AR Senate: With Lincoln Down in the Polls Things are Looking Up for Independent and Third Party Candidates

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Given that duopolized polls show Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln trailing her likely Republican opponents by significant margins, and given the relatively weak GOP apparatus in the state, not to mention its high percentage of independent voters, we may well see a competitive multi-party contest develop in the Natural State over the course of this year’s election season. In the state’s 2008 Senate election, the Republican Party did not even field a candidate against incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor, and Green Party candidate Rebekah Kennedy received 20% of the vote in the two-way contest. This year’s Senate race will feature two independents, Trevor Drown and Ed Frizzell, as well as Green Party candidate John Gray. The Drown campaign has now launched its petition drive, writing in part:

Despite incredible pressure from the Arkansas Republican Party, who only make up 3% of the voters in Arkansas I still remain committed to replace Senator Blanche Lincoln as an Independent candidate . . . In Arkansas we have the right to put someone on the ballot using the petition process. This has never happened before for a US Senate Seat. It takes 10,000 signatures from Arkansas registered voters and we have 90 days to do this . . . On February 2, 2010, hundreds of Arkansans will hit the street with a petition in their hand seeking signatures all over the state of Arkansas. Their purpose, secure 10, 20 or in some cases more than 100 signatures from registered voters who are seeking to make history. Their goal, for the first time put an Independent Candidate for US Senate on the ballot for the general election in November 2010. Arkansas’s largest group of registered voters choose to be independents. They make up 92 percent of all registered voters. For too long the two party political system has let them down. They are looking for a new breed of elected leader, one which will put them first above political party and special interest groups.

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25 thoughts on “AR Senate: With Lincoln Down in the Polls Things are Looking Up for Independent and Third Party Candidates

  1. harris

    This is the dumbest idea I’ve heard. I’ve been active in the tea party movement, but I’ve never believed in cutting off my nose to spite my face.
    An independent candidate would split the vote and keep Lincoln in office. It’s far better to work for a conservative Republican. Don’t forget how Clinton won two presidential elections. A third party was the spoiler.

  2. d.eris

    “An independent candidate would split the vote and keep Lincoln in office.”

    This is one of the main reasons why the Republican candidate, whoever that may be, should resign from the race and endorse a candidate who is not beholden to the system that maintains the Democratic-Republican two-party state.

  3. Eagle II

    Which TEA PARTY do you belong to? – the one COOPTED by the RNC/GOP when they saw the power of “WE THE PEOPLE” or the Tea Party Patriots who are boycotting the wannabe Tea Party goers at the convention?

    You sound like GOP mudslingers —

    The “your splitting the vote” was created by the parties to insure their dominance and so they will not be forced to improve and accept the values of the people it is supposed to represent. Personally I think the nation would be better off with 2 more years of the socialist if it forces the Republicans to their knees and gets some testosterone back in the party. It will be stupid for the republicans to oppose conservative independents because they will be caucusing with the Republicans anyway. The difference is they won’t be obligated to the party and they don’t have to tie themselves to the party’s corrupt and destructive behavior. Until we get passed the fear of “your splitting the vote” the republicans will always look at us as “sure votes” and treat the conservatives like a neglected spouse while they go out with the more attractive mistress. Adhering to the “your splitting the vote” mentality will keep conservatives marginalized for ever.

    Never Forget – Never Forgotten
    What Price Freedom

  4. Eagle II

    We The People – It is the peoples seat not Republican, Democrat or other. I think the people of Arkansas are humming that old tune, “Won’t Be Fooled Again” by either or.. and will stand on their independent choice, whom ever that may be and all your whining for the GOP, or Democrats will not alter “their” choice.

    I hope all look over Trevor Drown and consider this hero for the US Senate seat. He’s not a career politician, so expect the truth from his campaign.

    I want to leave with a letter that came in that states more than I could ever state. This letter was written by a house wife and resident of Arkansas, and though it does not encompass all, it says quite a bit.

    God Bless and Good Luck with your choices. My prayer is that your choice will be for the good of Arkansas and our nation vs opinion
    that ens up fired by ego to prove ones “right”.


    I’ve decided to stand up after a year of watching this country under the “leadership” of BHO. I get so overwhelmed by politics sometimes that I just want to stick my head BACK in the sand. As a 42 year old wife for 22 years, a mother of 3, and a “Gammy” to 2, I’ve just been otherwise preoccupied. However, that has all changed. I’ll admit I’m slow to get in the game, but that sand is oh so warm and safe! It’s scary and intimadating out here for me, little old sheltered me, BUT, I do belive every vote counts and that mine does matter. So with all that being said, where do I start? Well, I got my start with Glenn Beck. Long car trip, satellite radio and boom here I am. I consider myself a very compassionate and fair person. I pride myself in listening to both sides, and not passing judgments on people for the color of their skin, religion, or political affiliations. Thats how my mama raised me!

    I’ve joined Smart Girl Politics (where I feel very inferior) I’ve attended tea parties, I am a fan of Heritage House, and of course FOX news. I found a link to TrevorDrown for senate on my Smart Girls page, and after reading about him, decided I liked what he stood for. I know that I would have loved to vote for Jon Paul this past election but was afraid to for fear of that old vote splitting. I’m not scared anymore. I’m sick of the democrats, I’m sick of the republicans, I’m kinda sick of the whole mess. I’m not good with “facades” and pretending I’m someone I’m not, so I could never go into politics….No offense intended Trevor, but I do know that I want someone in office that cares about the same things as me. OK THAT being said, I now have a page here on which I’m supposed to post. Wow? Can I do this? Well, we’ll see if anyone reads this.

    I’m going to Lowes this afternoon for some sign “building” equipment and some more ink for my printer. While I might not be able to donate much to his campaign, I can put signs in my community, make some flyers, and do a lot of emailing. I come from a mostly democratic family, but you’ll be thankful to know they all live in Oklahoma, so we don’t have to worry ’bout them. I’ve already been admonished by one aunt who “doesn’t appreciate Anti-Obama emails.” Hmmmmm. Ok then. Shes off the list.

    I’ve posted Trevors link on my facebook status where it will stay, even if I have something non-political to say that day. People will surely get curious enough to check it out.

    Gonna get my flyers made and put them all over town, and once I get my petition I will go door to door and start getting signatures. WOW? CAN I REALLY DO THIS? Yes, I CAN. I WANT CHANGE. And if I sit on my butt and do nothing at all, then I have no right to gripe when there is no change made. Or that change is one that takes away my freedoms and liberties.

    So I guess the main message in this long ramble is this…..If I can do this, get actively involved in an election process, then ANYONE can do this.

    Ok…I’m going to work the courage up and push that post button now.

  5. Eagle II

    FYI: The Moderate (Infiltrator) Steele denounces Drown. To those who want to follow “The Party Line”,
    well that’s what Obama’s goal is as well, so wasn’t it Mao’s and Lenin, Castro and more..

    Monthly Political View -August 20, 2009 – Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele’s instructions today to the State GOP about strategies on how deal with independent US Senate office seeker Trevor Drown have many local republicans unhappy. Steele, in Little Rock today, met with Doyle Webb and other members of party leadership. First item on the agenda: secure the US Senate seat held by democrat Blanche Lincoln. Polls show Lincoln, who is running for her third term has little to no support across all groups. Normally this would provide the GOP the ability to pick up a senate seat. But there are problems. The first is a major negative view across the state for republicans. The current 5 to 8 possible candidates include everyone from a ultra-conservative who has ties to former Governor Huckabee to a recently retired Army Colonel. In between a tea party boat builder, a FedEx driver/real estate investor and a few other odds and ends who are still deciding. Adding to their problems are continuous racist comments, and a lack of focus. There is also concern the state party is in the red, and may be in financial trouble with a net loss of $108,000 in the last 12 months

    Another key player in this election will be the Green Party. The past three Federal elections, Greens have done something Republican’s have not done. Provide a candidate to run against the incumbent. This continues to be a problem statewide as republicans fail to recruit anyone at various state level and higher offices to run including taking on the very popular Governor Beebe. Failure to provide someone this time could result in the Republican Party downgraded to a minor party. This will result in the of an automatic position on the 2012 ballot without gathering from 2,000 to 10,000 signatures.

    Speaking of signatures, according to inside sources present at the meeting, Michael Steele named former Green Beret Trevor Drown, the number one threat to the Republican Party. He has the looks, brains, leadership style and the support of the people in Arkansas. A grassroots movement, already underway has worried many GOP leaders since it is expected he will easily get the required 10,000 signatures by May 2010. When it was discovered members of party leadership had tried to recruit Drown and he turned him down, heads were shaking and many at the meeting heard Steele mumble that was “bad, very bad.” Things got a little heated when it was discovered once he had turned them down; members of the party attempted to discredit Drown. These two also hold statewide offices and combined their efforts with a local blogger to discredit Drown.

    One staffer from the GOP D.C. office was heard to say, this is what is wrong with you people. You still think this is the 19th century. You need to ignore, him, never mention his name never acknowledge him. If you recognize his existence you elevate him to our level. The need to take him out will happen only if he gets the signatures next May.

    There were a few moderate republicans unhappy with how the state party has handled the Drown affair. Targeting a veteran of the Global War on terror did not sit well with them. Internally, party support is already waning and infighting is increases daily due to the GOP’s silent nod of approval already given to Curtis Coleman.

  6. Don Lake .......... I think I'm In Love

    with Eagle [Forum] II ………

    We probably do not agree on half a dozen main stream items, but the anti establishment resentment and ground swell is literally palpable.

    Off site, I have been suspicious of pretty much every thing since the Nixon – Kennedy fiasco of 1960. And have yet to meet a post 1960 Dem or GOP that was worth my time or vote.

    My red headed sweet heart is an anti union former Dem, whom [like myself] is anti funny money Federal Reserve System and Electoral College. Another of our ‘throw the bums out’ crew is a ‘never voted til I’m 60’ old maid. The co founder of Citizens for a Better Veterans Home, a fellow Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader, Nader voter, has been a reform type since the United We Stand America days of 1992.

    The aggravations and dissatisfactions are out there, but the Loyal Opposition needs to concentrate on ‘Unelecting the Incumbents’ instead of nit picking.

  7. Spence

    Given that duopolized polls show Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln trailing her likely Republican opponents by significant margins… we may well see a competitive multi-party contest develop in the Natural State over the course of this year’s election season.

    Ohohoh! Ahahaha! That’s rich, you fucking pricks. What did you think about Joe Kennedy, Bob Byrd, etc again?

    Oh right – that they would all do this. Poofertarian cheerleaders.

  8. jason

    @#1 – Perot would’ve won in ’92 if he hadn’t pulled out early then re-joined and then went crazy about blaming Republicans for destroying his daughter’s wedding. We would’ve seen a much stronger, more fiscally responsible America.

  9. Richard Winger

    Perot probably maximized his showing by pulling out in mid-July 1992 and then re-entering on October 1, 1992. He was being relentlessly attacked in July. The attacks focused on his personal characteristics, saying he was not in touch with reality because he thought the Republicans were going to spread the rumor that one of his daughters was a lesbian, and because he said some black militants had jumped over the fence around his home and were intent on a home invasion. All that was forgotten after he dropped out. And when he came back in in October, it was still forgotten.

  10. Harlequin

    “This is the dumbest idea I’ve heard. I’ve been active in the tea party movement, but I’ve never believed in cutting off my nose to spite my face.
    An independent candidate would split the vote and keep Lincoln in office. It’s far better to work for a conservative Republican”

    Anyone else need a reason to hate the Tea Party movement?

  11. Eagle II


    1. Trevor Drown “earned” a green beret, he’s not a green beret, thats a hat. He’s Special Forces and passed many tests including the “Q” course to earn that Green beret he was “awarded”

    2. His website ( busy as a bea ) is located here:

    3. It will be a major victory for powerful interests in both the Democrat and Republican party that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans if either party wins this seat.

    Their goal: elect the people who will do their bidding, while defeating those who won’t.

    While Trevor works on a shoe box donation budget, businesses, labor and special interest groups will dole out unfathomable amounts of money in campaigns nationwide to support those in political power we once placed in our trust and faith with our individual votes. It’s time for Arkansas to lead our nation once again. Trevor is asking you for your trust, faith and for your vote.

    If you have been asking yourself what you can do to reclaim the principles of liberty that laid the foundation of Arkansas and America then joining Trevor Drown’s grassroots campaign is a great start.

    Electing Trevor Drown to the United States Senate presents an opportunity for you to tell the chosen few in both parties, that you’ve had enough. For you to tell the liberal leadership in Washington and our liberal Senator in Arkansas who voted against the people of this state that you’ve had enough of the hypocrisy and false promises they offer while we are faced with unemployment, more and more taxes, liberal health care reform and national security concerns, trillion dollar debt while ever increasing salaries are being paid to growing numbers of government employees with the tax dollars of recession-battered citizens of our Arkansas.

    There’s too much at stake for you and your family not to get involved. Join Trevor in holding Washington’s feet to the fire, make them accountable as you send a strong message that you’ve had enough..

    VOTE Trevor Drown, US Senate in 2010
    Dare to Make a Difference!!

  12. Austin Battenberg

    Perot took more votes from Clinton then from Bush. I also have friends that are Nader supporters in 2000 that had Bush as their second choice. No candidate OWNS your vote…and no candidate STEALS votes from another candidate.

    If I vote Libertarian, the Republican in the race isn’t losing a vote…its because I don’t like either the Republican OR Democrat alternative. No one and no party owns my vote.

  13. Nate

    What I find hilarious is the idea that Bill Clinton only won in 1996 because “a third party was the spoiler”.

    Assuming – and you know that makes an ass out of us all – that 90% of those who voted for Perot had instead voted for Dole, Clinton still would have won the electoral college easily.

    And even if everyone who voted for Perot had instead voted for Dole, Clinton still would have won the popular vote by .1%.

    Clinton would have won in 1992 as well, with or without Perot, but at least arguing that one isn’t complete batshit crazy. But 1996? Get real!

  14. Nate

    Also, in 1996 roughly 2% of Democrats and 2% of Republicans voted for Perot. Sure doesn’t look like 90% of those would have gone for Dole.

    Compare that to the almost 5% of Republicans who voted for Clinton. But sure, it was Perot who cost Dole the election. Let’s not let facts get in the way.

  15. paulie Post author

    Nate is correct, but even if Perot had in fact “given” Clinton the election, so what?

    Are we supposed to think (if that’s even the term) that another term of Pappy Bush and a term of Bob Dull would have somehow been better? How?

  16. jason

    @#11 – Thanks Richard for clarifying that for me (you must understand, I was only 8 at the time, so everything I know from that election is based on minor recollection and major research).

    And to everyone else who calls Perot a spoiler, why can’t we assume that Bush and Clinton spoiled it for Perot? He really really really was the best choice in that election.

  17. Steven R Linnabary

    To even think that Viagra Bob lost due to Perot’s being on most ballots is idiotic. And Perot did not “steal” votes from “Read my Lips” Bush, either.

    In fact, more people voted in those two elections (percentage wise) than any other recent election. In other words, Perot appealed to voters that would not have gone to the polls otherwise.

    But Paulie is correct, the best candidate in ’92 was Marrou.


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