Nader announces “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” book tour events for Sept/Oct 2009

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate who has run for US President on the Green Party line, and more recently as an independent. Nader’s new, fiction book is called, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”. Information on the book is available at:

Long time Nader supporter Matthew Zawisky sent around an e-mail asking for help promoting the book. The announcement includes the detailed schedule of the book tour. The first event will be on September 11th in Jackson, Mississippi. The launch week will be September 22-29th, 2009. And, the actual book launch event will be in New York City on September 23rd.

Ralph Nader’s Fall 2009 Speaking Tour
And “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” Book Tour

> September 11
> JACKSON, MS @12:30PM
> Lemuria Books
> 202 Banner Hall
> 4465 I-55 North
> Jackson, MS 39206
> Note: Non-Book Event
> September 15
> Fairleigh Dickinson University
> 285 Madison Ave
> Madison, NJ 07940
> Note: Non-Book Event
> September 22
> Joseph Fox Bookshop |||
> @ Philadelphia Free Library
> 1901 Vine Street
> Philadelphia, PA 19103 |||
> Bookends Bookstore
> 232 E. Ridgewood Ave
> Ridgewood, NJ 07540
> September 23
> Barnes and Noble
> Union Square
> 33 E. 17th St.
> New York, NY 10003
> September 24
> Governing Council of the University of Toronto
> Simcoe Hall
> Room 133S
> 27 King’s College Circle
> Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1 (CA)
> September 25
> The Economic Club of Canada
> 80 Richmond Street West
> Toronto, ON M5H 2A4
> September 26
> Main Literary Stage at the Baltimore Book Festival
> @ Literary Salon (East Park, Mt. Vernon Square)
> 14 W. Mount Vernon Place
> Baltimore, MD 21202
> September 27
> Rainbow Book Coop
> 426 W Gilman St
> Madison, WI 53703-1009
> September 28
> Oak Park ***TBA***
> @6PM 57th St. Books
> @ International House (Hyde Park)
> 1414 E. 59th Street
> Chicago, IL 60637
> September 30
> Magers & Quinn Bookstore
> @ First Universalist Church
> 3400 Dupont Avenue South
> Minneapolis, MN, 55408
> October 1
> DENVER, CO @7:30PM
> Tattered Cover Book Store
> 2526 E Colfax Ave
> Denver, CO 80206-1411
> October 2
> Vroman’s Books
> 695 E Colorado Blvd
> Pasadena, CA 91101
> October 3
> October 4
> Powell’s Books
> 1005 W Burnside
> Portland, OR 97209 USA
> October 6
> Presbyterian College
> 503 S Broad St
> Clinton, SC 29325-2998
> Not an “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” Book event
> October 7 WASHINGTON, DC ***TBA***
> October 16
> 7:00 pm Commonwealth Club
> Cubberley Theater
> 4000 Middlefield Road
> Palo Alto, CA 94303
> October 17
> @6pmPalestine Children’s Relief Fund Annual Benefit Gala Anaheim Hilton
> 777 Convention Way
> Anaheim, CA 92802
> October 18
> NEW YORK, NY @6:30pm
> 92nd Street Y
> 1395 Lexington Ave
> New York, NY 10128-1612
> October 19
> Point Park University
> 201 Wood Street
> Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1984
> Not an “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” Book event
> Dates – Times – Cities Subject to Change
> Keep checking back for additions!

12 thoughts on “Nader announces “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” book tour events for Sept/Oct 2009

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Little do these fools know that Ralph is in fact behind the entire economic crisis, for he does have a secret fortune beyond all of the other super-rich people. His advocacy of left-wing causes is a sadistic side project to distract people from the fact that he is a satanic fascist/stalinist criminal mastermind.

  2. Michael Cavlan


    Ooogley Boogley

    Look out. Your guacamole is possessed by Ralph Nader.

    When you play Queen records backward, it says “Vote for Ralph Nader” and “Satan lives.”

  3. Green Party supporter

    Do you actually think Catholic Trotskyist listens to Queen? I’m not sure what the Catholic Trotskyist position on culture and art is, but I know a lot of Christian fundamentalists think that Queen and all rock music is from the devil.

  4. Ross Levin

    Any IPR reporters want to see if they can get an interview with him? Any IPR readers want to do one? Kimberly, he’ll be in and around NYC and that’s near you. I would interview him when he’s in Philly but I’ll be in school.

  5. tom chastain

    wow it looks like ralph nader is thinking about another run! he has 2 political bestsellers coming out real soon:direct democracy and only the rich can save us and he will be at the miami book fair in november which will probably be bradcast on book tv. ralph naders 2 new books can be pre ordered from your favorite bookstore or online. please order them from your bookstore you will save postage and the more orders they get the more copies they will stock up on and they also make great gift ideas
    for friends and family members

  6. Earth Mum

    Long May You Run Ralph – The World Needs You…We Can All Learn from Your Generous Spirit.
    Earth Mum

  7. Larissa

    I’m Canadian, I love Ralph Nader and I’m sorry to have missed seeing him it Toronto. I will be buying his book for sure May God Bless you Mr. Nader! Live long and Prosper 🙂

  8. jessie taylor

    Mr Nader,we start a workers-own bank,giving 0% loans(plus overhead cost) to buy homes,and start workers-own businesses(fair trade only)we wouldn`t need the rich.We don`t need the economic kings,the same as we didn`t need the king/england.

  9. Marcia Fulton

    Lots of romance and sex even!! ((surprise surprise)). I hope that we can develop a Teacher’s Guide to make it more teachable in the schools. Citizen empowerment must begin in the homes and schools. We can all say “NO”. Kids will approach rich folks unabashedly with their concerns about peace and the environment, while older folks will simply balk. We must teach the students while they are still in school and do not yet have the weighty adult burdens and concerns .

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