Wayne Allyn Root: “Obama May Be a Socialist If…”

By Wayne Allyn Root

Have you read the headlines the past few months? Obama has proposed trillions of dollars in new taxes, and trillions of dollars of irresponsible, unsustainable big government spending. With no way to pay for it all…except to wipe out small businessmen and women, and wipe out the upper middle class…and enslave our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt and heavy taxes for a lifetime. It is, plainly and simply, the VERY definition of Socialism.

Let’s say it out loud- Obama is a Socialist. If liberals and the biased liberal media won’t face facts…I’m going to put the facts right in their faces. Up close and personal- Jeff Foxworthy style. Jeff Foxworthy literally defined rednecks…he didn’t leave any doubt. All you could do was laugh and say, “Jeff hit that one right on the nose.” Well I’m going to now define a Socialist. And when I’m done, you can only cry and say, “Wow, Wayne sure described that Socialist Obama fellow.”

Here are the FACTS that prove our nation is being run by Socialists, Politically Correct racists, and idiots (I know- I repeat myself). Read ’em and weep:

If you want government to take over business…banks…automakers…Wall Street…the healthcare industry…literally highjack the entire economy…all so you can “spread the wealth around”…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it’s perfectly fine to abandon capitalism after a couple of unprofitable years among 230 successful and highly profitable years…but you want to replace it with a big government that has NEVER had a single profitable year ever…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it’s just fine and dandy for government to decide CEO salaries…to hire and fire CEO’s… and pick the Board of Directors of private companies…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think the CEO’s of private companies have no right to fly in private jet charters, but it’s okay for Nancy Pelosi and members of Congress to fly nonstop on private jets…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think that Congress should allocate hundreds of millions of extra dollars to the IRS to go after tax cheats in the business world…but your entire administration is filled with tax cheats- including the guy in charge of America’s taxes (Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner)…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it’s okay to give all the rights under our American constitution to the terrorists who murdered 3000 Americans…but you never even thought to give those same rights to the bondholders, shareholders and investors of Chrysler and GM (who were first in line as secured creditors) when you stole the company from them and awarded it to the unions…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it’s okay to meet face to face with the worst murderers and terrorist leaders and supporters in the world without preconditions because it’s important to always keep the lines of communication open…but you refuse to ever meet or even bother listening to the concerns of conservatives or Republicans here in America…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think 32 czars appointed without Congressional scrutiny or oversight…can run the American economy by committee- even though few if any have ever run a business in their lives…and if you think it’s okay to appoint a car czar who admits publicly he knows NOTHING about cars…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to give as much as $100 billion dollars of taxpayer money to GM and Chrysler just so they can go BANKRUPT anyway…just so you can hand the company to the unions that bankrupted them in first place…and keep hundreds of thousands of grossly overpaid union workers employed…all because those unions contributed millions of dollars to your campaign…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.


If you think it’s OK for government to tell GM and Chrysler what kind of cars to build…what size…what gas mileage…what style…even if those “green cars” can never make a profit…even if consumers don’t want to buy them…even if the taxpayers will lose $100 billion dollars on your bad ideas…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to pass Cap and Trade and convert America to a “green economy” to create millions of jobs…even though Spain is the greenest economy in all of Europe…and they have 18% unemployment, the highest in all of socialist Europe…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support Cap & Trade…a giant expansion of government power and control over all of American industry…that is the biggest tax increase in history…that will double or triple every American’s electric bills…and force consumers to pay $5 or higher for a gallon of gasoline…and increase the cost of every product made with electricity, or driven to stores with gasoline…and thereby tax consumers and business out of existence…and cost millions of American jobs…all in the name of “global warming”…even though Al Gore and scientists across the globe have been fudging the numbers and committing fraud…even though we are now most likely experiencing global cooling…even though nothing we do matters because China and India won’t agree to cut their emissions…and you want to destroy business in the name of this unproven theory ALL IN MIDST OF A DEPRESSION…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support Universal Healthcare…even though a huge majority of Americans are happy with their healthcare…and government is the one that has screwed up health care in the first place with over-regulation…even though government has run the U.S. Postal service into bankruptcy…and run Amtrak into bankruptcy…and the public school system is a shambles and loses tens of billions per year…and Medicare and Medicaid threaten to bankrupt the entire economy with their gigantic losses…and government has run up a $5.3 Trillion dollar unfunded liability just for pensions and free healthcare for government employees…and you now want to extend free healthcare to all 300 million Americans…and you think this will cut costs and SAVE money…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think we can add 50 million Americans…many of them illegal aliens…to the healthcare system…without adding one doctor…to the contrary by forcing thousands of doctors to quit or retire…and that won’t cause rationing…or hurt the quality of healthcare for the rest of us…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.


If you think we need to spend an extra trillion dollars (or more) to SAVE money on healthcare…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think the only way to save the country from Medicare and Medicaid’s exploding budget deficits…is to create government-run healthcare…even though Medicare and Medicaid are government-run healthcare…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think government will lower healthcare costs even though the two states with the highest health insurance cost in all of America are also the two states with the most government regulation (New York and New Jersey)…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think the only way to save money on healthcare is to put the government in charge…even though the people that run government have brought you an almost $2 Trillion dollar budget deficit…and $100 Trillion in debt…almost double the world’s GDP (all the money made in the world each year)…and despite the fact that government loses money in every department and every agency, at every level, every year since inception…and despite all that, you still think putting government in charge of 17% of the U.S. economy is the answer…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

… and you’re definitely an IDIOT.

If you could even think of proposing paying for universal healthcare with taxes on the health benefits of every employee in America…EXCEPT union employees…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to lower the cost of healthcare…but you won’t support tort reform…even though lawyers, lawsuits, legal abuse, and defensive medicine combine to cost the healthcare system almost one trillion dollars a year…and you’re a politician who collects millions in contributions from…drumroll please…LAWYERS…and you’re a lawyer yourself…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you propose paying for universal healthcare by punishing “the rich” with a 5% surcharge on their incomes…even though that same group you are punishing (small business owners) already pays virtually all the taxes and creates 75% (or more) of the jobs in America…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support a VAT tax just like socialist Europe…that puts a deadly tax on every product in America…at every level of production and purchase…on top of all our other state, federal and local taxes…even though America’s free market, low tax economy has dominated Europe’s for decades …YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support CARD CHECK…that takes away the right of Americans to vote in private…and allows union goons with tatoos and baseball bats to intimidate employees while they are forced to vote publicly to unionize…and will turn all of America into one big Michigan…the union state with the highest unemployment in America…even though the Top 5 states with the most moving vans moving OUT are also the states with the most unionized workers…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you are in favor of bailouts of certain companies and certain industries…who just happen to give you large campaign contributions…and you want to bail them out with taxpayer money…and you don’t even ask the permission of the taxpayers…and you don’t or won’t disclose who got the money or how much they got…or what they spent it on…and you don’t even say please or thank you to the taxpayers, even though it’s our money paying for it all…and you asked Congress to pass the 1000+ page bailout bill without reading it, or knowing what’s in the small print…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you believe it’s greedy for American taxpayers to want to keep more of their OWN money…but it’s not greedy to demand that government confiscate other people’s money and redistribute to you…even though you didn’t earn it…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you call it a “tax cut” when you give a welfare check to people that never paid taxes in the first place…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you propose the biggest income tax increase in history on “the rich”…AND propose taking away deductions from “the rich” including charitable and mortgage deductions (that could wipe out the entire charitable and housing industries)…and also raise the capital gains taxes on “the rich”…and also take the cap off FICA taxes on “the rich”…and also bring back the death tax on “the rich”…and also propose adding universal health care surcharges on “the rich”…and possibly tax the health benefits of “the rich”… and also hit everyone in America with Cap & Trade taxes, but particularly “the rich” who own businesses and bigger homes and bigger cars…and you want to add a deadly new VAT tax on top of income taxes…and add sugar taxes…and CELL phone taxes…and let’s not forget you want to add a new Botox tax on breast jobs, liposuction and nose jobs…all while taxpayers are being hit with higher state income taxes, higher state sales taxes and higher property taxes… all in the middle of a depression…and you think those tax increases are “reasonable and fair”…YOU ARE DEFINETLY A SOCIALIST.


If you like the results of the Michigan economy run by unions (the first state to hit 15% unemployment and the first city Detroit to auction homes off for $100 and find no takers)…or WORSE the California economy…a state that has spent itself into oblivion, insolvency and bankruptcy…and you want to turn the whole of America into one big Michigan…or one big California…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think everyone should have a government job…and should belong to a government employees union…and get paid obscene salaries 70% higher than the private sector…and receive bloated pensions for life…and receive free health care for life…and a guaranteed job for life…and “merit pay” increases to keep them from leaving their government jobs…even though many of them are working at a government job precisely because no one in the private sector would ever even think of hiring them…and you think they should get all of these benefits for the right to sit at a desk for 25 years looking at their watch waiting for retirement at age 50…so they can collect a fat pension for the next 40 years without working…and then we have to hire a new government employee to replace them…and you want to pay for all that on the taxpayer’s dime…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think that government must limit the salaries of CEO’s in the private sector…but don’t mind paying 7 million federal government employees compensation that is 70% higher than comparable jobs in the private sector…and giving almost 20% of them over $100,000 per year (before counting overtime, bonuses and pensions)…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think school choice and charter schools and vouchers are bad…even though they have helped
countless minority children trapped in failing hellholes called public schools…if you think public schools should have no competition…if you think rewarding good teachers with higher pay and firing bad teachers is a bad idea…if you think people have no right to decide where to use their own property tax money…to choose the best education possible for their children…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it’s perfectly fine to appoint a Supreme Court justice for life, who thinks that a Latina woman can make better decisions from the bench than a white male simply because of the color of her skin…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.


And finally, if you’re a Columbia University economics professor…and you believe any of the ideas above will actually help the economy…and you’ve ever given a student named Barack Obama an A in economics…YOU ARE DEFINETLY A SOCIALIST.

Ladies and Gentleman…I think it’s safe to say that our country, our economy, our education system, and government itself is being run and ruined By SOCIALISTS, RACISTS, MORONS and IDIOTS.

It’s time to stand up…it’s time to fight…it’s time to put manners and politeness aside… it’s time to offend…it’s time to yell, scream, protest and get angry…it’s time to take action…it’s time to take back our country before there is no country or economy left to take back…before the American Dream is dead…before capitalism is destroyed…before our children are enslaved by big government and big taxes for generations to come…

I believe that it is time for a CITIZEN REVOLUTION.

My name is Wayne Allyn Root. I am a S.O.B. (son of a butcher), small businessman, homeschool dad, capitalist evangelist, and citizen politician. My heroes are Thomas Jefferson, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. I proudly call myself a “REAGAN LIBERTARIAN.” I believe government is run by idiots who couldn’t spell “CAT” if you gave them the C and T in advance. How do I know? Because the government of New York just declared BANRUPTCY for OTB (legal gambling parlors). Gambling is broke!!! And the federal government actually took over a legal brothel in my home state of Nevada and drove it into bankruptcy in less than a year. If you can’t make money running a gambling operation or a whorehouse, YOU CAN’T RUN MY HEALTHCARE!!!

I’m spending every minute of my days trying to save this great country…save our economy…and save capitalism from the grasp of the Socialists now trying to destroy everything we’ve built, everything we hold dear as Americans. I hope you’ll join me in the fight. God Bless all of you. And may God Bless America.

THE AUTHOR: Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. He is the author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” Wayne is the college classmate of President Barack Obama (Class of ’83 Columbia University). Wayne knows a Socialist when he sees one- he spent 4 long years going to college with radical Socialists and Marxists who hated America and despised capitalism. Wayne witnessed his classmates celebrate and cheer for the death of Ronald Reagan when they heard he’d been shot in an assassination attempt.

Unfortunately, Wayne’s Socialist classmate became President and is actually getting a chance to wreck the capitalist system and destroy the American Dream. Wayne is leading the fight to stop him- along with millions of patriotic conservatives, capitalists, Libertarians, independents and Tea Party protestors across this great country.

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Universal Healthcare: The Great Bait and Switch Con Job.
Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 08:48 AM
Why the Heroes- “Moderate” Senators- are Actually the Villians Who Have Betrayed Our Trust and Bankrupted our Nation.

The Greatest Taxpayer Rip-Off in U.S. History.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

My understanding of human nature, negotiating, and deal making skills have taken me from being an S.O.B. (son of a butcher) to a successful small businessman and Vice Presidential nominee of America’s Third Party. For months I’ve predicted on TV and radio appearances exactly how universal healthcare would be proposed, debated, negotiated and passed- against the wishes of the American people.

As I’ve predicted, here is how Obama and his minions are pulling off the greatest bait and switch, taxpayer rip-off in American political history. They started by asking for something so big, so absurd, so unrealistic that it set the tone for the entire negotiation knowing it was nothing more than a “bait and switch”. Then, after much arguing and debating that they would never do the deal without that absurd demand, they “compromise” and accept something smaller, but still totally absurd. Everyone smiles, shakes hands, pats each other on the back and feels they’ve walked away a winner. But only one party won big, and the other lost big. They just don’t realize it, all because of the art of negotiation and the use of “bait and switch.” The American taxpayer is the big loser in this deal. Not sure what ‘bait and switch’ is? Take one of the many negotiation skills training classes today by a world-renown training provider.

Let’s use the example of an agent representing a star athlete. Assume you´re the agent. You ask for $15 million per year for 10 years for your client- a $150,000,000 contract- knowing that other similar athletes get only $5 million per year for 5 years- a $25 million contract. By asking for a long-term contract worth six times more than other athletes are getting you create a distraction. Then, for good measure and additional distraction you throw in one more demand that irritates everyone — a demand your client flies free on the ballclub’s private jet up to 20 times a year for the next 10 years. At $40,000 per private jet flight, that’s an $8,000,000 perk (over 10 years). And just for good measure you also ask for a $5 million condo to be thrown into the deal for free.

Now you negotiate for months, all the time refusing to come off either the $15 million per year salary demand, or the 10 year term. But it’s the dual distractions of the private jet and the multi-million condo that stick in everyone’s craw. You refuse to drop any of those terms- all the while screaming that you will never do the deal without those perks. You do all this knowing that your client couldn’t care less about the private jet or the condo. Even your client thinks the demands are absurd. But you assure your client that the distraction will take everyone’s mind off the $15 million and the 10 year term.

You are so convincing in your refusal to ever compromise that the ballclub hires an expensive team of lawyers to negotiate a compromise with you. These lawyers are “master negotiators.” After the big guns sit at the table, suddenly there is a breakthrough. You give up the private jet, even though you claim that your client will never forgive you. Soon you give up the $5 million condo. Everyone quickly agrees on a 7-year deal for $10 million per year. The ballclub feels victorious and they are thrilled to pay $2 million to the lawyer-negotiators for negotiating such a “favorable deal.”

What’s the reality? Your client only deserved 5 years for $5 million per year, for a total of $25 million. You would have been THRILLED to win the negotiation by getting him 5 years for $10 million= $50 million. But you actually got him 7 years for $10 million per year= $70 million. You hit a grand slam home run! You gained $20 million more than your wildest imagination. All because you started with an absurd number you were never serious about getting in the first place, and added in two giant distractions that you never wanted in the first place.

That is exactly how Universal Healthcare is being negotiated. AND IT WAS THE PLAN FROM THE BEGINNING. Ask for over a trillion dollars of new spending and demand a “public option.” Liberal Democratic Senators and Congressmen have screamed, day and night, from coast to coast, about how they would never vote for any plan that doesn’t include a “public option” for months now. They called it a “deal killer.” But they never expected to pass a “public option.” That was the distraction from day one. Once they convinced the public they would never give up the “public option” they controlled the negotiation. The words “public option” became the bogey-man. All the media talked about day and night for months was the dreaded “public option.” But Democrats knew they’d never get a “public option.” It was merely a distraction so moderate Democrat Senators like Joe Liebermann, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln would look like heroes riding to the rescue of the public…and liberal Democrats would look like fair men and women looking to compromise on the best deal possible to “save” our healthcare system.

Lieberman, Nelson and Lincoln put on world-class Hollywood acting performances. They promised to never vote for a “public option.” They stood tall. They were unmovable. They would protect us (Actually what we need protecting from is THEM). And, of course, they promised to fight tooth and nail to bring the costs below the magic figure of $1 trillion. What heroes!!! And once they won both those fights, they’d provide cover for moderate Republican turncoats like Senators Collins and Snowe of Maine. Then these “moderates” would all get to stand in front of the cameras, bathed in TV lights, looking like heroes, Hollywood stars, and friends of taxpayers, to announce a much less expensive and less onerous deal to save the American healthcare system. Lucky us!

One slight problem with all of this: It’s all a sham! One big fraud. A “bait and switch” con job on the American public. A blatant, planned rip off of taxpayers. Everyone in the Beltway clique knew from day one what the actual plan was. They never ever for one minute expected to pass a trillion dollar bill containing a “public option.” All they ever wanted was a $800 billion to $900 billion bill without a “public option.” The words public option were the bogeyman, the distraction. What liberals really wanted all along was another big spending program- just like Medicare, Medicaid, or the war on poverty. The words “public option” are meaningless and immaterial. Whether it’s one trillion dollars or less to start is also meaningless. The price doesn’t matter- and they knew that all along. The Congress will now pass a trillion dollars in new spending (that in reality will become several trillion very quickly). That will allow them to raise taxes and buy more Democrat votes by redistributing even more income from taxpayers and small business owners to Democratic voters and contributors.

It’s all a Liberal Democrat’s wildest dream come true — a new entitlement program bigger than anything they’ve imagined in decades. An opportunity for gigantic government expansion. An opportunity to hire hundreds of thousands of new government employees (union members who will vote reliably Democrat for decades to come). An opportunity to raise taxes and redistribute more income (to their voters) under the guise of “healthcare” and helping sick people. An opportunity to “addict” Americans to bigger government, and associate their health with a benevolent government ruler. An opportunity to pass more rules, regulations and mandates that put government in charge of your life – the very definition of Socialism, but with a kinder, gentler name and face.

But, most of all this is an opportunity to force the healthcare industry (17% of the U.S. economy) to pay large legal bribes (campaign contributions) to Obama and the Democratic Congress in order to get special treatment when it comes to how the rules and regulations are implemented by their bureaucratic flunkies. Once the door is opened, the cost overruns and goodies for special interests hike the bill to stratospheric heights never imagined by the American public. A trillion dollar program grows to $10 trillion within a decade, then to $50 trillion in 20 years, and finally to $100 trillion. It’s a monster- and once let out of the cage, it can never be stopped.

Just remember – this was the plan all along. And it isn’t just the liberals and Socialists we have to blame. It is also the “moderates” who played along with their game- knowing all along where this would lead. This is a disaster with or without a “public option.” It’s a trillion dollars of new spending and new taxes in the middle of a depression. It’s one of the great lies of all time- convincing us that they are spending a trillion new dollars in order to “save” money. It’s more incompetent government control over our lives. It’s the creation of trillions in new debt for a bankrupt country that reminds me more and more of the Roman Empire in its final stages. And it’s all thanks to the “moderate” heroes. They will now vote “YES” and claim they saved us. They are the turncoats who betrayed us- AGAIN. Next November we must pay them back by throwing out the entire United States Congress. Make everyone of them pay. THROW ALL THE BUMS OUT.

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The Obama War Plan: A Recipe for Disaster!
Thursday, December 3, 2009, 03:44 PM
How Obama Uses the War in Afghanistan as Just Another “Opportunity” to Expand Government and Destroy Capitalism.

A Libertarian-Conservative View of the War in Afghanistan That May Surprise You.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

I describe myself as a Reagan Libertarian. My heroes are Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. I am a strong supporter of the brave men and women who risk their lives and limbs to defend our freedom. I would never hesitate to defend America or her interests around the world. I am not shy about retaliating against terrorists, or other enemies of America. Although President Bush violated the Constitution by never bothering to ask Congress for an official declaration of war (and shame on him for it), I supported him on Afghanistan, the training ground and epicenter of Al Queda and their attack on America on 9/11/01. However, over the past two years my views have changed dramatically. Despite my conservative, pro-military background, I no longer support this war.

I believe President Obama has made a grave decision that will result in a never-ending commitment to a war that America can neither afford, nor win. Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan is a country comprised of people without national identity, with only family and tribal loyalties. They have no interest or desire to build a democracy. America has no business in attempting to force them to do so, and I, for one, am unwilling to commit American lives and treasure to support a corrupt group of war lords. Let them fight their own battles.

I would not risk the lives of my young sons on this tragic game plan. Would you? Would Obama? Would any of the gung-ho Republicans who have come out in support of Obama’s war expansion plans? I don’t think Karl Rove or Newt Gingrich would send their sons. I know that Mitt Romney has never sent any of his 5 sons. But they certainly have no problem sending your sons with enthusiasm.

If we are going to fight this war, we had better be able to answer the simple question: “Why are we in Afghanistan?” While watching the NBC Evenings News on Wednesday night, I heard two very disturbing statements by 4-star General Stanley McCrystal, the commanding general of our war efforts in Afghanistan. First he stated we were there “not to conquer, not for glory, not for money…but rather to help the Afghan people shape their future.” Is that why we’re there? Silly me. I thought we were there to punish and destroy our enemies in the war on terrorism. Even our generals are now recruited into Obama’s politically-correct world.

I have to assume that neither President Obama nor General McCrystal have ever read the United States Constitution? Because nowhere in that brilliant contract with the citizens of America does it say the government has the right to sacrifice American lives to “help other people in far-away lands shape their destiny.” The destiny of the Afghan people is their concern, not ours. We have no right to tell them how to live their lives, nor will they listen. After we leave, whenever we leave, they’ll surely go back to the way things were before we got there.

The second statement that General McCrystal made was to quote Winston Churchill. He said, “This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It’s the end of the beginning.” Really? Is that our plan? We’re only at the end of the beginning of a long grueling war. That’s certainly not what President Obama said on Tuesday night. He seems to think we are already near the end of the war and setting dates right now to depart. If the President and his own generals are that far apart in their visions and game plan, I fear we have created a recipe for disaster. Obviously the soldiers (the “boots on the ground”) agree. One soldier boldly went on camera for NBC News and said about Obama’s 18 month deadline for leaving Afghanistan, “That’s a joke.”

First Obama waited months to support our troops with the reinforcements his generals said were needed; now he’s set a deadline to end the war that our own soldiers think is a joke. This was a deadline set purely for political reasons, based on political calculations (the war must be ended before the 2012 elections).

As anyone with managerial experience or just plain common sense will tell you, once a decision for action has been made you hire the best, most experienced people you can, provide them the resources they need and get out of the way. Is that what’s happening? Obviously not. This isn’t a war run by generals, this war is run by incompetent lawyers and an inept group of community organizers based in D.C., who have instituted “rules of engagement” that handcuff our own brave soldiers in the name of political correctness.

The “rules of engagement” set by Obama will lead to a disaster. They’ve already led to a Vietnam-like drop in morale. Don’t believe me? Ask the brave Navy Seals team that now face court martial for slapping an Al Queda terrorist leader after capturing him. The same terrorist who coordinated the burning and hanging of the bodies of Americans on a bridge in Iraq. The poor man got a boo boo- a bloody lip while in custody of our Navy Seals. Now they face prison. Think that leads to winning a war? That’s not a war I’d let my sons participate in.

So why exactly is President Obama expanding the war, when candidate Obama was so loudly and strongly anti-war? Because this cold, calculating politician sees this war as another excuse to expand government, increase spending, and increase the power of his office. To Obama, the war in Afghanistan is no different than the twin frauds of universal healthcare and Cap and Trade. They are all “opportunities” to expand spending to the point that the federal government is all-powerful.

Obama’s plan is the opposite of Ronald Reagan’s. Reagan wanted to cut taxes to starve government and free the American people (and the capitalist system) to exercise individual initiative and personal responsibility. Obama’s plan is to raise spending to levels that will bankrupt the country, weaken the faith of the American people in capitalism, and force massive tax increases to redistribute wealth- thereby creating a socialistic nanny state with government in charge. The war in Afghanistan is just another “opportunity” to grow government bigger; make big corporations, lobbyists, special interests, and defense contractors fat and happy (who will then contribute to Obama); and redistribute the wealth faster.

Universal healthcare will be funded by a “wealth tax”, a dramatic expansion of Medicare and Medicaid taxes passed on to the states, and soon a VAT tax paid by every consumer. Cap and Trade will be funded by massive new taxes and mandates on business and dramatic increases in every consumer’s utility and gasoline bills. And, the expansion of the Afghanistan War will be paid by yet another “wealth tax.” These are all opportunities to spread Obama’s Socialist agenda.

It’s all been part of Obama’s plan from day one. It was all explained by Rahm Emanuel who famously said “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.” We cannot afford this war. We cannot afford to nation-build, or to be the world’s policeman. We cannot afford the lives lost or the treasure. Nor do I think Mr. Obama will allow us to fight to win. To paraphrase my hero Ronald Reagan, “Mr. President, END THIS WAR.”

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many national media appearances, please visit his web site at: ROOTforAmerica.com

32 thoughts on “Wayne Allyn Root: “Obama May Be a Socialist If…”

  1. Tom Blanton

    If you live in a nation that has a mixed economy (fascism, socialism, state capitalism, central planning, central banking, with a splash of communism) that you think is socialism, and if you think America has had a capitalist economy for 230 years, and if you think Reagan was a libertarian, YOU MAY BE A AN IDIOT.

  2. Clay Barham

    Forget the term “socialist.” Obama told us what he believed when he said community interests are more important than are individual interests, and said he wanted to change America. It meant getting rid of individual freedom and its resulting free market and going back to European mercantilism. He believes in the few elite ruling the many, the Old World system with all its descriptive names like socialism, communism, monarchy, etc..

  3. Michael H. Wilson

    Root get a fair amount of face time on the box but the LP has to move beyond that if it wants to succeed. Talking to the choir only gets you so far.

    I asked a question on another thread knowing that I probably wouldn’t get an answer. Some way the folks that are in the driver’s seat have to take the lead. We need to get out in front on some of these issues.

    At one time people were asked to write to their congress critters and another time ad space was bought in a couple of papers. We ain’t done much in some time and we don’t seem to be trying.

  4. Solomon Drek

    Root’s self-absorbed sales pitch is in stark contrast to Bob Barr’s thoughtful and nonpartisan analysis of threats to privacy which people on all sides of the political spectrum can understand, even if they don’t agree with it.

    These past few months, reading Root’s hysterically shrill accusations, directed in particular against Obama, and Barr’s columns which have been posted here recently leads me to develop a growing respect for Barr as a leading spokesman for privacy rights and other libertarian issues. As a candidate Barr was hardly the stuff that libertarian dreams are made of, but his post-election career as analyst and nonpartisan commentator has elevated him head and shoulders above the half-crazed, megalomaniacal Wayne Root.


    It takes a TRUE SOCIALIST who hides behind wanting pretend freedom to insult Wayne who brings out the truth. So please move to Russia.

  6. In agreement

    Its called freedom of speech and protecting the rights of true freedom is to not have more socialist/communism here taking over.

  7. paulie Post author

    Socialism means worker control over the means of production.

    Some self-styled socialists have theorized that the state would be a means to achieve worker self-government, but in reality it just created a new political ruling class. Thus, in no way is state “socialism” truly socialist.

    Real socialism is fully compatible with real libertarianism (non-initiation of coercion). In fact, it is the only possible means by which workers can achieve self-governance.

    What you are terming socialism or communism is more properly called statism, nationalization, or fascism. Corporate statism is likewise just another form of fascism, even though some “libertarians” have been duped into supporting it because it is falsely called “free market” capitalism (which is actually a contradiction in terms).

    The anti-immigration freedom, anti-international trade, regime-enforced social traditionalist views of the Constitution Party are likewise incompatible with libertarianism.

    Corporate statism, nationalism, nationalization, and state “socialism” are really much the same – and neither one is either socialist or libertarian.

    Voluntaryism can be both socialist and libertarian. A true free market can also be libertarian, but it has nothing to do with the state-entwined corporate big business economic system we actually have.

  8. Solomon Drek

    “Some self-styled socialists have theorized that the state would be a means to achieve worker self-government, but in reality it just created a new political ruling class. Thus, in no way is state “socialism” truly socialist.”

    I think Marx envisioned a transitional phase of proletarian democracy before a stateless society based on voluntary mutual cooperation could be achieved.

    Obviously capitalism cannot exist without state sanction and support. I’ve always maintained that limited government is nothing more than limited tyranny, and those economic darwinians like Wayne Root who profess support for limited government are only interested in limiting government to protecting their own interests.

  9. paulie Post author

    I think Marx envisioned a transitional phase of proletarian democracy before a stateless society based on voluntary mutual cooperation could be achieved.

    His vision was delusional, since the “transitional” phase (which was in no way democratic) became a dictatorship of the political ruling class, which eventually found its way back to the state-corporate model as more economically efficient than central planning.

    More here. (.pdf)

    I’ve always maintained that limited government is nothing more than limited tyranny

    Correct. Of course, unlimited government is thus unlimited tyranny.

  10. tiradefaction


    Why is it that Free Market dogmatists always see their opponents as “socialist” or “communist”? It’s not healthy to see your opponents as an evil incarnate figure, like Christians do with their opponents in calling them “Satanists”

    Also, last I checked, socialists and communists have every right to assemble, organize, and lobby their government for whatever policies they want, just as libertarians are as well. To suggest otherwise is pretty antithetical to liberty in my book.

  11. paulie Post author

    Why is it that Free Market dogmatists always see their opponents as “socialist” or “communist”?

    The people you are referring to are not free market dogmatists, or even supporters. They generally favor the state-corporate system (or an impossible fantasy about a stateless corporate system) and mislabel it “free market.” I’m a free marketeer, and I have nothing against real socialists/communists – but then, as I explained, real socialists don’t support a monopoly state, either.

  12. tiradefaction


    No, I’m actually referring to the LP members and their ilk. I’m not referring to Republicans who claim to support a “Free market”. I’m aware of the difference between the two.

    That wasn’t directed towards you, or anyone else who doesn’t substitute arguments for “DURR YOU ARE POINTING A GUN AT MY HEAD LOLOL FREE MARKET FUCK SOHAILZM” Plenty of libertarians (including on this blog, just in this thread) have that attitude.

  13. paulie Post author

    No, I’m actually referring to the LP members and their ilk.

    I’m an LP member. There are many others like me who are nothing like what you are talking about.

    Plenty of libertarians (including on this blog, just in this thread) have that attitude.

    And plenty don’t. I was just pointing out that what they call a free market isn’t a free market, what they calll socialism isn’t socialism, and while they may be Libertarians, they are hardly libertarians.

    BTW, it’s not plenty of people on this thread you are talking about – just one person with a bunch of screen names.

  14. tiradefaction


    “That wasn’t directed towards you, or anyone else who doesn’t substitute arguments for “DURR YOU ARE POINTING A GUN AT MY HEAD LOLOL FREE MARKET FUCK SOHAILZM””

    I really wish people would actually believe me when I say that lol.

    “BTW, it’s not plenty of people on this thread you are talking about – just one person with a bunch of screen names.”

    Good point, but I’v e met a lot of libertarians out of this website that feel that way.

    However, in the future, when I say I’m not referring to YOU or anyone else like you, please take that seriously.

  15. Joan

    I’M A SOCIALIST. You asked. I’ve answered. If you think it’s right that millions of hard-working Americans have no health care because Americans are sadly underpaid compared to other First World countries, then what does that make you? Not sure I can think of a label for that.

  16. Brian Holtz

    Americans could afford plenty of health care if the government would just leave them free to shop for the healers of their choice, the medicines of their choice, the treatments of their choice, the insurer of their choice, the coverage of their choice, the deductibles of their choice, etc.

    Instead, government massively regulates every single one of these aspects of health care, and when this steaming pile of government intervention doesn’t deliver affordable quality healthcare, what do socialists say? “The free market in health care doesn’t work! We need more intervention!”

  17. W.A.R. = Delusional Rantings

    And if you believe this nonsense, forget “might be,” you ARE an idiot.

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