Carla Howell and Michael Cloud: Endorsement of Joe Kennedy, Warning to TEA Party activists supporting Scott Brown

Part III (the actual endorsement, not yet posted on the website, sent out by email):

“A Vote for Ross Perot for President is a Vote for Bill Clinton,” said the 1992 Republican whisper campaign and robo-phone calls (launched by Bush (Sr.) Presidential Campaign operatives in 1992.)

“A vote for Ron Paul for President is a vote for Barack Obama,” said the 2008 Republican emails and robo-calls (against Ron Paul’s 2008 Republican Presidential Primary Campaign.)

“A vote for Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate is a vote for Democrat Martha Coakley,” say the 2010 Republican emails and robo-calls (against Independent Tea Party Candidate Joe Kennedy’s Campaign for the vacant Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat. This Joe Kennedy is NO RELATION WHATSOEVER to the Kennedy clan. And his politics are the diametric opposite.)

Which 1992 Presidential vote had a bigger, longer-lasting, positive impact on America: a vote for “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” George Bush (Sr.) OR a vote for Ross Perot?

Which 2008 Presidential vote will produce a bigger, longer-lasting, positive effect on America: a vote for small government Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul OR a vote for John McCain?

Which 2010 U.S. Senate Special Election vote will produce a bigger, longer-lasting positive effect on America: a vote for Big Government, high tax Republican Scott Brown OR a vote for small government Tea Party candidate Joe Kennedy?

Ross Perot’s 1992 Presidential Campaign demanded an END to deficit spending – and for fresh ideas, fresh faces in government. Results? It forced the Democrats and Republicans to give us almost 10 years of balanced budgets. It set in motion independent activists who gave us the 1994 Republican Revolution.

Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Campaign attracted and mobilized hundreds of thousands of young Americans who understand and love the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — seek to roll back and reduce today’s Big Government. In fact, many of these patriots helped build the Tea Party Movement. This is just the beginning.

Joe Kennedy’s 2010 small government Tea Party campaign for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts may well set in motion a positive, America-building avalanche this year – with an even bigger impact in 2012 and beyond.

Why will voting for Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate this January 19th give your vote 100 times the impact of voting for Big Government Republican Scott Brown?

First, there are 435 U.S. Congressional seats PLUS 36 U.S. Senate seats up for Election this November 2nd.

If the Republican Establishment can manipulate Tea Party Protesters, Town Hall Meeting Activists, Tax Cutters, and small government voters in Massachusetts into voting for Big Government Republican Scott Brown this January 19th – then they will field and support more Big Government Scott Brown candidates for the 2010 Elections.

Only one thing can stop the Republican Establishment from filling the 2010 ballot with Big Government Republicans: your vote for Joe Kennedy. And ours. And those of 10,000 to 25,000 of our fellow small government, tax cutting, Tea Party voters.

Only one thing will push the Republican Establishment into fielding and supporting real small government candidates this year, in 2010: your vote for Joe Kennedy. And ours. And those of 10,000 to 25,000 pro-Constitution, small government voters.

What’s more, Tea Party Protesters and supporters all across America are watching this Special Election for U.S. Senate. The higher the vote total for Tea Party U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Kennedy, the better the odds that more Tea Party Protesters will throw their hats in the ring for U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate this year. Your vote for Joe Kennedy may well inspire and activate thousands of Tea Party Movement members.

Have you read or heard the savage attacks, insults, arguments, fear tactics, false charges, half truths, and lies about Joe Kennedy?

Did you know that this is exactly what the Big Government Republican Establishment said about and did to Republican U.S. Congressman Ron Paul when he ran for President in 2008?

Did you know that this is what the Big Government Republican Establishment did to Ross Perot when he ran for President in 1992?

Don’t let them get away with the con. Vote Joe Kennedy.

Ross Perot lost the 1992 Election, but the people who voted for him CA– USED the Democrats and Republicans to balance the federal budget for a decade.

Ross Perot’s 1992 voters precipitated the 1994 Republican Revolution.

Dr. Ron Paul lost the 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination, but, paraphrasing the words of Obe-Wan Kenobe to Darth Vader, “If you strike me down, my supporters and small government cause shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” And that IS happening now.

Voting for Ron Paul for President was an INVESTMENT in the Constitution and small government that keeps paying off. A vote we will NEVER regret.

Joe Kennedy is the ONLY small government candidate running for this open U.S. Senate Seat.

Joe Kennedy is the ONLY candidate in this race who will vote for dramatically lower federal spending, lower taxes, and a smaller federal government than we have today. Who will vote against ALL government bailouts of businesses. Against ALL government stimulus packages. Against ALL unbalanced budgets.

Voting Joe Kennedy is the ONLY way you can get more tax cutting, spending cutting, small government candidates for the 434 Congressional districts which do NOT have their own Ron Paul. And for the 35 U.S. Senate Seats up for grabs which do NOT have their own Rand Paul.

Voting for Joe Kennedy may be the only way to prevent the unexpected betrayal: Republican ObamaCare. Can’t believe it could happen? Look at
Scott Brown’s proud Massachusetts political love child: RomneyCare. Imagine U.S. Senator Scott Brown proudly taking it federal. ObamaRomaCare.

Your vote for Joe Kennedy may be the vote that makes the difference. Your vote may be the Tipping Point vote that sets in motion more and more Tea Party candidates, more and more Ron Paul candidates, more and more small government candidates.
For 2010. And for 2012.

To our fellow Tea Party Protesters, Town Hall Meeting activists, Tax Cutters, our fellow Ron Paul supporters, and all who are committed to small government:

We endorse Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate this January 19th.

Join us and thousands of others – and vote Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate(MA) this January 19th.

With your vote, small government is possible,

Carla Howell and Michael Cloud signatures
Carla Howell

Part II Warning to Tea Party Activists: Republicans Concede We’re Right

By Michael Cloud and Carla Howell

Part 2 Warning to Tea Party Activists:

Massachusetts Republicans Concede that U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown Repeatedly Voted for NEW Big Government Programs, INCREASED SPENDING FOR Big Government Programs, and FOR Higher and Higher yearly Massachusetts state Government Spending during his 11 years in the legislature.

by Carla Howell and Michael Cloud
Thursday, January 14, 2010

When we sent out Part 1 of this Warning to our fellow Tea Party Protesters, we expected lively responses from our fellow Tea Party Activists and our small government subscribers.

We got it. Everything from agreement and “Well, who should we vote for then?” to courteous disagreement. Thoughtful insights. Expressions of support for our alternative. We hope to address the issues and concerns raised in a number of emails in this and future messages we send out.

But we also got a flurry of hostile and vicious emails that surprised us: littered with profanity, name calling, ad hominems, and groundless accusations. Most of it from self-identified Republican Party members. 81 of them unsubscribed to this newsletter.

Finally, some very strange things happened: we got numerous emails from Massachusetts voters, mostly Republicans, who conceded that Part I of this message tells the unvarnished truth about Scott Brown’s 11-year legislative voting record.

“Yes, everything that you have said about Brown is true, but..” wrote Susan.

“I agree that Scott Brown is a Big Government Republican, but…,” wrote several.

“I don’t take issue with what you’ve said about Brown…He is not a small government candidate, but…,” wrote several.

Among those who emailed us, person after person agreed that, throughout his 11-year state legislative career, Scott Brown has repeatedly voted for higher government spending, bigger government, and higher taxes. “But….”

After they agreed that we’re right about Scott Brown and his sorry, Big Government legislative record, these people added “But…I’m voting for him anyway.”

Several people said, “I DON’T CARE whether you’re right! I DON’T CARE what the facts are! I DON’T CARE that Scott Brown votes for bigger and bigger government, for higher and higher spending and taxes! We’ve got to beat the Democrats – no matter what.”

Many Readers Wanted More Facts on Big Government Republican Scott Brown’s 11-year Legislative Record.

How shocked would you be to find out that, in 2008, Republican state senator Scott Brown voted for a Northeastern states CAP-AND-TRADE law?

Scott Brown joined the Democrats and passed legislation requiring Massachusetts to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in a cap-and-trade pact among Northeastern states requiring power plants to reduce emissions or to buy credits from cleaner industries.

“Reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine,” Brown said in a news release in 2008. “Passing this legislation is an important step . . . towards improving our environment.”

Now Brown says he’s against it. In the tradition of John Kerry, Scott Brown might say,
“I voted for CAP-AND-TRADE LAWS before I planned to vote against it.”

Globe article 1-10-2010


How stunned would you be to hear that Scott Brown said, “I believe that every American is entitled to health care”? He said this on Sean Hannity on FOX and during the US Senate debates broadcast on radio and TV.

He is part of the single-payer, universal medical care faction that is moving us toward a government-managed, tax-funded government medical care monopoly. Scott Brown says medical care is a government-granted right of every American.

Entitled to a doctor’s labor? Entitled to a hospital room? Entitled to prescription drugs? At whose expense? Guaranteed by whom? And remember the Forgotten Men and Women who are obligated by government, compelled by law to shoulder the costs of this medical care entitlement.


Scott Brown brags about his vital role in designing, writing, and passing RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

How astonished would you be to learn that Scott Brown pledges to stop ObamaCare – so he can install a federally-run and managed RomneyCare to the United States of America? He’s said this during more than a half dozen national media interviews. And during the debates.

Before you cheer, take a page out of Dr. Phil’s book and ask, “How’s RomneyCare working out for you, Massachusetts?”

Bay State health insurance premiums highest in country” answers the headline in the Boston Globe (8-22-09).

Between 2003 and 2008, the average Massachusetts family’s health care insurance premium rose from $9,867 to $13,788. A 40% increase! 21% higher increase than the national average.

This is exactly what US Senator Scott Brown will try to inflict on the other 49 states. Don’t let him do to America what he’s done to the men and women of Massachusetts.


How surprised would you be if the Boston Globe printed an article tomorrow telling you that Scott Brown VOTED WITH the Massachusetts Teachers Unions over 94% of the time?


FINALLY, how flabbergasted would you be if WGBH-TV (the Boston PBS affiliate) revealed that Scott Brown VOTED WITH the Democratic Majority in the legislature over 91% of the time?


Can you see why we spoke up – and shared these prickly facts with you?

Why we want you to be able to make an informed choice on Special Election Day, January 19th?

Remember, we do NOT want you to stay home on Election Day. We do NOT want you to vote for the other Big Government candidate, Martha Coakley. Tomorrow, we’ll show you a choice that will give your vote 100 times the impact – and will REALLY dramatically advance the Tea Party cause this November…and beyond.

Tomorrow, the conclusion of this controversial and vital message….

Please send this to every Tea Party blog or web site, every Town Hall Meeting blog or web site, every tax cutter blog or web site, and please share it with your friends in Massachusetts. You may hold the fate of the Tea Party movement in your hands.

Part I

Career politician Scott Brown is an 11-year Big Government Republican state legislator who regularly and repeatedly voted FOR bigger state government budgets, voted FOR expanded and new Big Government programs, voted FOR tax increases, and voted AGAINST tax cuts.

Before you freak out, we do NOT want you to stay home – or vote for Martha Coakley. You have a far better choice – a choice that gives your vote 100 times its normal impact. What’s more, if you choose this option, you will dramatically strengthen the Tea Party Movement – and radically increase the number of TRUE tax cut and spending cut candidates on the ballot this November.

We’ll go into Big Government legislator Scott Brown’s sorry record of the last 11 years, and offer you a powerful way to make the political establishment listen to the Tea Party movement, but first:

Who are we? What have we done to earn your attention? Why should you take us seriously?

We’re Carla Howell and Michael Cloud, Tea Party activists and the 2 most prominent Tax Cut activists in Massachusetts for the last 10 years. We co-sponsored and ran Ballot Question 1 to END the state income tax in 2002 and 2008. We are running this year’s Ballot Initiative to Roll Back the Sales Tax from 6.25% to 3%.

We know every single real tax cutter in Massachusetts. We know every major phony and fake friend of taxpayers. Every slick, smooth-talking
chameleon who tries to blend in with tax cutters – while he VOTES FOR TAX HIKES, VOTES FOR PROPERTY TAX INCREASES (Prop. 2 ½ overrides), and CAMPAIGNS AGAINST and VOTES AGAINST A MAJOR TAX CUT.

Scott Brown is the worst fake tax-cutter in the Massachusetts legislature. And a fake ally is more dangerous than an open enemy.

“By their fruits shall ye know them,” counsels the Scriptures. “Actions speak louder than words,” says the proverb. And, correcting Emerson, “What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear a word you say.”

We must judge Scott Brown on his political actions during the last 11 years.

Fact: Election Eve, Monday, November 3rd, 2008: Scott Brown went on WTKK RADIO and urged voters to VOTE AGAINST Ballot Question 1, to END the Massachusetts state income tax. Scott Brown allied himself with the National and state Teachers Unions and SEIU (the government employees union that often works with ACORN) – against the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

Fact: Scott Brown has been a state legislator for the last 11 years, but we can’t find a single tax cut bill authored, sponsored, or introduced by him that would cut as little as 5% of state government revenue.

Fact: Scott Brown has been a state legislator for the last 11 years, but we can’t find even one spending cut bill authored, sponsored, or introduced by him that would cut as little as 5% of total state government spending.

Fact: Scott Brown has been a state legislator for the last 11 years, but we can’t find a single waste reduction bill authored, sponsored, or introduced by him that would cut waste as little as 5% of total spending. Polling shows that Massachusetts voters estimate that 41% of their taxes are wasted, but Scott Brown can’t even find 5% government waste.

Fact: The biggest tax and spending issue facing Massachusetts this year is our ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%. Yet we cannot find a single news account or mention at Scott Brown’s legislative or campaign web sites where he takes a stand on this issue. He refuses to publicly endorse or campaign for our ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax — even though it would give Massachusetts families 32,929 new private sector jobs.

Fact: Scott Brown proudly proclaims that he was a key part of the team that designed RomneyCare, the Massachusetts health care reform bill endorsed and backed by Senator Ted Kennedy. Scott Brown helped write, voted for, and endorses the bill provision that forces all Massachusetts workers to buy medical insurance – or pay a penalty tax. (Remember when Bill Clinton swore that oral sex from Monica Lewinsky wasn’t sex? Scott Brown, a lawyer, swears that this mandatory fee paid to the government is NOT a tax! )

And now, Scott Brown’s provision requiring everyone to buy medical insurance – or pay a mandatory penalty tax – is a key part of the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-Barack Obama Health Care Reform Bill.

Scott Brown campaigns against everything the Tea Party Movement represents. Brown opposes and votes against as little as a 5% tax cut. He opposes and votes against cutting government spending or waste by even 5%. He designed and voted for a key part of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Health Care bill now being voted on in Washington.

Right now, the mainstream Republican Party loyalists are desperately trying to find even tiny differences between career Republican politician Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley.

The “Republican Party Right-or-Wrong” Partisans are trying to scare and stampede you and us – Tea Party activists, Town Hall Meeting protesters, and tax cutters -into closing our eyes, holding our noses and voting for Brown – out of fear that the alternative is even worse.

They are wrong. And we’ll tell you why.

You have a radically better choice. A choice that will advance the Tea Party Cause. A choice that will give us REAL Tea Party candidates and allies in November.

IPR posts about Joe Kennedy

19 thoughts on “Carla Howell and Michael Cloud: Endorsement of Joe Kennedy, Warning to TEA Party activists supporting Scott Brown

  1. spinnikerca

    I don’t think there is any question Kennedy is a better candidate, and typically I would agree that the voting for lesser of two evils is still evil. But here you would be voting for evil with a purpose: to get rid of Obamacare. Once that passes Obama is not going to sign a law repealing it, so it would take until 2013 to get rid of it. For years those with no insurance due to preexisting conditions would have been getting it, etc, before everyone else’s policies have to change. I don’t know if it is undoable once it is done, and it is such a HUGE part of statism, I know I might vote for Brown just to stop it.

    I don’t think Brown is a good candidate, certainly not compared to Kennedy (or Ron Paul, whom you reference). However, Brown individually may be the only one who can stop a national catastrophe, which is a little different than voting just for the lesser of two evils, IMHO.

    I’m not sure which way I’d vote if I lived there, because I do like Kennedy, but I would understand why some would vote for Brown.

    This time.

  2. Libervention Price Club

    Brown A) Can’t stop it (it will be out of the Senate before he can vote)

    B) As a co-author of Romney care who is proud of it and has pledged in the debates to bring RomneyCare to the other 49 states, he is not to be trusted on this issue.

  3. spinnikerca

    They are saying it can’t be out of the senate if the CBO doesn’t get it until this weekend, and his winning will frighten other Dems away. It is the only chance I see.

    You mistake me, I don’t trust him at all except to kill this while Dems are in power. I have no idea that he’d be good once the GOP was back in power. However, he’d run again in 3 years. Kennedy’s polls are a big part of this to me, were he at a higher percentage it would be different.

    However, I don’t live there, so it isn’t up to me.

  4. Solomon Drek

    Hey, why not go all the way and change the name of the “Libertarian Party” to the “Tea Party” and be done with it already.

    You can invite Sarah Palin to speak at your next convention (for a $100,000 fee, of course).

  5. George Phillies

    Let me note that the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts spent a substantial part of its Federal funds to put Joe Kennedy on the ballot.

    In my opinion, it is totally unacceptable for the Libertarian Party National office to do something that could be viewed as support for persuading a libertarian candidate, running on the Liberty line, to support a Republican or Democrat.

  6. WesRulesDC

    I think Joe Kennedy should stay in and keep fighting for liberty: 77%

    Sounds like everyone taking the poll Georgie is on your/our side – so whatchabitchin about?


  7. George Phillies

    Also, unless the poll numbers are fake, there is no way for whoever put up the poll to know that the poll would not be freeped by Republicans to generate a victory for some other side.

  8. WesRulesDC


    Did you not read the fantastic press release from our fabulous ED? I think it makes it clear on support for Joe. Give it a rest my friend, you are making yourself look a little foolish


  9. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    Changing our name to Tea Party would probably double or triple the vote totals without us changing one word of our platform!

    Change the logo too – how about a tarred and feathered politician being run out of town on a rail?

  10. Thane Eichenauer

    Some real voters will always have an idea in their head that Person X should drop out in order that the favored candidate will win. Putting it in print allows people to consider (hopefully rationally) the choices that some people are already thinking.

    Would you prefer that the LP not present options that people know are there, in hopes that some other people won’t think of them?

    BTW, Thank you for your efforts in getting Joe Kennedy on the ballot! The people of Arizona would be lucky to have a candidate as committed as Joe Kennedy (L).

    Perhaps we can persuade Joe Kennedy of Scottsdale/Phoenix/Chandler/Gilbert/Maricopa, AZ to run for US Senate against John McCain (November 2010)?

  11. Katie

    I like the Libertarian principles. But I am supporting Scott Brown because he is far better than Coakley. Hopefully all fiscal conservatives can work together to actually win some elections in November.

  12. Libervention Price Club


    Read the whole article please.

    How is Brown a fiscal conservative?

    He is not a fiscal conservative, and Coakley is not antiwar or for civil liberties.

    Voters who support smaller government, foreign or domestic, on social or economic issues, only have one choice in this election: Joe Kennedy.

    Otherwise, they are deluding themselves into supporting the opposite of what they believe.

  13. Mik Robertson

    @13 “Change the logo too – how about a tarred and feathered politician being run out of town on a rail?”

    In a teacup.

  14. Libervention Price Club

    Changing our name to Tea Party would probably double or triple the vote totals without us changing one word of our platform!

    Change the logo too – how about a tarred and feathered politician being run out of town on a rail?

    Unfortunately, it would also involve re-doing a lot of work, such as getting and maintaining about 90,000 new voter registrations in California – and that’s just one state alone.

  15. Pingback: Anti-war movement and TEA party must hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately | Hammer of Truth

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