Vaughn Stull to run as Green Party Candidate for Ohio House District 61

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For immediate release: Saturday February 20, 2010
Vaughn Stull

Vaughn Stull to run as Green Party Candidate for Ohio House District 61

Vaughn Stull, a 23-year-old Kent State University student, has entered the race for State Representative of Ohio House District 61. He is one of three candidates running for the seat against incumbent Mark Okey.

Stull is committed to ‘clean politics’. As a Green Party candidate he will not take money from corporate or special interests. “The two major parties are funded heavily by corporations and lobbyists. The American people are outraged by the recent Supreme Court decision that is going to allow CEOs to buy Congress. I am running to be an advocate of the people.” he explained, “How can we expect our lawmakers to make unbiased decisions on their people’s behalf when their pockets are lined with dirty money?”

He is running on a platform that calls for a reinvestment in public education. “We’ve seen a trend of state college tuition increases while college administrators continue to give themselves raises. Many capable students are being priced out of an education. They are unwilling and unable to take on 25 year loans when jobs are not being created and existing employment opportunities are being sent to other countries. We can’t turn Ohio’s economy around if tomorrow’s brightest minds must become its biggest debtors.”, he said.

Stull was a former candidate for Mill Township trustee in Tuscarawas County where he resides with his fiancé, Caitlin Cable. A graduate of Claymont High School, he earned an associate degree in broadcasting from Hocking College and is currently finishing his bachelors degree in Electronic Media Production at Kent State University. He is presently employed by WNPQ, 95.9 “The Light”, in Canton.

8 thoughts on “Vaughn Stull to run as Green Party Candidate for Ohio House District 61

  1. paulie Post author

    why is this posted 6 or 7 times?

    Not sure. Seems to have happened a couple of times lately.

    Should be fixed now.

    BTW give me a call if you are still up and about..

  2. Third Party Revolution

    Third Party Revolution would like to endorse Vaughn Stull in his campaign for Ohio’s House District 61, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nationwide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  3. Erik Geib

    Though I may disagree with some of Vaughn’s viewpoints, I wish him the best of luck. It’s high time Ohio (and other places) were represented by new, passionate voices.

  4. More Don Lake

    Erik Geib // Feb 21, 2010:
    “……. It’s high time (places) were represented by new, passionate voices.”

    Phuque Ewe, reason and logic over passion!

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