democrat when i got here.
    your analysis of Waynes improvement PROVES that you apply a bias. anyone you considered a friend who was becoming more Libertarian would be considered as ‘learning’ or ‘growing’ i.e be becoming more Libertarian . But with Wayne , you presume he’s lying , how absolutely unfair to apply such different standards,.

    Sipos__I don’t care what Root says, since I don’t think he means any of it

    me __ exactly , you dont think he means it .. but that doesnt make it so

    Sipos__I’d support Barr over Root, and I’m no Barr supporter.

    me__ for fucks sake , you’d support someone who actually stole peoples freedom and who put innocent folks in a cage , who wrote DOMA ( btw Wayne marched in the gay pride parade) amog other atrocities .

    wayne has NEVER stolen someones liberty like Barr and your statement is nuts,

  27. Steven R Linnabary

    No, libertarians favor freedom of association. That MIGHT make one pro-union.

    The late Bruce Baechler was an organizer for the IWW.

    Steve Dasbach was a teachers union official in his county in Ft Wayne.

    I’m sure there are others.


  28. mdh

    How can a libertarian be anti-union? You do not wish to allow people to form an organization to coordinate their activities to get better treatment on the job? That’s a bizarre position for a libertarian to take.

  29. mdh

    Unions are damn near necessary in a libertarian society. Forming a union for collective bargaining and to help support individual workers is by and large the best way for individual workers to be able to effectively stand up to their employers. Employers will feel they can treat individuals like crap if they are inclined to do so, but they will not feel like they can do so if it means risking a lot more than one single worker.

    Unions are a free market solution to a very real problem.

    The problem is that some unions are fairly corrupt – mostly, these are the unions representing employees of the government. They’ve become so entrenched in government and politics that they act more like statist bureaucrats than what they are supposed to – protectors of the individual workers’ rights.

    Another criticism that can be levelled at unions by libertarians is that unions sometimes attempt to use government to support their own positions. Corporations do the same, of course, however. The only solution to this problem is to remove government from the equation entirely.

  30. libertariangirl

    I come from Vegas where the Unions have a stranglehold on the casino industry . Ive seen the unions commit violence and they are anything but voluntary .
    try getting a job w/o joining the union or better yet try opening a business and not being union .
    voluntary is not even close to what goes on here in Vegas

  31. libertariangirl

    my criticism of Unions is that they use force. against individuals and against businesses

  32. libertariangirl

    or try being a customer that wants to frequent a business being picketed by the unions

  33. Melty

    The above article is not helping the LP. Root identifies himself with the LP every chance he gets on TV, but here he talks as an anti-freedom type Republican. I can’t say I trust Root, especially cuz the way he talks about Israel scares me, but he’s changed over the last few years, and may continue to.
    That potentiality aside, I think thus far he shuts out more than he brings in, what with his off-the-rack buzzwords, and failure to triangulate.
    And his frequent focus on triteness. Has the Supreme Court put out one decision with Sotomayor on? Aint this Harvard police fiasco blown out of proportion? Aint Obama’s relative popularity beside the point? (Also meant to say that calling Rasmussen “accurate” is a big mistake in thinking.)
    Still, consider, when Root brings up marijuana, fags n dykes on Fox, it’s good. Some folks do change. Bob Barr changed, . . . Pat Buchanan. I know I’m not the same asshole I was fifteen years ago, but a different, if not better, asshole. Consider your asshole self. If ya can’t welcome in assholes who wanna make beter of themselves, who can ya welcome in?

  34. Michael H. Wilson

    LG I can’t help but point out that the guy who got Vegas started years ago had a bit of violence in their backgrounds. To say the least.

  35. Thomas M. Sipos

    LG, I was emailed that Root called himself the leader of the LP’s antiwar wing at the Georgia LP convention last April: http://libertarianpeacenik.blogspot.com/2009/04/wayne-allyn-roots-latest-shameless.html

    You keep saying that Root is “improving.” But how do you know that he means it? Why is it a given that we must believe whatever he says? Because you like him?

    It’s rational to judge a person by his statements, and be our sense of his sincerity. No one is obligated to accept anyone at face value.

    That Root keeps morphing his views, repeatedly, is reason to doubt his sincerity.

    That his flip-flops are so sudden, “passionately” holding one view, then within a very short time “passionately” holding the opposite view, is further grounds to doubt his sincerity.

    That he has something to gain personally and financially with his flip-flops (the LP nomination, which led to book deals, media face time, and a radio show) is additional grounds to doubt his sincerity.

    I’m more inclined to trust someone who changes on only a few things, slowly, and with nothing to gain.

    Root changes on many things (Iraq, Iran, gay marriage, going from Republican to “radical” libertarian), within a short span of time, with something to gain if he says the right thing.

  36. libertariangirl

    Melty I like your fairness!

    Michael , you are correct , its Vegas baby , its all a little shady.

  37. Thomas M. Sipos

    I posted a reply to LG, but it didn’t post. And now I can’t post it because it’s a “duplicate.”

    Paulie, please check if it’s stuck in the system?

  38. paulie Post author

    Got it out of spam, although everyone else who writes here can do that too…it should not be a personal thing just directed at me.

  39. libertariangirl

    Sipos , who’s the source and are there any Lpers who attended that convention that can back it up ? or a recording?
    until then its hearsay.

    Root is not the LP spokesperson for being anti-war , obviously

  40. libertariangirl

    Sipos__Why is it a given that we must believe whatever he says?

    me_ Noone said that , but why is it a given that you and others apply the worst possible motive to EVERYTHING the man says and does .

    Im simply pointing out how unfair it is to use different standards of assessment when dealing with allies vs those you see as adversarys .

    when one belongs to a particular side , it is all to common to see your side as always right and to apply biased views of the others motives , when you dont really know it is fact .

  41. Thomas M. Sipos

    Sipos__Why is it a given that we must believe whatever he says?

    me_ Noone said that , but why is it a given that you and others apply the worst possible motive to EVERYTHING the man says and does .


    I just gave 3 reasons in my previous post. Here they are again:

    1. That Root keeps morphing his views, repeatedly, is reason to doubt his sincerity.

    2. That his flip-flops are so sudden, “passionately” holding one view, then within a very short time “passionately” holding the opposite view, is further grounds to doubt his sincerity.

    3. That he has something to gain personally and financially with his flip-flops (the LP nomination, which led to book deals, media face time, and a radio show) is additional grounds to doubt his sincerity.

  42. Thomas M. Sipos

    LG, you’d initially asked when and where did Root claim to be the “leader of the antiwar wing of the LP.”

    I told you. At the Georgia LP convention.

    Now, I wasn’t there, and I didn’t hear it myself. But I’m inclined to believe he said it.

    It’s the sort of thing Root would say. It’s in keeping with his exaggerated, overblown style and planet-sized ego. Whatever position he claims to hold, he has to be “leader.”

    Root also shoots from the hip, speaking quickly and without thinking. It’s like him to say something in the heat of “passion” without considering how ridiculous it sounds.

  43. Gary Chartier

    LG @37: for what it’s worth, here’s the 2000 LP platform language on unions:

    We support the right of free persons to voluntarily establish, associate in, or not associate in, labor unions. An employer should have the right to recognize, or refuse to recognize, a union as the collective bargaining agent of some, or all, of its employees.

    We oppose government interference in bargaining, such as compulsory arbitration or the imposition of an obligation to bargain. Therefore, we urge repeal of the National Labor Relations Act, and all state Right-to-Work Laws which prohibit employers from making voluntary contracts with unions. We oppose all government back-to-work orders as the imposition of a form of forced labor.

    Government-mandated waiting periods for closure of factories or businesses hurt, rather than help, the wage-earner. We support all efforts to benefit workers, owners, and management by keeping government out of this area.

    Workers and employers should have the right to organize secondary boycotts if they so choose. Nevertheless, boycotts or strikes do not justify the initiation of violence against other workers, employers, strike-breakers, and innocent bystanders.

    * * * * *

    I don’t think I’d call that anti-union.

  44. mdh

    Doubts about one’s ability to be a self-proclaimed leader of anything in the LP aside, if Root wants to claim the anti-war mantle, all the better. The LP (and libertarianism in general) is inherently opposed to aggressive war-making, which is what the wars we’re involved in right now are.

  45. Susan Hogarth

    LG, you wrote:

    you know how many people get here 100% Libertarian? not many im sure , i was a bleeding heart democrat when i got here.

    That’s all very true, but you left out an important point. *YOU* are not trying to run for Chair of the LP and/or the Pres spot. If you were, you can be damn sure you’d get a lot less praise for your quick movement in a libertarian direction, and a lot more grief for the areas where you were either not moving or moving in the wrong direction…

    … and that’s the way it SHOULD be. We need to hold Party leaders to higher – the highest – standards of both ideology and communication skills.

    So, yes, as a fellow traveler I welcome Root and am happy to see him move forward. Many of us, however, are not at all happy to see someone who so obviously still have far to travel in both the ideology and communication department putting himself forward as our spokesperson. It can easily be more of an energy drain than a boost for the Party.

  46. Wake up people

    Funny most who is insulting Root maybe should talk to him themselves. Maybe you all should be out there promoting freedom instead of sitting here blogging and insulting someone who is actually doing something.

  47. Susan Hogarth

    I’ve talked with Root. I like him. I’m glad he is in the LP. I do NOT want him to be Chair of the LP or the LP’s presidential candidate.

  48. Robert Capozzi

    Susan, it might be helpful to us if you could review and rank the last 5 chairs and pres candidates on “ideological” and communication abilities.

    Perhaps there’s a formula you could share with us. Say: Must be a 9 ideologically, but you’d support a 9 with an 8 communication ability over a 10 with a 3 communicator.

    It would be interesting to see what constitutes how one ranks in your opinion. Would you have a person take a test, like Bryan Caplan’s? Or, can one be ambivalent on any one issue, like, say, life/choice?

  49. Susan Hogarth


    No formula. I don’t require perfection in a Chair, but I certainly seek it.

  50. Gene Trosper

    Instead of *guessing* and *making assumptions* as to Root’s true motivations and outlook, why not meet with the man? That is something I am willing to do without bias one way or another. If the man is attempting to become the face of the LP, I think we (meaning the more “radical” among us) really should make the effort to suss this whole thing out face to face in a civil manner.

  51. Michael Seebeck

    Gene, Ernie Hancock proposed meeting with him in a debate coming up in December, and Root told him that he couldn’t commit to it because of his yet-undetermined and wide-open schedule with his book tour etc.–lamest excuse in the world, because you fill a schedule bu booking things, not by dodging them. That speaks volumes about his motivations–he seems to care more about self-promotion than open dialogue within the LP or promoting the LP by creating an outreach or public feedback forum.

    We saw the same thing with Barr and a Presidential debate IIRC.

  52. robert capozzi

    susan, understood on chair. do you have other considerations for the prez nominee?

  53. libertariangirl

    Whatever happened to Sheriff Mack?
    I used to see him alot when he was spokesman for the GOA at gunshows. He was a superior candidate , good looking as hell , and an excellent speaker .
    He was going to run Governor or Utah , then he took a spot on that tv show about running for Pres.

    He was the only Mormon cop who ever liked us:)

  54. robert capozzi

    eg, johnson might be interesting. I’ve only seen him once on TV, but maybe he’s an 8 or 9. From Susan’s perspective, he might only be a 6 ideologically. I doubt he believes taxation is theft, is unlikely to support personal secession, and probably isn’t for unilateral disarmament.

    I’d like to get a sense of how she does the trade-offs…

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