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Libertarian Party blog: Joe Kennedy talks about Massachusetts election

In this Dedham Transcript article, Joe Kennedy discusses the election, his opponents, and those who demanded that he drop out.

Detailed election results are available here.

The Libertarian Party congratulates Joe on his run. Visit his campaign website.

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  1. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg January 21, 2010

    the problem with Brown’s win is that people think, “its a referendum to Obamacare”…but the problem is, it is always hard to figure out WHY people voted for someone. There are those who voted for Brown simply because they are Republicans, and they vote party line. There are others who viewed Brown as the lesser of two evils, and wanted Brown in rather then Coakley. There are also those who, while not libertarian, are certainly moderate and actually WANT a politician who is politically in the center (except still grows government), and want someone who is willing to reach across the aisle. While it sounds nice to have a politician willing to work across the aisle, more times then not the results are quite disasterous.

    To automatically assume that Brown’s win was ONLY the result of Obamacare is very naive.

  2. Lisa Lisa January 21, 2010

    I just saw Brown sitting with Harry Reid and and he looks forward to ‘reaching across the aisle’ to work with him.

  3. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer January 20, 2010

    Should we thank the voters of Massachusetts for saying “YES” to the Republicans plan for a government takeover of health care?

  4. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman January 20, 2010

    Thanks Joe for making people aware of the Libertarian Option in the first election of 2010.

    And thanks to the voters of Massachusetts for saying “NO” to the Democrats plan for a government takeover of health care.

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