GoldMassGroup covers Massachusetts special election, asks whether Coakley and Brown should drop out and endorse Joe Kennedy

Gold Mass Group has a poll (registration required):

– Martha Coakley should withdraw and endorse Joe

– Scott Brown should withdraw and endorse Joe

– Martha and Scott both withdraw to endorse Joe

– All three should keep their words and run hard

– What is wrong that you need to ask this question?

Other coverage at Gold Mass Group:

Howell, Cloud Clearly Endorse Kennedy

by: AuMass

In an email blast to their major major mailing list, Carla Howell and Michael Cloud and their Small Government effort blast Scott Brown and remind readers that there is a 100-times-better choice. Hint: Not Martha Coakley. Honest.

I found the direct link, so with thanks to RedMassGroup (which, as you can imagine is not real pleased with the message) for reporting

Vote for Martha Coakley To Ignore the People

by AuMass:

Two years ago, Massachusetts voters spoke out very clearly on marijuana legalization. They took a giant step in the right direction by passing a referendum decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The referendum passed.

And what did Attorney General Martha Coakley do? She worked as hard as she could, within the limits of the law, to reverse the referendum. Not by appealing to the Great and General Court, not by litigating…no, she and her minions did something far worse.

They started advising cities and towns on passing local legislation pushing fines for marijuana possession up and up and up.

That’s right. The people of Massachusetts passed a referendum, in some towns by 80 or 90% of the vote, and Martha Coakley put her time and energy into sabotaging that referendum’s outcome, the overwhelming vote of the people.

Vote for Scott Brown: Support Torture

by: AuMass

That’s right, boys and girls, you can show your support for torturing prisoners and accused criminals. Just vote for Republican Scott Brown, who voiced approval for the hideous water torture as not being torture.

Just don’t look surprised when those folks who started by torturing prisoners of war in Iraq and Afghanistan show up in your home town, change jobs, find your teenage children in the local jail, and give them a bit of third degree tactics until they confess to crimes they never heard about, let alone committed.

Readers can be confident that Massachusetts has great numbers of professional, competent policemen and policewomen who would never do anything of the kind, but that won’t do your children a lot of good if the techniques Scott Brown is endorsing get your children first.

Remember, Scott Brown is a Republican conservative, not a real conservative like the folks at RightMarch. (I may not agree with RightMarch on some topics, but they are honest conservatives, the folks Bill Buckley would have supported if he were still alive). Scott Brown is part of the ‘Republican Conservative’ movement that supports
unprovoked wars of aggression
detention without trial
unlimited wiretaps of all emails and telephone messages
the ‘patriot’ act
the biggest expansion of welfare since 1960 (as I type, Obamacare has not passed)
new Asian land wars, the ones MacArthur said were unwinnable
huge budget deficits
vast bailouts of bankers and auto executives with your tax dollars and your grandchildren’s tax dollars
torture of prisoners of war

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2 thoughts on “GoldMassGroup covers Massachusetts special election, asks whether Coakley and Brown should drop out and endorse Joe Kennedy

  1. Libervention Price Club

    Funny that the Republican shills at FOX are so eager to help Coakley avoid losing due to name confusion.

    Just proves yet again that when push comes to shove, at the top Democrats and Republicans (and their propaganda machines) line up together – and against us.

    bright points:

    “Kennedy has come under pressure — he said he’s received five death threats — to withdraw because of his potential spoiler role. But he said those threats haven’t come from Coakley supporters, as he expected. Instead, he said, they’ve come from Brown backers.

    He said Brown supporters have gotten emotional and are “blaming me for a Brown loss — and the advancement of Obamacare.”

    Kennedy said he’s the only candidate against government-run health care, because Brown supports former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s version of public health care.

    “The funny thing about the Brown supporters, they’re so unbelievably clueless,” he said. “If I withdrew from the race today, my vote would be split 60-40 going to Coakley.”

    Unfortunately, this section comes near but not at the end of the mostly ill-informed and negative story, and makes only a small part of it.

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