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Constitution Party’s Mary Starrett running for Yamhill, Oregon County Commission

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Starrett’s return

by Randy Stapilus

“One of the more naturally skillful minor party candidates the Northwest has seen in the last few cycles is Mary Starrett, who ran for governor in 2006 as nominee of the Constitution Party, which takes a conservative view. She was crisp, articulate and highly mediagenic – fitting, since she had years of professional work in Portland broadcasting.

She hasn’t been especially visible politically since (she does have a Facebook page), but now she’s announcing a run for the Yamhill County Commission. The commission is officially non-partisan, but as in so many places the sides are aligned. Two of the commissioners are Republicans (one is a former Republican legislator, and the other the mother of a Republican state senator). The third, Mary Stern, is considered the commission’s Democrat, and she will be Starrett’s target. Stern is broadly thought to be highly popular, and not at all an easy target. At the same time, Starrett may be helped by having to deal with no partisan labels. (Of course, Stern may as well.)

On the county level true, with mostly parochial issues under discussion. But this could be a hot race.

ADDITION Inadvertently not linked to in the original text here, but absolutely should have been – the story on Starrett’s expected entrance showed up first in the McMinnville News-Register.”

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  1. What next, you are going to claim that you are ….

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  2. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann December 9, 2009

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    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  3. And do you [Mister Voodoo Medicine] believe in the scientific method, in logic, in rational inquiry —– cause your web site and your behavior indicate other wise! No wonder your are wandering into the uncharted waters of Herbology! Any refuge for the charlatan and scoundrel!

    [a] We actually are on the same page in many political areas.

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  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist December 9, 2009

    I just love this site!

  5. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann December 9, 2009

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    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  6. Citizen1 Citizen1 December 9, 2009

    Based on Oregon election laws and ballot access is there any strategic value in running for this office?

  7. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution December 8, 2009

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Mary Starrett in her campaign for Yamhill, Oregon County Commission, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nationwide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  8. as an anti science medical practitioner on the West Coast whom needs to be reported to


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  9. Pro-Pot Anti-Pot Pro-Pot Anti-Pot December 8, 2009

    GreenPartyFan, are you with the Independent Green Party? They are the only other people I’ve heard use the term “conservative green”

  10. Trent Hill Trent Hill December 8, 2009

    I was surprised to see Starrett running again, but mostly I was shocked at the race she chose. This seat seems to be a fairly hard one to get, and it carries with it virtually no prestige or press.

    State legislature would be just as easy of a seat. But if she won, she would make national news for the CP, like Rick Jore in Montana did. Furthermore, basically every move she made–every vote she cast and every bill she wrote–would make news too.

  11. Green Party fan Green Party fan December 8, 2009

    Thanks for story.

    The number of conservative Green Party candidates running continues to grow.

    The latest Green Party conservative running for congress…

    Roger K. Davis believes enough people are unhappy with U.S. Rep. Phil Hare that a fiscally conservative Green Party candidate has a good chance of winning the congressional seat next November.

    Davis, 54, is the Green Party candidate in the 17th District.

    He believes wind, solar, geothermal, and nationwide high speed rail, ethanol and biodiesel should be pursued as part of the national energy policy.

    “I read the Green Party sheet and I thought, well you know, I agree with them…,” Davis said.

    When running for the Quincy City Council in 2005, Davis ran as, and said he remains “a conservative independent green.”

    rest of story here–Davis-120609

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