Socialist Webzine: Tweets From G20 People’s Summit

Socialist Webzine is carrying tweets from the G20 People’s Summit in anticipation of the G20 in Pittsburgh, 24-25 September.

Here are the tweets which are up at their website now. More will be added later at the original article on Socialist Webzine (link above), but not this one.

@lacymacauley – “My hometown in Mexico was devastated by globalization. We must protect rights.” -Benedicto Orozco, unionist

@iwasaround – The crowd is now up to 200 in the G6 Billion March at the Smithfeild United Church of Christ.

@socialistzine – Activists gather in Pittsburgh before G-20 summit

@socialistzine – Protesters get ready in Pittsburgh

@socialistzine – People’s Summit calendar

@socialistzine – follow the pittsburgh G20 protests via indymedia

@lacymacauley – “If you end these wars, you can meet needs of the people in this country, and help people in all parts of the world.” Anthony Arnove at People’s Summit

@lacymacauley – “The ultimate solution to climate change is to move away from capitalism.” – Walden Bello at Peoples Summit

@socialistzine – Socialists Head to Pittsburgh for G20 protests

@socialistzine – 500 gather for summit of the people

@socialistzine – “This is a business summit, this is not a hurricane.” Dennis Yablonsky CEO Allegheny Conference on the upcoming G20 protests

@socialistzine – Howard Zinn, Historian of the People, For the People

@socialistzine – Video on the People’s Summit

@socialistzine – “The G20 as a mechanism to save globalization is doomed to fail.” Walden Bello, People’s Summit

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