Green Party Candidate Brian Cummins in Run-off Election for City Council in Cleveland, Ohio

Posted by Dennis Spisak at Green Party Watch:

Green Party Candidate Brian Cummins won a run-off election for a November General Election seat to Cleveland, Ohio City Council on Tuesday Night!

Here is the message from Brian about his victory last night, including the very impressive vote totals.

This is especially good, because he became known for being a good councilmember, with integrity, who didn’t just go along with the majority when it wasn’t a good idea to. So, we Greens have a lot of hope for his victory in November as well, and we can be proud to have a successful candidate in a major city in Ohio for the 2nd time.

— On Wed, 9/9/09, Brian J. Cummins <> wrote:

From: Brian J. Cummins <>
Subject: Ward 14 Primary Election victory – THANK YOU to volunteers and supporters

To: “Campaign Support” <>
Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 4:32 AM

A big thank you to all who volunteered and supported the campaign for the past four plus months!

We’ll be taking a short break tomorrow, but then we’ll be right back at it in working towards the November 3rd General Election for the new Ward 14.

Again, thank you for all of your support and here are the numbers:

17 of 17 precincts reported.

  2. RICK NAGIN 393
  7. JAMES M. D’AMICO 20

Have a peaceful evening!

216-661-6821 home/campaign office

11 thoughts on “Green Party Candidate Brian Cummins in Run-off Election for City Council in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Third Party Revolution

    This is going to be a very interesting election, since it is between a Green and a Communist. If Nagin wins, will there be any significance of his election other than being the only CPUSA member elected to office currently?

  2. Steven R Linnabary

    I’ve spoken with Rick a number of times. He called me some 15-20 years ago to talk about jury nullification. And I’ve called him to talk about his and the CPUSA’s desires on ballot access.

    He has always seemed like a pretty decent guy.

    If I lived in that ward, I would have a hard time deciding which candidate might get my vote!


  3. Preston

    Cleveland is a great place for third parties to mount runs right now, because
    (a) Its so heavily Democratic, that Greens would have a better shot at winning elections than Republicans, in many cases, and
    (b) The Democratic party in Cuyahoga County is one of the most corrupt in the country (do a google search for “Jimmy Dimora.”
    Congrats to Nagin and Cummins!

  4. Peter M.

    @ #3

    I believe there is a CPUSA member elected to a local council in Pennsylvania. However, she ran under the Democratic ballot line. I believe the BAN archives have records of this.

  5. Brian Cummins

    To clarify, I have been a member of the Green Party of Ohio since 2000 having served as Co-Convener for the Central Ohio Greens in 2000-2001 as well as a member of the State Central Committee for the same period. I am also a member of the Democratic Party and have participated in Cleveland city council’s Democratic Caucus throughout my first term that is ending this year.

    Although as candidates, Rick Nagin and I may share some similar overarching interests and perspectives, our respective party platforms and personal viewpoints have stark differences.

    My life experiences include growing up working in a small family business; studying and working in the fields of banking and development project financing; working for nine years within the Micro-Enterprise and Small-Business Programs in the Peace Corps (Dominican Republic, Latvia, Russia Far East and Moldova); working as an Executive Director for a local development Corporation in Cleveland as well as a Publisher/Editor of a local community newspaper.

    I’ve pursued interests and been involved in sustainability initiatives and smart growth, urban planning since returning to the U.S. in 1999. This includes being involved in reviewing energy, transportation, community development and public services management and policy on Cleveland City Council’s Utilities, Community & Economic development and Public Services committees.

    For more information see the following links:


    Brian Cummins
    Councilman, Ward 15, Cleveland City Council
    Candidate, Ward 14

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  7. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thanks Ross for the information about Kucinich, I was just going to ask about that. I love Kucinich, and I’m glad he endorsed the communist. Greenism is a road to nowhere; only real socialism is worth standing for if you’re going to oppose the Democrats from the left.

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