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From their national website:

FEB 10, 2010
The Whig Party revival began as a series of political discussions among deployed American service members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. When these men and women returned home, they realized that there is a substantial need for a mainstream, non-fringe political movement that caters to individuals that are not defined by ideology but rather common sense fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and a focus on education/scientific advancement over strict social issues. After a brief stint as an advocacy organization on behalf of military families, the Modern Whig movement ultimately branched out to Americans from all walks of life. At one point, the party was deemed the “fastest growing mainstream political movement in the nation.”

The leadership has been busy solidifying the foundation and substance in order to compete as a viable and mainstream political movement. We are not delusional as to the road ahead, but rather optimistic that a solid message, foundation and savvy will serve to continue getting the word out. Please stay tuned as a number of announcements are pending.

FEB 9, 2010

Modern Whig Party to announce new State Chapters.

FEB 8, 2010

Modern Whig Party’s Media Committee meets online.

FEB 8, 2010

Elaine Stephens accepts position with Native-Americans in Philanthropy.

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  1. Don Lake .......... thank you

    Third Party Revolution // Feb 13, 2010:
    “An example of a monumental waste of time is to” call for new enrollees and then ‘sit’ on completed pre paid postage registration forms.

    [Personal experience(s) ……… ]

  2. Don Lake .......... More news from DC

    February 15, 2010
    You Did It! New Trade Reform Majority
    Make sure your representatives and senators are on the winning side of the growing mandate for trade reform!

    Dear Donald Raymond Lake,
    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

    Thanks to Public Citizen activists like you, the comprehensive reform bill that turns around our failed trade policy – the TRADE Act – has reached a key milestone. The bill has won support from more than half the Democrats in the House of Representatives. That’s right: because of you, we have a new trade reform majority!

    The Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act delivers on the broad public expectation that Congress and the president will forge a new trade policy that creates jobs, ensures import safety and fixes past damaging agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as they have promised. This bill represents the huge opportunity we have now to remake our trade policy and dump the failed NAFTA model once and for all. The legislation now has 137 cosponsors, but to actually implement President Obama’s campaign commitments to trade reform – to replace NAFTA and make sure future agreements work for most people – the TRADE Act must have even more sponsors.

    Take action now to be sure your representatives and senators support the TRADE Act – the growing consensus on trade reform! As you can imagine, the pro-offshoring forces pushing more-of-the- same U.S.-job-killing trade deals are not pleased by this great development on the TRADE Act and are redoubling their efforts to thwart change.

    Contact your representative and both of your senators today to make sure they stand with the American public’s expectation that President Obama [Don Lake’s Yokohama Momma] delivers on his many campaign commitments for real trade reform.

  3. The Mother Whigging Truth

    Always lies from this bunch! Why does IPR follow them? They don’t even have a chairperson. The second one just resigned. Well really resigned on December 12th but they just now came up with a media explanation.

    They still are recognized anywhere. They still don’t have a treasurer, but are still taking money.

    They are one big press machine. Why do you think that their only complete work group is the media work group? They have been using talking points and that’s how they have received coverage. You can take them as serious as you can take their 2 dollar website.

    Nothing but lies from this group of misfits since they started a year ago. Their methodology is misleading their few followers, their so called state chairs, and the public. they are selling goods. Its a marketing party!

  4. The Mother Whigging Truth

    Now I noticed IPR wont let anyone comment on the new post about them “Modern Whig Party: Methodology over Ideology”

    I had a long reply to that one. Their methodology is to write their own press releases and continue to make up facts about them selves. I started looking up the state chairs and half don’t exist and the other half are just kids and then four adults fighting over the chairman spot.

    they even put out press releases about the Florida candidates like they are their own. Back in December they announced in Florida that they had another congressional candidate about to announce and the Modern Whigs posted on twitter that they were about to announce another congressional candidate the same day. They don’t have any candidates in the Modern Whig party. Florida does but not them. Cons, all cons!

  5. paulie Post author

    Now I noticed IPR wont let anyone comment on the new post about them “Modern Whig Party: Methodology over Ideology”

    You are free to comment, It may be stuck in the automated spam filter. I’ll be cleaning that a little later.

  6. paulie Post author

    Cleaned the filter, didn’t find anything from you.

    The submit button sticks some of the time lately…you may want to try again.

  7. Dispatch from Marion County

    As a resident of Marion County, FL, I also feel the need to discuss the blatant and outright lies of the Whig Party, particularly the outfit in Florida. See, I actually sent my money to the state for my voter registration information and lived through the fiasco that ended with our local nutcase Paul Truesdell literally being laughed out of the Republican Party. He may have people fooled nationally, but down here the party is a certifiable joke.

    Take a look at this whopper from their press releases:

    “Revived by Jeremy McShurley in late 2006, the Florida Whig party has quickly attracted thousands of members. They represent moderate voters from all walks of life that cherry-pick between traditional Democratic and Republican ideals in what has been called the Florida Whig Philosophy. This Ocala, FL-based Whig Party values common sense, rational solutions ahead of ideology and partisan bickering.”

    I know these national Whigs are claiming as members people who enter into their database. Truesdell takes it a step further and is claiming “quickly attracted thousands of members.”

    Here’s the truth: According to state voter rolls, the Florida Whigs since late 2006 have attracted a grand total of less than 150 registrants. Even in Florida we know the difference between “thousands” and 150. The Whigs had 55 members in November 2008, which kind of puts into perspective a letter Truesdell released claiming a double in registration.

    In Marion County, my home and the home of the Florida Whigs, as of November 2009, the Florida Whigs had a whopping 6 members. This number includes Truesdell, his wife, his best friend, his employee and his candidate that is going nowhere. This means that maybe one person not associated with Truesdell is registered with the Whigs in Marion County. Paul McKain, his much touted candidate, has left the party because it seems every time McKain gave an interview or did something public, he would receive nasty calls from Truesdell questioning his every move and attempting to bully him into the party line.

    None of this is suprising in Marion County after watching Truesdell come unglued during and after the sheriff’s race. We actually joke that the Whigs are the “Truesdell Party” because it is completely centered around his household.

    On another note, I notice that the Florida press release also copies almost verbatum the verbage of the Modern Whig outfit. I discount the Modern Whigs, but as a registered Florida party, one would think that Truesdell would know better than to outright lie about his numbers when they can be verified by anyone with a few bucks.

  8. Stanton

    The Florida Whig Party is no longer an associate of the Modern Whig Party. They broke off sometime around four months ago.

  9. Jason R.

    Dispatch from Marion County (Brian C.) Your funny! You copy and past that every time something is written about the Florida Whig Party.

    It has already been proven that you don’t live in Marion county let alone Florida on one of the other sites you posted the same thing word for word. (copy and paste)

    On that same site it was also addressed that the press releases you talk about were put out back when Florida was aligned with the Modern Whig Party who claims 30,000 plus members.

    You should also read Paul McKain’s true statement as to why he left to run as an independent on Mr. McKain’s website. Nothing like what your saying.

  10. Cindy Ward

    The Modern Whigs are a sad group to keep their little jabs and digs at our party in Florida. Dr. Griffith is our director in the Panhandle. We have over 80 members. There are candidates running for office around the state. A doctor is running for a county commission seat. We have a detective with a sheriff’s office running for congress. Our executive board is great and does not lie. Jealousy is so immature so grow up.

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