Sun-Times Media takes a look at congressional primary winners, including Green Matt Reichel

In a piece in the Sun-Times Media group of newspapers, the winners of the primary in Illinois’ fifth congressional district were all looked at on the night they won their respective primaries.  On February 2nd, there was a statewide Democratic, Republican, and Green primary.  What is noteworthy about this piece is that they give equal attention to the Green, Matt Reichel, as they do the Republican and the incumbent Democrat.

Reichel said he had been campaigning for November all along because instead of taking potshots at the other Green candidates, he was focusing on the differences between himself and the Democrats and Republicans, as he and in last year’s special election when he said he got 7 percent of the total vote.

“While it’s still winter, we’ll do fundraising. People can write checks from the warmth of their homes,” said Reichel, who will be happy if he can raise $30,000 for the general election.

He added: “Our general rule is that if we’re outspent 10-to-1, we become competitive. No, I’m not going to have all the billboards or radio commercials. But we can have intelligently placed ads and carefully chosen interns canvassing the district. And we can have an office.

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    Conserve & protect the environmental resources by building solar, wind, geothermal energy.

    Conserve & save tax dollars by balancing the budget and paying off the federal debt by ending the wars in Iraq, Afghan, installing auditable accounting system at pentagon with a budget of $100 billion a year, not $1 trillion per year.

    Save $250 billion a year on interest on federal debt by paying it off…

    Long time sensible Green Party “conservative” goals.

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