Green-Rainbow Party’s Jill Stein to run for Governor of Massachusetts

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Stein to jump into gov race with Green-Rainbow bid
By Jim O’Sullivan / State House News Service

Dr. Jill Stein plans to join the race for 2010 race for governor, running as a Green-Rainbow candidate and pushing the issue of universal health care, posing a challenge to Gov. Deval Patrick’s left flank.

Stein told the News Service late today that she plans to formally announce her campaign later this month. Her candidacy will further complicate a field that already has two major Republican candidates, a state treasurer running as an independent, and Patrick, the Democrat seeking reelection.

“I am very excited to offer voters a real choice for change,” Stein told the News Service in an interview. “We’re looking at three candidates for governor who have very similar opinions on a variety of key issues. It’s very important that voters have a second choice.”

Asked about issues where she feels she can stand out, Stein said she believes it’s “very important that there be another health care option,” which she described as affordable health care available to all. “We don’t have that now and we’re only getting further away from it,” she said.

Stein said job creation would be a major campaign theme, including establishing more “resilient” jobs that are less vulnerable to being exported out of state and overseas, and jobs in so-called green sectors.

“I’ll soon be announcing a campaign for governor of Massachusetts, a campaign to take our future back from lobbyists and insiders, and get Massachusetts working for the people, and the environment our economy depends on,” Stein said in a web posting to supporters.

Stein’s posting took direct aim at Gov. Deval Patrick and his low approval ratings.

“As the second round of ‘yes we can’ withers on the vine, Massachusetts is seeing once again that real change must come from outside of moneyed interests and the politicians they fund. The governor’s dwindling approval ratings underscore the opening. And, since the three CEO/politicians heading for the ballot differ only in fine points of their shared Wall Street vision – they’ll be splitting the business-as-usual vote three ways.”

Stein’s entrance would add a fourth political dimension, with two GOP candidates, one unenrolled, and Patrick carrying the Democratic mantle. Her liberal platform would likely drain more support from Patrick, a progressive, than the three more conservative challengers.

Stein registered under 4 percent when she ran for governor in 2002. Her 2006 campaign for secretary of state netted her under 20 percent.

Treasurer Timothy Cahill said the winner of next year’s gubernatorial election would likely need fewer than four in 10 votes, and said 35 percent could prove sufficient.

Cahill said any candidate who reached 40 percent would enjoy “a blowout.”

“I think somebody can win with 35 percent,” said Cahill. “I think it’s more likely going to be 37, 38 percent if all three candidates stay viable. And I think at the end of the day all three candidates stay viable.”

Polls show Patrick leading the field with support in the low-to-high-30 percent range, and Cahill, and either GOP candidate, Charles Baker or Christy Mihos, clumped in the high 20s.

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  1. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Jill Stein in her campaign for Governor of Massachusetts, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nationwide, ranging from local to federal levels.

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