Green Party activist Ian Wilder comments on Kucinich and health care

My co-blogger, Ian Wilder, posted this at

Ewe Sheep by George Gastin

Ewe Sheep by George Gastin

Is Kucinich just herding sheep to slaughter?

IW: While faux progressive sites like Daily Kos and MoveOn have threatened Kucinich for not voting for the toothless health insurance bill, independent media site like Black Agenda Report and Democracy Now! have lobbed softballs his way. Even Nader refused to directly criticize Kucinich in his roll in mollifying a potential break away of progressives from the Democratic party over the Afghanistan/Iraq Wars and Health Care Reform. We need leaders who not afraid to speak truth to power, even when it’s their friends. We need a political party that is willing to stand up for the best interests of the voter, not defense contractors and insurance companies. And where is a real voice that is not afraid to speak truth to power like Cynthia McKinney? Is leaving her out part of Democracy Now’s continual policy of marginalizing the Green Party?

Black Agenda Report came to the only conclusion possible:

And it was a defining moment for those who believe there is anything politically worthwhile that can be accomplished within the structures of the Democratic Party, now firmly controlled by its corporate wing. There is nothing for a true progressive to do in Obama’s Democratic Party, but shut up, and roll over.

But hasn’t that really been true for a long while. Hasn’t the so-called progressive wing of the Democratic Party just been “sound and fury signifying nothing”. Where were they during the last Democratic convention? Where were the calls for ending the wars and single-payer healthcare to be put in the Democratic Party platform? Not a people was heard from these so-called progressives. Where have the the calls for the Congressional Budget Office to run the numbers on single-payer healthcare so we could all see how it would save our economy money? Not one of these so-called Pregressive Democratic Congressmen dared cross that line?

Democracy Now just asked Kucinich to the firedoglake question of whether he was “going to be giving back the money to people who gave to you all over the country because you said you would not support healthcare reform without a public option?”

Well, that ain’t enough. Kucinich should work to give a voice back to all the people he (and firedoglake) disenfranchised by supporting Obama’s candidacy.And Kucinish is still proper up the Obama presidency with the lesser evil argument that we “don’t want the Obama presidency to go down, because they’re concerned if that happens, forces of reaction would set in that would make it impossible to pass employee free choice and some other things that labor really wants.” Please does he really expect employee free to choice to be put up by Obama if he hasn’t already. More lambs to slaughter.

And what did Nader ask of Kucinich?

What—I think Dennis Kucinich has been known as the great dissenter in the Democratic Party—against the criminal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, for impeaching Bush and Cheney, for single payer, on and on. His subcommittee hearings, which are almost never covered by the press, provide a standard for what House subcommittees should be investigating all over the country. But I think he owes an explanation to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of progressive Americans, many of whom who watch this show, who have clinged to Dennis Kucinich as the great dissenter, as the principled person, as the person who will hold the banner high. “The Star-Spangled Banner” has this phrase, “And the flag was still there.” But for the progressives in this country, they want to keep saying, “And Dennis Kucinich was still there.” So I would like him to go all over the country, after this malicious vote by the Democrats in the House, and address audiences all over, starting a complete new wave for full Medicare for all before this bill kicks in in 2014, so all the members running for reelection in 2010 are going to have to face it.

That Kucinich go on a speaking tour to amend for his sins? Yeah some more self-promotion to make progressive Democrats feel its ok to be in a party that opposes everything they stand for? That won’t help much.

And Nader mentions that Peter Camejo’s upcoming autobiography states that “Well, this is the latest chapter of corporate Democrats crushing progressive forces both inside their party and against third parties.” But Nader leaves out that Camejo confronted Kucinich on his direct attempts to undermine real progressive parties and Green Party candidates. And that Kucinich lied to Camejo when he promised to take a request to change from Green Party enrollment to Democratic Party enrollment out of his campaign video, but didn’t.


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33 thoughts on “Green Party activist Ian Wilder comments on Kucinich and health care

  1. Robert Milnes

    The Green Party has very little cred either because they are guaranteed losers. UNLESS they endorse PLAS/FET/FDS. Nader also. Without PLAS he had enough ballot support & name recognition to win but could not. As soon as he predictibly picked a progressive instead of a libertarian vp, he lost. Progressives have NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE except _PLAS. The GP will lose. A new progressive party see will lose because it will directly compete with the GP & LP thereby confusing voters. Progressives working within the democratic party is a longstanding clear failure.

  2. 20 Questions .......... via Don Lake

    As I have had little (no) success in communications with Team Wilder
    here are some long awaited queries
    for Ian and spouse:

    [a] For two decades various verdant
    groups have had an opportunity to
    up date the four pronged Peace Sign
    via a three bladed electricity producing
    wind mill. Why the lack of interest ????

    [b] Speaking of symbols, is there a
    wimpier, more off putting banner than
    the Sun Flower ?????? Talk about the
    world knowing the presence of a mass
    of effeminate gardeners ……..

    [c] Are the [so called] leader ship of the
    green move ment aware that 2012 is the
    Centennial of the [flawed but] Progressive
    campaign of Bull Moose 1912 ?????

    [d] Are the rudder less vanguard of the
    American greens aware that the Bull
    Moose is almost as well known as the
    Liberty Bell, Pachyderm and Mule ?????

    [e] Kucinich, UFOs, (and I feel that I
    am a very tolerant and open minded on
    OPINIONs) but your take on the Ohio’s
    21 th Century answer to the Wrights and
    [Senater] Johnny Glenn ???????

    [f] Lack of connections with other anti
    war groups [Libs, Socialists, Bible Beaters]
    especially veterans groups ?????

    [g] Tolerance of third party traitors like
    Patricia ” Don’t Vote For Me ” LaMarshe

    [h] Lack of connections with technical
    environmental concepts [Bucky Fuller,
    T Boone Pickens, computers] instead of
    restrictions, rationing, and suffering[s]!

    [i] Reality of Climate Change and human
    options ??????

    [j] Nader ?????????

    [k] Pro Conservation and Pro Consumer Post Nader ?????

    [m] California [Greens]

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home
    263 Eucalyptus Court
    Chula Vista

    (619) 420 – 0209

  3. Dear Wilders ..........

    “We need leaders who not afraid to speak truth to power, even when it’s their friends. We need a political party that is willing to stand up for the best interests of the voter ………..” Ian Wilder

    Lake: a sure way to be universally despised!
    Not only do partisans have honest differences
    of OPINIONS, but with nothing to lose and
    little to gain, ‘true believers’ will knowingly
    lie about ‘facts’ and the more religious seem
    to be the worst on the lack of ethics ……..

  4. Green Party fan

    Thank you for the Green Party article.

    It was very timely, and interesting to get Green Party leaders, and Green Party members views.

    Much appreciated.

  5. Green Party fan

    Green Party’s Jill Stein

    at Green Party Watch

    Jill Stein: Don’t let them keep the real healthcare solution off the table
    March 19th, 2010 by Dave Schwab · 1 Comment
    From Jill Stein for Governor of Massachusetts:

    Health insurance companies want to raise monthly premiums by as much as 32% above the current killer rates. Workers, families, cities, towns, and state government are already staggering under the current burden.

  6. Green Party fan

    Green Party Meeting

    Greens to meet
    The Anne Arundel County Green Party will meet from 7 to 8 p.m. Tuesday in the back room of 49 West Coffeehouse, 49 West St. in Annapolis. The public is invited.

    Bob Gallagher, co-chairman of the Anne Arundel Chapter of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, will be the guest speaker. Meeting topics include the purpose and goals of this new and one-of-a-kind chapter of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.

  7. Green Party fan

    With Green Party nearing record levels of popularity in Germany – near 20%…

    The Green Party Chairman…appears to be getting in pole position to be the next Vice Chancellor and or Foreign Minister in a Green Party lead German federal government ..

    Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying Meets with German Green Party Chairman Ozdemir

    March 17, 2010, Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying, at request, met in the foreign ministry with visiting German Green Party Chairman Cem Ozdemir.

    Fu said that the Chinese side attaches great importance to its relations with Germany and is willing to strengthen the exchanges with the German Green Party in order to increase mutual understanding. He also introduced China’s political, economic, social and legal framework

  8. Richard Cooper

    The NY Times quoted Kucinich as being told by his constituents that “Something is better than nothing.” Was there any doubt that Kucinich and the rest of the Single Payer Caucus would ultimately vote for Obamacare?

    I would prefer tax repeal to tax cuts but I would still vote for cuts.

  9. Dennis

    The Greens do so well in Germany because they have proportional representation; people don’t feel voting Green is a wasted vote. The German party also isn’t becoming synonymous with Cynthia McKinney, a crazy woman with zero mainstream appeal.

  10. Michael Cavlan RN



    Tell Kimberley I said hello. As for the part about the Green Party leaders who speak truth, even to their friends, well that ship sailed a long time ago.

    Meanwhile, on the good ship lolly pop of hope, Green Party Fan pretty much makes my point.

    Ignore the voices of dissent annd then send in someone to attack..

    It’s the Green party way.. That is why so many of us left. The denial of some on just how bad things were and those mean spirited, viscious folks who mad it that bad.

  11. Michael Cavlan RN

    Gosh, things are just so peachy keen. Thank you for this wonderful happy, smiley face, good ship lolly pop of hope with the Green Party news.

    Ignore the man behind the curtain.
    good grief

  12. Michael Cavlan RN


    BTW, if yopu go to Green Party watch, then go to the GP Blog radio section, you can listenn to my interview there. Well it was nnot really an interview but I do go into some detail about that which I have been posting here.

    Kind of a different perspective than say Green party fan.

  13. Dear .......... Green Hills of Home

    Michael Cavlan RN // Mar 19, 2010:
    “Gosh, things are just so peachy keen ……..”
    that the Wilders have not responded to
    ANY of Lake’s queries!

    Nothing against the Wilders,
    but the truth is truth. I wish
    it was better, but *personal
    experience* says other wise!

  14. Kimberly Wilder

    Dennis at #10:

    It is just an obvious truth, that when you call someone “crazy” – especially someone that others see as “visionary” – you have karma with that person.

    There is something about that person that is magnetizing her to your thoughts, or attracting your attention in a way that confuses you, or maybe something that she is saying that you do not understand – hence, you want to file it in the drawer called “crazy”.

    I would ask you to consider what is it about Cynthia McKinney that makes you want to call her crazy?

    When you figure out what that is, ask what that issue looks like in your own life and self. Is there some lesson for you?

    Throughout history, here are some folks thought crazy: Cassandra, Robert Fulton, Cindy Sheehan,

  15. Robert Milnes

    The German Greens are doomed to electoral failure just like the USA Greens. 20% does not win. 27% still does not win. Mid 30’s% becomes very close competitive for a plurality in a 3 way race. Unless a successful centrist party emerges, taking votes from BOTH dems & reps, we are stuck with the present dynamic. Reactionaries will continue to beat progressives & revolutionaries at the polls. UNLESS THE LIBERTARIANS THROW THEIR vote behind progressives & likewise, progressives start voting for libertarians. 27% + 13%=40%, VERY competitive in a three way race. Dem, rep AND/OR a progressive/Libertarian per ballot.
    If you think this is correct & would like to try it, you have got to SPEAK UP because it looks like the same old politics is going on.

  16. Robert Milnes

    The Wilders et al GP, Cavlan et at New Progressive Party, Ron Paul, Barr/Root et al LP, New Upper Left Party WILL ALL CONTINUE TO LOSE without PLAS.

  17. Sorry, did not post:

    Robert Milnes // Mar 20, 2010 at 3:04 pm
    “Teddy Roosevelt got 27% in 1912. He LOST.”

    Yes, and the other two candidates, ‘League of Nations’ Wilson, and Howard ‘Bathtub’ Taff are NOT on Mount Rushmore …………..

  18. Robert Milnes

    Don, maybe I missed something. Why are you linking to sos
    Good point about Mt Rushmore. But TR failed to lead the progressive party to much success.

  19. Dear Bob Milnes: Should have been

    the Citizens For A Better Veterans Home site

    SOS was left over from ongoing effort to dislodge space cadets Grundmann, Quirk, Nightingale and allies from over due influence with [California’s] American Independent Party.

    As a Reform Party of California veterans advocate in 2004 I promoted Grundmann [as the party was (and is) off the state ballot] and found him off center, but we agreed on a number of issues and his radicalism was under containment.

    The Chuck Baldwin folks are just plain nuts and in California, just sooooooooooo unethical!

  20. Dennis

    @ Kimberly Wilder,

    Well, aside from her assaulting a security guard, and her 911 conspiracy theories, I don’t find her associations with the New Black Panthers nor Minister Farrakahn particularly…sane.

  21. Kimberly Wilder

    Okay, Dennis…

    So, let’s take the first one…

    You are saying that you believe Cynthia McKinney is “crazy” in part because you say she “assaulted a security guard”.

    Well, in a careful study of that case, one finds that the security guard layed hands on her from behind, when she was a Congressperson who had already passed through the security checkpoint, and she turned around confused, etc.

    So, applying my questions above…

    What color are you?

    Have you ever been questioned or detained by a security guard?

    If you have, how did it make you feel?

    How would you have felt if a security guard came up to you after you had passed a checkpoint, and you were nervous that he was just someone taking advantage of a uniform to hurt you?

    Just stuff to think about. I was hoping people could take some moments to think, instead of throw names around and mouth off.

  22. Michael Cavlan RN


    Or we could just ask Dennis just how many times he has been assaulted by a cop, simply for being black. Or in fact just how many times that Dennis was denied the right to vote, simply because of being black and/or poor.

    But of course, for dear old Dennis and all the other Dennis’s out there, things like facts, reality and such are, well so unimportant.

    So Dennis, how many times have you been even just pulled over for DWB Driving While Black?

    Or indeed how many times have you been pulled over for DWW? Driving While White?

    Simple, direct question. Betcha you do not posess the courage or moral integrity to answer this simple, direct question.

    OK Dennis, we wait for your response. A lack of a response is, itself a response.

    just for the record

  23. Dear .......... Thinkers

    agree, BOTH P2008 Green
    tickets holders are indicative
    and have the [well deserved]
    reputation of off centeredness!

    I am no blanket fan of law
    enforcement, [as in big time
    critic, a nazi storm trooper
    from the Barstow [California]
    Pig Department just called
    me to harass a law
    abiding citizen] but most
    accounts of Cindy the Slapper
    put her in the running for the
    Zas Zas Gabor trophy!

  24. MN Indy

    I can’t answer for Dennis or others, but it’s worth noting that the police forces seem a lot more rotten toward everyone these past few years. I don’t know if this is due to demonic police or if they have been told to go wild against the citizenry since the states are so strapped for revenue.

    I have seen a heap of friends and acquaintances recently pulled over for minor and seemingly made up infractions, like “improper use of horn.” All of these people are white and one is Asian. Every week there is a new incident where a tazer is used in an appalling way, and there is no exception when it comes to race or economic status.

    Then there is the claim of community persecution–as if cops are zeroing in on black ghettoes and terrorizing their people. Just look at what happened in New Orleans after the hurricane for evidence to the contrary. Weapons and other personal property were stolen from mostly upper class whites with no due process. Today, more white suburbs are being assaulted with raids drudged up by the drug war.

    I don’t deny that there may have been a time (not even that long ago) when blacks bore the brunt of police attacks. But not anymore. The police forces are going after all segments of the “lowly citizenry” as their government masters turn more and more tyrannical.

  25. Dear .......... Thinkers

    Look at all sides ………..

    Federal Probe into Post-Katrina Shootings by Police Widens: wilderside | March 21, 2010: New Orleans, nola, police | Categories: Action | URL:

    Ian Wilder: So far the poll is in favor of us still carrying DemocracyNow! stories. Guess Cynthia was right to sound the alarm about incident civilians being killed in New Orleans.


    “We get an update on the investigations into a spate of police shootings in New Orleans that took place in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    In recent weeks, two former members of the New Orleans police have admitted to participating in a cover-up of the Danziger Bridge shootings of September 4, 2005, when police SWAT units opened fire on a group of unarmed civilians, killing two and wounding four.

    Meanwhile, federal investigators have widened their probe into the New Orleans Police Department and are now looking into the circumstances surrounding four other incidents that include three deaths and one non-fatal shooting …………..”

  26. Dennis

    Interesting that my race was attacked, while my valid criticism of her connections to Farrakahn and the New Black Panthers (might as well add her pathetic presidential bid and vendetta against Nader) were overlooked.

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