Mayor candidate Naked Cowboy receives press in Canada

Thank you to Elizabeth Benjamin who posted the link on her daily round-up at the Daily Politics.

(excerpt from) Edmonton Sun
Naked ambition
N.Y. icon reveals his mayoral campaign brief

…”I’m already mayor,” the Naked Cowboy said. “I’ve been in Times Square for 10 years representing the city of New York around the world. I’m a fixture.”

The Naked Cowboy — whose real name is Robert Burck — can be a strange character at times.

Behind the Chippendales dancer physique lies a devotee of Nietzsche who runs 15 km a day, is obsessed with order and obtained a degree in political science from the University of Cincinnati in 1995…

Sun Reporter Marie-Joelle Parent notes about his platform, “…he talked about bringing back ‘transparency’ to the mayor’s office and said he would legalize marijuana.”

There is not a clear list of Mayor candidates or potential Mayor candidates at the NYC Board of Elections web-site as yet. (Though, candidates who have filed Campaign Finance Reports are listed in a different section.) The candidates who have reportedly filed for Mayor of NYC 2009 include: Alan S. Chusid, Messianic Party; Joseph Dobrian, Libertarian; Dan Fein, Socialist Workers Party; Jimmy McMillan, the Rent is Too Damn High Party;Reverend Billy Talen, Green Party;  Francisca Villar, Party for Socialism and Liberation. In addition, the incumbent, Mayor Bloomberg, has filed on the “Jobs and Education” line. Though, Bloomberg also petitioned for the Republican and Independence Party lines.

The last date to file “general objections” to a candidate’s petitions was August 21, 2009. Technically, once the BOE accepts petitions, a general objection must be noted by August 21st for anyone to kick a candidate off the ballot. (So, if a campaign has not received any general objections by now, they expect to be on the ballot.)

The last possible deadline to file “specific objections” (which follow general objections) would be August 27th. So, by August 28th, all the campaigns should know if they are securely on the ballot. (Unless the NYC Board of Elections does its own machinations after the objection deadline.)

6 thoughts on “Mayor candidate Naked Cowboy receives press in Canada

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    Note: I say that “if no objections a candidate is on the ballot” with some sense of irony.

    When I was running for NY State Senate a few years ago, I filed my petitions, the BOE accepted them and sent out the form letter. But, suddenly, three weeks after all deadline had passed, and shortly after I was on a radio show, the Democrat and Republican Commissioners at the Suffolk County BOE noticed my petitions again and decided to reject them. There was no record of a meeting. Evidently, the two of them were walking down the hallway in the BOE, and my petitions fell from the shelf, onto the floor, thus causing a ruling to kick me off the ballot (with no minutes and no notice to me.)

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    Wow. I just got a copy of the petitions filed sheet from the NYC BOE. Not sure if everyone else got this, but I just figured it out:

    Robert Burck filed under the PARTY NAME of “Naked Cowboy”.

    That is brilliant. In NY, they won’t let you put nicknames on the ballot. The Green Party fought against this when we ran Grandpa Al many years ago.

    We should have called it the “Grandpa Al Green Party”, and then people would have known who he was. (Anyway, I was not in the party then. But, they did get the 50,000 votes to get ballot status.)

    So, if Robert Burck succeeds, the words “Naked Cowboy” will be on the ballots in NYC. I think it is kind of a zen joke…I like it…


  3. Kimberly Wilder

    Oh, my…Let’s see…

    Can I tell this whole story?…

    I just have to…

    I think it is so funny that the conversation came to Naked cowboys as opposed to Naked cowgirls.

    There is a woman who I see at my friend’s daughter’s birthday parties. This friend of a friend works with a company that entertains and sends costumed people to children’s parties. She is most often a clown.

    But, one day, she showed up at my friend’s house dressed in a cowboy hat and vest and stirrup’s. And, I was like, “Oh! Love the cowboy outfit.” And, she acted all insulted, like, and said, “I am a cow girl, not a cow boy, can’t you tell?…”

    Well, ummm…I didn’t really care what she was. We don’t like her and I was just making conversation…


    Maybe I could prep her to be the feminist faction of the Naked Cowboy Party?

    (Sorry for the off-topic. But, how many times does the feminist implications of cowboydom come up in conversation???)

  4. Ian Wilder

    Actually, I was thinking the Naked Cowboy Party would be referred to by its initials in the press. If they elect a Senator from North Carolina, they would have to figure out to deal with this, and it possibly might create some confusion in North Dakota. But I guess Delaware solved this problem long ago.

  5. paulie

    And probably there will be a splinter feminist party called the Naked Cowgirl Party.

    They already have my attention.

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