New York Tea Party Group Considers Independent Ballot Line

In addition to the Connecticut tea party group noted by Paulie, tea party activists in New York are also considering creating an independent ballot line to run a candidate for governor this November.  Via TPID, WGRZ news reports:

BUFFALO, NY – “First we’re going to identify whether we’ve got a winning effort,” said Carl Paladino.  And if they do, Buffalo real estate developer Carl Paladino may run for governor of New York State; but not as a democrat or republican.  The Tea Party would create its own line on the ballot for him.  “You need 15,000 signatures statewide,” said Ralph Mohr, Erie County Board of Elections Commissioner.

20 thoughts on “New York Tea Party Group Considers Independent Ballot Line

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  2. Old Antifederalist

    Welcome back Robert. You missed a thread of over 500 posts, about some infighting in the Losertarian Party here in California. There was also a thread about greens and libertarians working together, that conveniently ignored the PLAS.

  3. JT

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  4. paulie

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  11. Unknown

    This all sounds good… but is Carl Paladino pro 2nd amendment, anti-gun control legislation, removing the state wide continuation of the automatic weapons ban that has already expired at the federal level? Obviously I’m pro 2nd amendment. This isn’t the only issue I’m stuck on, but its a big one for me as a voter. I want the ability to carry concealed to protect myself and my loved ones. I don’t need more restrictive laws that tell me I can only have an unrestricted carry permit if I carry large sums of cash. My life is worth more than any “large sum of cash”.

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