NY Senate Bill 4779, allowing kids to okay vaccines, creates controversy among ideologies

Kimberly Wilder writes:

NY State Senate Bill S4779 concerns allowing minors to receive vaccines for STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) without their parents’ consent or knowledge. According to an action alert by Rita M. Palma at MyKidsMyChoice, the vaccines covered include Hep-B and Gardasil.

Some of the public discourse is represented below. The various angles include: Libertarians who oppose this bill as a way to take choice of health care from parents and give that choice to the medical industry, educators and vaccine manufacturers; Parents who want to protect their rights to guide their children’s choices and health care; Education advocates who see vaccines as a probable cause of learning disabilities and autism, who do not want mass vaccinations of children; Pro-life/anti-abortion advocates who believe that the government should not condone children having sexual intercourse; Pro-choice advocates who believe the bill is needed to give young people realistic, sexual information and medical attention to keep them protected from STD’s.

The Libertarian viewpoint is from an outside blog source. Other sources include my own, green-centered blog with anonymous input, and e-mail action alerts I have received from friends.

One Libertarian perspective:

from Serf City, described as “New York Politics from a Libertarian Perspective”

Help Defeat Bad Vaccine Bills in Albany Tomorrow [expected vote was for 2/9/2010]

By Jim Lesczynski

The Coalition for Informed Choice has issued an urgent action alert regarding a vote tomorrow on draconian vaccine legislation working its way through Albany.

S4779 and A6702 would permit all present and future vaccines and drugs for sexually transmitted diseases to be given to New York children without parental consent. The Senate codes committee is expected to vote on the bill on Tuesday.

If this legislation is enacted, parents would be replaced by school administrators and public health bureaucrats as the key decision-makers regarding their children’s health care.

If a child has a drug or vaccine reaction, the parents won’t know
what is happening or how to help. Anonymous vaccine administrators don’t know the child’s medical history, vaccine contraindications, allergies, and past vaccine reactions.

Keep in mind that these bills apply to all children, with no age limit. Theoretically, bureaucrats would have the green light to start administering STD vaccines in kindergarten.

Another Assembly bill, A778, makes HPV vaccines mandatory for all New York children beginning in the sixth grade. Keep in mind that HPV is only a risk if the child is sexually active. Fortunately, there is no “same as” bill in the Senate, so this legislation is less of an immediate threat.

Contact your state senators and assembly members today, and let them know you oppose these draconian, authoritarian bills.

from an e-mail from “Lisa Rudley”, forwarded to me by a friend:

Dear All,

Thank you for copying all your letters and sharing your responses with us. Today New Yorkers made an impact on contacting the entire legislature.  As I spoke to various offices at the end of the day they already knew the bills I was opposing. All offices received many calls, faxes and emails.  At this point many of the staffers for the Senators on the Codes Committee could not verify which way they were going to vote tomorrow, however, we know that 4 of the 16 are definitely opposing S4779.  If anyone as any more feedback please email nyvaccinechoice@gmail.com   Also, Rita Palma and I spoke on the Al Roney WGY Radio show (Albany) and Rita spoke on the Gary Null radio show today.  Many New Yorkers were listening and took action.

A number of New Yorkers will be attending the Codes Committee Meeting, tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 10:30AM.  We know that some of the media will also be in attendance.   If anyone is heading up to Albany, please meet us at the Capitol Building in Room 123.  My cell number is 917.414.9190 to connect. For those of you who can not attend the committee meeting, it’s being streamed live.  Please go to this site to view the meeting live:  http://www.nysenate.gov/event/2010/feb/09/codes-meeting

I want to let everyone know that the newly formed organization, NY Alliance for Vaccination Choice (NYAVC) will be launching a website shortly.  We will need your help and support with NYAVC to continue to be proactive for vaccination choice in New York.  We are collaborating with all the “choice” organizations in New York and from across the country to better serve all New Yorkers.  There is more to come on NYAVC.

Finally, thank you to everyone who picked up the phone or sent a fax or email.  Every contact has made a difference.  Even with this short notice, New Yorkers rose to the occasion with passion and devotion in our quest for vaccination choice.  I will report back tomorrow after our Albany trip.

Thank you,
Lisa Rudley,
NY Alliance for Vaccination Choice (NYAVC)-newly formed

from a friend of mine who is a mom and an Education Advocate:

WE OPPOSE BILL S4779/ A6702: Please vote against these bills.

We firmly believe in,” It’s our kids, our choice”. Government has no right to dictate to us about our Religious or Philosophical beliefs. Our country was founded on the belief of religious freedom, and this issue shakes up and looks to destroy the very core of what this country is suppose to stand for. We have not nor do we intend to relinquish our religious or philosophical freedoms due to pharmaceutical company lobbyists and their plan to make money by infecting our children’s otherwise health bodies with toxins that they have yet to prove do no real harm.

The jury is still out on what these vaccinations can truly do to a young child’s neuro-biological system. If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would never allow my children to be vaccinated with certain chemicals, which might have been the cause of so many allergic reactions and the cause of one of my child’s autism.

With that said, I hope you vote against these bills, and reach out to others in the senate/assembly to do the same. Rally against this campaign, which only serves to harm more children than we will ever know about.

The number of children with Autism and other neuro-biological learning disorders are increasing every day and no one knows that better than I do. As an Education Advocate who fights for the rights of these very children, I can speak to the pain and suffering the passage of these bills would cause. If we are genuinely interested in bring fiscal responsibility to NYS, then let this be one of the vetoed bills that can do that. When we allow our children to be subjected to vaccinations, which have yet to be proven safe, and the cause of so many learning disabilities, we burden the school system with unnecessary financial burdens in special education. We burden the children’s parents with legal bills paid to fight to get their children an appropriate education.

The pharmaceutical companies are rich enough and they continue to get richer every day with the high rising cost of medicines. Why then aren’t we asking these companies to foot a percentage of the bill that it takes to fund special education? Instead, our taxes go up every year to pay for these children special education. I bet if we started asking the pharmaceutical companies for that tax money they would stop asking us to infect our children bodies with their vaccinations, which contain chemicals that harm our kids.

Respectfully and sincerely yours,
Mrs. Rosemarie C. Komorowski

And, my last example, is an enrolled Green Party member from New York, who privately said that he thinks the bill is needed to help young people get access to medical care.


Related Story at IPR:
In October 2009, The Constitution Party held a rally in Suffolk County against mandatory flu vaccinations.

8 thoughts on “NY Senate Bill 4779, allowing kids to okay vaccines, creates controversy among ideologies


    OH GOOD, NEXT WILL BE THE FLU VACC H1N1. Oh yea I really like that.

    These nuts in offices have to go.

  2. Rosemary Mathis

    Hello Kimberly, my daughter was injured by Gardasil. She was disabled. Her pediatrician said it was the best thing for her and I trusted him. Her treatment cost us thousands of dollars. If she had gotten the vaccine at school without my knowledge, she could have lost her life like the 54 girls whose deaths are currently recorded in VAERS. The parents are responsible for the medical bills of these children and in some cases, the parents do not have insurance. This could be a tragic situation.

    Thousands of girls have become sick because of Gardasil. This is an international problem and I believe that Gardasil will be pulled from the market as was VIOXX, a former drug that was manufactured by Merck, the maker of Gardasil.

    Because so many girls have been injured and maimed by Gardasil, we have built a website at http://WWW.TRUTHABOUTGARDASIL.ORG to consolidate the victim’s stories. I am attaching our latest interviews. I beg of you Kimberly, to cover the side of the injured girls also in response to this story. It is only fair to cover both sides of this story. I can put you into contact with victims across the globe!

    Please let me know if you have questions.

    Rosemary Mathis





  3. Marian Greene

    How does this even make sense? A school nurse cant even give a child a tylenol, but yet vaccines are going to be allowed? If a child has asthma or needs an epi pen at school for allergic reactions, it almost takes an act of congress for these meds to be kept / administered at school. But now vaccines, and ones for a sexually transmitted disease is going to be given? Not only does this make absolutely no sense, but it’s a health hazzard. The side effects of gardasil are still being discovered because of the way it was fast tracked onto the market, it does not belong in schools – PERIOD.
    Marian Greene

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    Dear Rosemary,

    Glad you found the story. And, thanks for sharing your perspective. You put it there with links, so I would say that covers it.

    The purpose of this site is to cover third parties. So, it would be difficult to insert the story you are telling into a regular post, unless there was a third party endorsement or tie-in.

    But, again, glad you put it up.

    (You do see that my article covers the PRO allow kids to do vaccines and CON allow kids to do vaccines, and that it leans toward NOT liking vaccines?)


  5. Lizzie

    Gardisil has now also been approved for use in males age 9-18, so it won’t be just girls. We give Gardisil in my clinic daily and have never had a bad reaction–not to say that there haven’t been problems elsewhere, but it’s not as widespread as some may think.
    North Carolina has a statute that allows anyone age 13 and over to receive care for mental illness, STDs, and pregnancy without having their parents notified. Many of the patients in my clinic have Medicaid–so the parents don’t get the big bill like privately insured people.
    You have to understand that some of these teens will NOT get the care that they need if their parents are going to be told about it. So if they are told that they have something like chlamydia they will continue to have unprotected sex and not get treated, because they don’t want their parents to find out.
    Lots to consider….

  6. Kimberly Wilder


    Thank you for your input. I think the angle of compassionately offering confidential medical help to teenagers is the angle one of my progressive friends suggested to me.

    But, one problem I have is this: If someone who is 13 years old (and remember, the NY bill S4779 does not even say an age, could be younger…but) if someone who is 13 years old is allowed to seek medical help with their own decision, then shouldn’t that person also be able to: vote, drive a car, decide if they can use alcohol, etc.

    There is a disconnect with believing that someone that age has the capacity to making a rational decision about their sexuality and their medical health entirely alone, but not saying that they are adults or full citizens in other areas.

    It is like the government, or health care workers, are trying to jump in and usurp the place of parents, but not take the full responsibility, and not give all the privileges.

    It is murky ground.

    I want to say another example that I think of a lot. When I was younger, there was a girl about 15 years old was known by all of us to have had multiple abortions because she had sex with her father. We all knew through rumor and gossip (which looking back, I see was supported as truth by events I knew). But, someone gave a 15-year-old these multiple abortions and did not look into if a crime was committed, or if she needed other help overcoming her sad existence.

    I think we need to rethink how we (as a government or society) offer charity to young people by closing our eyes to the full situations they present us with. If some person or entity gives a 15-year-old an abortion, seems like they are hurting that 15-year-old-child psychologically if they do not find out the age of the father, and find out if the young woman needs help.

    I think in trying to be helpful, confidential, and permissive, many people ignore these core issues, and do more harm than good.

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