ACLU, ally of minor parties, loses major donor

The American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that has helped many minor parties and independent candidates in ballot access fights, has lost their largest donor, reported the New York Times.  This anonymous donor had previously contributed more than $20 million every year.  Other organizations are working to raise this money now, which represented a quarter of the ACLU’s national budget, but they have not been able to raise as much as would have been contributed.

18 thoughts on “ACLU, ally of minor parties, loses major donor

  1. Michael Cavlan

    I bet I can guess who the anonymous donor is.

    George Soros of the Democratic Party.

    When the Democrats tried to talk Ralph Nader into not running, they actually tried to bribe him.

    Told him “don’t run and your groups will get oodles of money.” then “run and we will do everything in our power to destroy them”

    The ACLU stood in public opposition to their “savior” the Mad O-BOMBER so now

    suddenly the ACLU looses funding.

    Reminds me of that banker guy from “It’s a wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart.

    the dems (and their republican friends) are the evil banker and Jimmy Stewart is Ralph Nader.

  2. Ross Levin Post author

    No, in the NY Times article they reveal who the donor is. He’s some hedge fund manager. Soros’ Open Society foundation is trying to make up for this loss, though. So he’s still donating, and donating a lot, to the ACLU.

  3. Richard Winger

    In this decade, the ACLU has filed constitutional lawsuits against restrictive ballot access laws, or other election laws that discriminate against independent candidates or minor parties, in Arkansas (twice), Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia. Also the North Carolina ACLU is helping with the North Carolina ballot access case. There is no other single organization that has done so much for minor parties in the last 10 years.

  4. stopdrugwar

    ACLU helped us immensely in Alaska. After SCOTUS ruled one did not have to be a registered voter to circulate petitions, the state of Alaska was still enforcing this restriction. ACLU threatened suit and that was enough.

    They also helped support the initiative to legalize marijuana by bringing Ira Glasser to Alaska to speak at their annual dinner and to do media.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    I would not be surprised if Kavlin was right on this. I will soon begin negotiating with Soros to have him donate money to the cause of Catholic Trotskyism, which is much more important than anything the ACLU does right now.

  6. scottportraits

    I wish big-bucks democrats who have zillions on their own campaigns will step in and fill the shoes of the missing $20 million dollar benefactor. I’m speaking of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Jane Harmon, etc etc

    Will some liberal, progressive democrat ‘fat cat’ please step in and fill this void with financial assistance and funding ????

  7. Ollie

    Nice going liberal morons.

    Outing the guy will certainly help bring him back around to giving you money when his company becomes profitable again, right?

    And it really adds moral weight to your arguments when you defend privacy rights, too.

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